Friday, July 29, 2005

First things First.....

then second things second. Are you with me?

FIRST: all of knitting blogland is hearing these:

So run on over to see Rachael and shout your CONGRATS to her and LaLa. Yup, it's official! They are getting hitched! (once again, oh so wonderful to see a couple in love taking that big leap... and come to Massachusetts to do it... in the autumn it's gorgeous here!)

SECOND: always double check what size your significant other is before knitting them a sweater. Oh, wait. I did that. And I did a gauge swatch. And I washed and dried the gauge swatch. In pattern. And what happened? what should have been 22 inches across went to 27 inches across. Huh? Double checked cast-on #. 140 stitches. Check. Double check the # stitches after the 3 stitch increase. 143 stitches. Check. Sigh. What next?

Take the sweater back (in progress) and put it up against significant other. Make him feel threatened by keeping the sweater on the needles and almost poking him (~8 times). Declare that you have NO IDEA what you are doing. Look at nervous compassionate face and KNOW that you can't just toss this project out. Go home. Use smaller needles to cast on again. This time 128 stitches. (make smaller size... if your gauge grows again... it will probably work out to be the right size--- does this reasoning only make sense to me?). Cry. ALOT. B/c after you have completed the ribbing with the smaller (US6) needles, you need to swap to US8 for the rest of the pattern. SOB. Uncontrollably. B/c you have spent the better half of this week (I did have to work--- work=no knitting) getting the cabling down and memorizing the pattern and you were 7 inches up the back... and those are the only US8 Addis you own. In the back of the 1st attempt at this sweater. Close your eyes, and PULL. Leave room immediately. Come back in and stuff the 1st attempt (not completely ripped) into the bottom of your knitting bag. You will use that yarn if you have to. But not yet. It's too painful.

yes, people... I have frogged. But this was looking sooo wonderful. Hmm.. perhaps I should have fattened him up over the next few months.... ha ha ha . Just kidding PC. I love you, it was a trauma, but you are SO TOTALLY WORTH IT. And you look hot in sweaters. Just sayin'....

happy knitting Friday!

Monday, July 25, 2005

bad donut!

It's been a week, I know. And I apologize, but I have a really good reason... I do! Umm...I was busy. Work had a "thing" here last week that involved me being in and out of l-o-n-g meetings and then (oh poor me) out to dinner pretty much every night. My waistline suffers for my career. :) No really, it was a pretty big deal and in the end, it was great.

Work stuff: I got a big "thank you" or "way to go" from my boss on Friday... he seems pleased with my performance here so far. I am happy b/c this is the first time I have ever felt like this was where I belonged. I have had "jobs" before and with some great labs, but this is the first "career" I have ever felt that I can actually be with forever. It's a great feeling, finally finding your place in the world.

Knitting: Yup, I have been knitting! I *finally* taught myself Magic Loop for socks... and the verdict is:
THIS IS PERFECT! I can't believe I was such a dpn holdout for so long... I am probably going to have to donate them now! ha ha ha. But, here is the question for all you bloggers and lurkers:


Will trade for help!
Proof that I can finally get the k2p2 ribbing that I have been trying to force my dpns to achieve....

Look at that heel!
Yarn: Lorna's Laces, Shepherd Sock: color, Funky Stripe
Pattern: Betty's Socks, Westport Waves from the yahoo Socknitters group
Needles: US1, Addi turbos, 40"
Recipient: Socka-pal-2za sock pal

So, you know that PC and I didn't sit around all weekend, staring at my sock. Nope, Saturday, the forecast changed from partly cloudy to sunny, so we went for a drive. We came to Gloucester and saw 1000 motorcylces riding down the road! We also headed over to Cape Ann Whale Watches to see what has been visiting our neighborhood for some munchies! We saw a humpback, some finn backs, soem minkes and someone saw a harbor seal. We also saw a ton of tuna getting their lunch on! :) We headed out for a 4 1/2 hour cruise and came back about 5 1/2 to 6 hours later. After a delightful dinner (PC --- we need to go again!), we headed home. Sunburnt and exhausted! but happy!
the twin lighthouses just outside Gloucester harbor (and it's "glah-stah" for correct pronounciation).
So, Sunday--- we were lazy right? Sat around, read the paper and stared at each other? yeah, right... some of you need to get to know PC a little better- he's all about the great outdoors! So, we went to our all-time fave place for Sunday morning:
Great Meadows Wildlife Reservation, Concord MA
These are two beautiful white cranes that were happily fishing. There were a ton of frogs, toads and turtles around. I had a total "girl" moment when I reached down to grab something out of my camera bag and saw the BIGGEST bug on my leg. Yup, I screamed. It was embarrassing b/c PC knows that I am not "that girl". I camp for crying out loud. But, the fact that I didn't FEEL this bug and then to be face to face with it... I was caught un-aware. I apologize to anyone who thought PC was trying to kill me in the swamp. So, we walked around this place for a good while and on a "new to us" trail, I saw this:
It's like a postcard or a scene in a movie. I was completely moved by this sight. I may not look like an outdoors kinda girl (nails and hair done, y'know?), but this is why I love walking with PC. This blows me away. Thanks, honey, for a great weekend. I love you!

