Friday, November 17, 2006

Wow... I need to start updating! Suprisingly (sp?) enough, I will be able to do that pretty soon... and hopefully have the camera working, etc.

All has not been well in Mini-Land. Nope. Mini has been doing some very creative interviewing trying to secure a new position elsewhere. Things here at the new job changed almost immediately after I started. So, I made a huge grown up decision and found me some new digs.

Much better digs. Trust me (or ask Monica... she's had to listen to me grumble and hem and haw). BTW: thank god for Monica... a friend unlike any other. :)

Anywho... where was I? Oh, new digs. New digs have been procurred and I start a new adventure in December. No, I will not be telling you where or what. Just that I will be doing my science-thing (cell bio) and working at a well known company. :) Near home.

All this aside, I have been knitting like a madwoman... I have a scarf on the needles for PC's grampa ("blue b/c I am boy" -- direct quote from the man himself).--- I'm making Grumperina's new scarf. Almost. I misread the directions so I have a "design feature" and I am keeping it. Oh, did I say it's blue?

My Christmas knitting goes slowly: I need to work on my mom's sweater--- this is what thanksgiving loooong weekend is for. :) My dad's sweater is not even cast-on for (yikes!). My brother's gf needs some mittens (and rightfully so!) . I made me some felted mittens, but they need the leather palms. and then the Christmas knitting is fini! PC's mom was going to get a sweater, but I think it'll be a "post-christmas event" sweater-- Valentines?

1) I am going to SPA! I joined the NETA and have booked my room, secured a ride (merci Monica! again....) and I even invited PC who reacted like this:

No, really... he was very happy I was joking. :)
2) I am knitting PC another sweater... Lowry from Jamieson's Simply Shetland 3 book. In a lovely gray wool. :) more info to come.

3) my family continues to grow! we have a new cousin to knit for , a baby BOY named "K" (name witheld to protect the baby)--- a BOY! this side of the family is known for GIRLS. :) A boy is a nice change.

4) Pumpkin is more "meowy" lately... is this normal? She will sprint across the living room with "carrot the mouse" in her mouth, drop him at your feet and meow! or, she meows as she head butts you over and over. But, when you pet her, she attacks! Play attacks, but still. PC says it's a good thing... but she's a very good cat... is she trying to tell us something?

:) Mini