Friday, September 28, 2007


Well, the back is just about done. My gauge was completely off, so there was some ripping and reknitting, but all that is behind me now. I will give more complete modifications when I am done.

I am loving this yarn... so soft, but sturdy. The green is making me happy and the cables are well placed and very pretty.

A corrugator on the needles as my "boring go-to" project. I'm using STR mediumweight in "farmhouse"... I am not sure about STR on this scarf though... it feels a little like cording.

And b/c I can't even blog without the cat getting in my face, here's the money shot of my favorite pudding-lovin' girl. :)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Well, if she's not going to do it...

I will. Pumpkin T. Cat here. Mom's at work (shh... don't tell her I'm on the 'puter... she gets mad) and she was grumbling about not blogging all week. I tried to wake her up early this morning to get up and blog, but she told me to go play with mice. I did. It was fun. That gray one is especially fun... and chewy... mmmm... chewy..

Where was I? Oh, mom's not blogging. I don't get it. She tells HWFM (he who feeds me) that she blogs about her knitting. I see the knitting. I touch the knitting. I get yelled at for touching the knitting. I like knitting. Sometimes, Mom gives me my own knitting to knit when she's knitting. And then it got hot. All day, I sat on my large blue bed (they call it a "cow-ch" but it has no spots. or milk. I'd know about the milk) and waited for the big box to make cold. I told mom when she got home that it didn't do anything, so no cookies for the box!! She made it cold. I liked that.

I seem to be getting distracted. This happens a lot.

HWFM and I spent all day together on a day when I get fed late. See, there are days when I get fed on-time. and days when I get fed late. On the late days, mom and HWFM stay here and throw mice and snuggle and rub my butt. Mom's good at butt rubbin'. I loves that. So, HWFM and I waited and waited and waited. We watched football and played in the clothes b/c it makes mom happy when we play in the clothes when she's gone. Mom was gone for two food times and smelled like squirrel when she got home. She had stinky knitting that was all colors. She told HWFM that she died. I was surprised! I thought only cats had nine lives... humans must have at least 2. When she died, people were there. No cats. She told me she died in the woods and there were no cats. But there must have been squirrels. She smelled like squirrels.

Between the dying and the knitting... Mom cried. She said her phone died too. She brought home a new one. It's blue and she keeps aiming it at me. And telling me "smile!" It looks at me funny. HWFM laughed because mom named it Blueberry. He said it's name was Blackberry. I have to say, I agree with Mom, it's blue. not black.

hold on.

Nope... no leftover pudding for me. They made pudding last night. And didn't share. HWFM said it's not cat food... it's human food. Humph! I bit his toes. He'll learn.

I should go... there are squirrels in the back yard and I need to keep an eye on them.

She won't listen to tell her: blog more. Oh, and pudding... lots of pudding.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007


As some of you know, I am multi-crafty. :) I like to sew, quilt and crochet as well as knit. I have even been known to wield a glue gun on occasion. 'Round here, I've been knitting on a sweater for PC's mom... but I want to keep it quiet until it's done as it's been ripped twice by now. Also, there is a sock in progress (Bloody Mary pattern with HelloYarn's Tapestry fat yarn)- but I need to try it on and see if I need to rip. I cast on last night for a Red Scarf project. If it's not done by the deadline, it will be a donation to local charity. I've decided on the Corrugator pattern. (sorry no links, this is a drive-by).

What have I been doing? Besides not knitting the bridal shawl?? Yes, there is progress, but not photo worthy.

I've been making bags:

and dolls (a topsy turvy doll... I am still working out the pattern ... these are gifts for wee girls in my family)

Pumpkin, on the other hand, has been busy with home improvement projects...

Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Of Love

So, I have been M.I.A. for a few days: for good reason.

PC had a birthday. Not a birthday-of-significance-hide-in-the-corner-and-contemplate-life birthday ( that one was last year, and this year it's my turn). Nope, just a run of the mill birthday. Except he is sick. Yup, sick on your birthday. That totally sucks. He did have his first flying lesson on Saturday... I say first, b/c I have never seen someone so happy... so, we'll figure out how to pay for it. That's why we work, right? Oh, and Pumpkin ordered him a shirt from Lands' End. (she has great taste!) We ate dinner at a really good restaurant, that I will review later on in the week... oh, and remind me to mention my friend Mari's Etsy shop. :)

So, my "ode to PC" on his birthday (yesterday):


I would never had known the following if you hadn't been born and fell in love with me:

1. some people hate jello, lettuce, peppers, onions, tomatoes, spinach, collard greens, seaweed, and cooked carrots.

2. someone could be repulsed to the point of vomiting at the sight of a French's mustard bottle.

3. that one of your best friends has the same ailment.

4. that is was possible to laugh so hard, for so long and to completely forget what was so damn funny.

5. going to the zoo as an adult can be so much better than going as a child.

6. that Starbucks made so many Bearista bears (and I love them all!)

7. it was possible to find a way to make someone say "moron" in a sentence... and then giggle about it.

8. one word: Uranus.

9. sleeping in and leaving the dishes until tomorrow will not cause the sudden collapse of the capitalist system as we know it and kill innocent puppies in the process.

10. that some people are truly Communist.

11. Reverand Horton Heat.

12. Brad.

13. that one person could own this many CDs and still need to download...

14. a man can "do his hair" with a baseball hat (girls, take note: they do this while drinking coffee... no hair dryer!)

15. scrabble can be a competitive sport.

16. Norweigan movies with subtitles are funny

17. Harry Crews is very expensive and has a nice speaking voice. :)
18. a man can shop in Newbury Comics longer than a woman can shop for shoes.

19. cats really aren't bad pets.

20. it's possible to find your soulmate, even if they lived 1 mile away for 25 years.

I love you,baby. Oh, and more on your anus later. ;)

Knitting tomorrow...

Everyone wish PC a happy birthday and an un-stuffy nose!!