Happy Knitting Monday! By the end of the week, I will have something "secret" to show you!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

the "real" one skein wonder!

I FELTED! Yup, took the Sophie bag design and whipped up a bag in less than 48 hours (working on it only during my evening drama shows) and then tossed it in to the wash with two pair of jeans last night. It only needed one time through the wash! As of this morning, the "stuffing" has been removed and it's pretty much dry! I am hoping that by removing the stuffing, the inside would dry a little more completely. I am in love... in fact, I am making another! I think I will have Christmas presents for all my girlfriends/female cousins now! :)
The Cascade 220 felts beautifully and at $7.95 a skein... you can't go wrong! I can imagine some cute beaded handles for a "night look" or a longer strap and a fold over flap for "out shopping, need two hands" kinda thing!


My weekend...well Tom Jones was great! I never thought his show would be as good as it was! It was amazing! He sang all my favorites (Delilah, What's New PussyCat, Unusual, and Green Grass of Home) and he covered PC's all-time fave (don't worry honey, no one knows who you are so it's ok if I "out" you)- Prince-- he covered "kiss". I danced and sang and generally had a great time! It was fun to just hear great music... no fancy light show, no pyrotechnics (yes, they all have their place, but for me-- I just like the music). PC was IN SHOCK by the number of women (~age--> our moms) tossing their underwear at this man! All in all, PC you rock. You got the tix, suprised the hell out of me, put up with a minor meltdown and sang and danced along with me... now, girls... watch out! He's taken! :) I've said it a thousand times... I have THE best boyfriend in the WORLD. ( PC- I love you <---THIS---> much!)

Friday was a little abnormal for us also. After a slightly 'altered' BBQ, we met up with one of PC's friends and his girlfriend at a bar in Somerville, Tir Na Nog. A great little Irish pub (God, I love this part of the country!) with a real Irish band playing a good mix of rock and traditional music. The fiddle player was amazing and well... the drummer... he looked like Animal on the drums. :)

I am working on a second Sophie...and re-assessing some of my summer knitting...I might "save" some of my proposed summer knitting until the winter. Right now, this is my Christmas list:
1. PC's mom-- Norweigan cardigan design
2. PC's dad-- Norweigan pullover
3. my mom-- pullover sweater(cabled)
4. my dad-- socks and a new warm hat
5. my bro #1-- baseball sweater from Knitty
6. my bro#2-- scarf and hat
7. my SIL- Elizabeth bag from Black Sheep Bags
8. best buddy-- Sophie bag

AND BEFORE ALL THAT: PC's cabled sweater. :) hmm... I should get busy!
Happy Knitting Tuesday!

Friday, July 15, 2005

So, what have I been doing if I haven't been blogging? Well, knitting of course! Here is the back of my latest tank top and the first 2/3 of the front...should be done tonight!
And here are the Champlain socks...finally finished:
And what else? I have been trying out the "cable without a needle" technique on a small practice sweater for a friend's 5 y.o.:
It's Minnow Knits (love these designs!)
Here's what I've got so far:
Cotton Ease Cherry... it's very bright! I like it, but my cables are coming out looser than with the needle method, so it's in the "think pile". Also,these need to be started soon and there is another Tivoli on the needles. :) Busy girl!

Other stuff:
The wedding... was beautiful! Here is a picture of the happy couple:
sorry for the crappy lighting... it was a church. :) The reception was great...danced my little (or not so little) butt off. PC had a great time! I met more of his friends and was very sociable and everyone was lovely. The day before, we went to the baptism for these little buggers:
my cousin, her hubby and their 2nd daughter.... she was ready for a nap.
my other cousin (they are sisters), her hubby and their 1st daughter... she loved getting her hair wet!

I got a few concerned emails from very thoughtful friends about my BIG SCARY APPOINTMENT. Ok, here's the gist. I went to go see the surgeon b/c I am in pain and they need to make it go away. (soon, if possible) So, I was sent to a "very good surgeon" at my local hospital. After 1.5 hours of waiting (while she was in the office, eating lunch), I was seen by the doc. I had to endure a half-ass exam b/c I am "too young", "havent' had kids", and am not "post-menopausal" --- and this shouldn't be happening. Well, duh? That's WHY I am worried! B/c I am not "the norm" for this... so, the doc makes an appointment for a mammogram "b/c it'll make (me) feel better." Now, ladies... when has having your boob squished for 1/2 hour in cold metal plates ever made you feel better? I don't want a doctor who thinks I am lying or won't take me seriously. So, I marched out of the office- called PC- cried- went to other doctor (who made appt) and demanded new surgeon. I was treatly like a child and asked embarrassing questions... use your imagination as to why she thought my boob hurt once she found out there was a PC. *sigh* So, I am off to specialist in Aug. Until then, less caffeine (see that PC??), more exercise and 800mg Ibuprofen. :)
Happy Knitting Weekend!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

What's new PussyCat???


