Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Grateful....ten things

These days it can be hard to be grateful for anything. No job, emergency fund dwindling, a "pay cut" from unemployment due to sequestration (btw, unemployment is not a lot of money....20%less hurts), and frustrating job searches, 

But, each day I am grateful to wake up, see the world and be alive. 

Today I am grateful for...
  1. Dan...who kisses me every day and asks about the job hunt. He never pushes, worries along with me, keeps me in perspective, encourages me when I need it, and tolerates my tears when they show up. 
  2. A good girlfriend with words of encouragement and a laugh. 
  3. Another good friend who finds ways to help me out... Like today, where I am babysitting for her in a pinch. And it will pay for groceries. 
  4. Yarn. Knitting is free. It can turn a bad temperament into a pair of socks.
  5. My stash. It is keeping me going while not sending me to the yarn shop. It's amazing what this can do!
  6. The happy little girl I watch each morning...she is sweet, funny and a hugger. I get her up for school, fed, dressed and do the big fancy private school drop off....then take her two puppies to the dog park. It's not much, but it helps. Especially the hugs and the puppies. 
  7. My parents who are just as happy to have Dan and I sit on their deck with them than go out for dinner. N
  8. My resourcefulness in the kitchen. We are eating off a strict budget these days and dinners have been nutritious, yummy and well rounded. 
  9. My landlady who noticed that I have been home and planted my garden for me. She said "you home, I give you garden.... You eat. Job soon. I light candle- you job soon." ( a little Italian grandma prayer can't hurt)
  1. Our amazing friends who have forgone dinner out for a potluck, movies for playing cards.