(all of you who have met me... just picture me singing a la Tom Jones)
More about this in a minute.

1st... short post. Long weekend, no work Monday, 1/2 day today...yes, I do get paid for this. (PC stop growling). I have TONS of wedding/baptism stuff to tell you. But not today. Also, b/c of all wedding/baptism stuff: no knitting. Knitting tonight. I promise. :)

PC and I saw the "circle of life" in effect this weekend. Saturday, two baby cousins were baptized in a beautiful ceremony at a family home. It was spiritual without being religious and a great party (we know how to party, don't we PC?). Sunday, PC's best friend got hitched. That's right,PC and I are the "last of the mohicans" (not the mohegans like PC kept saying) in the friends-getting-married-thing. No pressure. We will, just when we are ready. And my great-aunt passed. What a lovely woman. When I think "grace and poise" I think of Aunt Ethel. What a stunner! She has passed after a two year battle with Alzheimer's Disease. She will be missed, but Sonny (her hubby) will be glad to see her in heaven... she can play cards with my nana again.

So, today is a 1/2 day b/c of BIG. SCARY. SURGEON. APPOINTMENT. Yup, my little doc visit last week has turned into "something". I am not happy. Now, here is reason #456,798 that I love PC and that I know he's perfect for me. He didn't mention it all weekend. He saw me in pain, offered up the aspirin, let me grunt through it, asked very appropriate "are you ok? let's talk about what could be causing this" type questions and last, but not least... he went on WebMD last night. Yup, little bugger loves me that much. There are two big "maybes" here... something very inconsequential or something not. Either way, right now it's affecting my daily life and I am not happy. So, today is big scary surgical consult day. (PC even offered to take a 1/2 day to accompany me, but we need him to save time for VEGAS BABY! I am taking him for his 29 b-day).

So, what's with the Tom Jones? I HAVE TICKETS! PC (best possible pookie boyfriend in the world!) got me tix b/c I sing "what's new pussycat" at any possible moment throughout the day. I sing it EVERY morning in the shower. I love Tom Jones. No, I will not be tossing my panties on stage. :) Maybe I'll toss a pair of PC's unmentionables... see what kind of reaction THAT gets out of good ole Tom. :)

More knitting, baptism/wedding pictures tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Dear Secret Pal,

Are you ok? I remember the postage from your last package being Louisiana, and with the weather... I just wanted to know: are you ok? I am thinking only good thoughts for "y'all" down there. :) Just wanted to say hey.
Fingers Crossed,

How I Spent My Long Weekend

The weekend started off normal enough... PC and I both had separate plans and "together" plans. His "separate" plans involved drinking with the boys, playing paintball (only a few welts... no ice packs required) and well, I am not privy to any more information. I think it's bachelor party secret code. Even if you don't do anything to violate the trust of your partner, you need to insinuate that there was something that you can't tell them. Attn: men of the world; nothing you did could ACTUALLY be as bad as what we imagine when you start to tell us and then say "oh, I can't tell you anymore." Trust me, there is nothing worse than a woman's imagination when it comes to this. Anyway, I trust the good ole PC and I know *most* of the guys he was with... they got plastered, probably made some really bad attempts to hit on women ( I love my man, but his hitting-on-women skills are not so sharp) and came home. Everyone got home, nobody got hurt... all is good. (PC you know me and my sarcastic nature, so you know I am just teasing you!!!) So, the wedding is next weekend. I'll let you know how that goes.

Oh, someone commented that they wanted to know what PC means. Hmm.. wow, that's a hard one. I can't really tell you. Nor can I tell you why I am "mini" when I really am not mini, at all. (PC-tell the people, I am not mini) So, just accept that I call my boyfriend PC and that's that. I will tell you it's the initials of a very private nickname that only I call him b/c I made it up.

The "together" plans? Well, Sunday we went to my boss's cook out. A heck of a lot better than any work function I have ever had to go to! PC went admirabley and hung over. He did his best to be social and he did a good job. Monday, we went into Boston and had a cookout with these guys. Imagine inviting your customers to a party. At your house. As a side note, I think it's even funnier that the cook out involved drinking games and that a slightly-older-than-our-folks-couple came all the way from Sharon, MA to drop off a plant to the guys who own the restaurant. :) The food was good, the dog was threatening to get drunk if someone didn't give her a hotdog and the games were funny. Overall, the food at b.good rocks and the owners are great to chill with, so if you are in BackBay or even in Harvard Square (new location!) check them out.

Remember the dress? Well, I am still wearing it, and without a shrug. No time. I am going to bring my long faux-pashmina-type-wrap and that will work if I feel amazingly huge next to certain people. I think I'll just make it through the entire wedding sucking in my stomach. Think I'll make it? But, tomorrow, I gotta get shoes.

So, what were my "separate" plans? Well, I had planned on Kool-Aid dyeing some yarn from knitPicks. Yup, sock yarn. :) That smells like fruit. Does anyone know how many times I need to wash the socks before the smell goes? I rinsed the yarn forever and it is still fruity.
I began:
And this is what happened:
Mom was a BIG help... she "decorated the yarn" while I smooshed it around. We used the microwave method...I did get a lot more "white" parts than I would have liked, but next time... it'll be better.
My two favorites:
Remember the gorgeous yarns I was looking at before with all the reds/orange/golds? I tried to mimic them a little and I am VERY HAPPY. Here's all 4 little yarn muffins... Mom loves her blue and green!

Also, did any other Bostonians see this?
Someone KNIT a GIANT flag in North Adams, MA. It's part of a giant art project. I was really impressed. Alot impressed.

So, I am still knitting the tank top. I cast on for a kids' sweater last night. I am rubbing my new sock yarn whenever i have the chance, hoping inspiration will hit me over the head. :) And now I need to learn intarsia. Check out the new and look at "andre"... and "baseball". I am going to take the intarsia design off the "andre" and put it on "baseball". Ingenius, no? PC is psyched. But, I need to finish his 1st sweater first. :) We have a busy week and a busy weekend this week, so knitting will be few and far between... sorry. If you are Kat or Jenn...packages went out today due to me never making it to the post office before it closed on Sat or Tues. Sorry. :)

happy knitting wednesday!

Friday, July 01, 2005

So, last night I was looking for something. Something completely not related to knitting...and this is what I found:

That's a lot of yarn, isn't it? Well, actually, it's a lot of "little yarns"... each ball is 27 yards. Why would I have all these little balls of yarn? Here's a little backstory:
My godmother, also my great-aunt, was a lovely woman who LOVED to knit. All she did was knit-knit-knit. She taught me to knit. And she taught me to love to knit. I grew up wearing her handknit creations, usually a sweater (with a matching sweater for my Cabbage Patch Kid, Smeenie) or hat. She passed away, very unexpectedly from surgical complications that involve a medical student, I always remember everything about my godmother as soft, squishy and warm. Now I know why.


All that you see in the 1st photo is 100% French Angora. It's old. It's soft. And it's hers/mine. It's funny what you get when someone (my cousin, my godmom's daughter) hands you several large Rubbermaid containers full of stuff and says "here, she'd want you to have it b/c you're the only one who would know what to do with it."

As you can see... it's old.

psstt.... some of it is from this company....every heard of Lion Brand carrying 100% French Angora?
Nope, me neither. I have a lot of this yarn. Now, don't misread this... I am not putting it up for a de-stash or a trade or a sale. I just want to know...


That's right... I am looking for suggestions. Now, bear in mind that I only have a little bit of each... mostly pink:

See that box? On the inside, on the cover, in light pencil it says for "for Katie-sweater-6mos" and there are a bunch of yardage calculations... (FYI-i'm katie). This was supposed to be or was part of a sweater for me! 27 years ago. Now do you see why I was crying? This wonderful woman that loved me so much that it physically hurt for a year after she died, touched this yarn. Picked this yarn. Thought of me when she saw this yarn.
And did you notice the price upside down on that box? Yup, $0.35 for a ball...8 skeins in a box. 3 skeins for $1.00. And the single ball of angora that you see above... 50 cents. Yup. For 27 yards.

So, now that I am reduced to almost crying again... I will give you my update for the weekend...
1. Kool Aid dying tomorrow. (i will take photos)
2. figuring out the arm hole decreases for the striped tank...hopefully finish it up Saturday night
3. cook out at boss's place (sunday)
4. SnB at True Grounds (Sunday)
5. random cookout at bgood Why's this cook out random? well, a few reasons:
  • it's not at the's at someone's apt.
  • we got e-vited via email (we're on the mailing list)
  • it involves an El Camino...

Seriously, check this "fast food" place out. It's good, cheap and healthy... where else can you say that in Boston? PC and I eat there, usually, 1X a week... our "friday night date". Go in, get a burger, try a drunk elvis and attempt to argue with me that their fries are not FANTASTIC. :)

Have a great knitting weekend... mine will be fibery goodness (PC is attending a bachelor party that involves paint balls... i am going to go invest in ice packs).