Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

One can sit and think about the year in one of two ways: the good or the bad. The things you wanted but did not get or the things you got and didn't know you wanted. It's one of those quirky things about the human condition: our ability to break down a length of time into events/ideas/tangible items and then determine the best way to analyze them. The human condition part comes in when you make the very definite decision to be positive or negative.

I've decided to be positive. We all know that in late 2008, I lost my job; in January, PC got really sick; we've had snow storms, moved, illness... but here's what you don't know....

In 2009, I ....
  • found a new career that I love and am really, really good at. Really good. Ask my boss. I amaze her daily
  • re-found my love of quilting and took a class. And signed up for another class. And made a quilt by myself in between
  • made new friends, and kept old ones, and purged my toxic friendships.
  • took control of my health and stood up to my doctor***
  • learned that PC and I can do anything as long as we do it together

In 2009, I knit....
  • 2 pair of socks
  • 2 shawls
  • 3 of the same sweater!!! (Olivia and twin sisters, Brooke and Tori have matching outfits)
  • 4 hats
  • 8 mittens
  • 5 scarves
  • 4 baby sweaters (not counting the matchy-matchy ones)
  • 3 dolls
All in all... a good year.

*** standing up to my doctor and taking control of my health. This is something that I think all women should do and I don't think we do because we don't want to seem pushy, rude, ungrateful, or like a know-it-all. In 2009, my doctor said the words "weight loss surgery" to me more than once. I fought to get someone else to look at my test results and I have to say, what a relief when you see a doctor who wants to help you. Dr. Schreiber, you rock.

In the upper right of this blog, you will see a new ticker... a weight loss ticker. Each week, I'll update the number and we'll all watch it move to the right. I'll also post my loss in a posting each week as well. Medication and a modified (highly) South Beach Diet will be my tools. And you. You are my cheerleaders. :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Mayhem

Now, I don't usually blog about where PC and I, but we live in Newton, MA. In Nonantum, to be specific. Also known affectionately as "the lake." There is not lake, there is the Charles River (about 200 feet from my house), but no lake that we have found yet.

Newton is not known for its Christmas celebrations, as it is usually associated with the large Jewish population that resides here. Nonantum is a bit different: we have two populations here, Italian Catholics and Orthodox Jews. The very conservative orthodox temple is nearby and within walking distance on Shabbat and Our Lady's takes care of the Italians. :)

Antoine's the local bakery and happens to be near my house. PC called me just shy of 7am to report " a mob outside of Antoine's"--- they open at 7am. So, of course, I took a photo on my way to work today. if you look close, you can see... those people are squeezed in tighter than the Green Line T after a Sox game.

And more people waited across the street for the fish shop to open (night of fishes).

Now, I am a Catholic by birth and this kind of scene makes me say "oy vey."

Merry Christmas to you all and to all a good night!
Be Merry, Be happy and most of all be safe!

Happy Holidays,
Mini, PC and Pumpkin, the wonder cat. :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Thanks for your support yesterday. It means a lot to know my knitters are on my side!

Well, the color's not perfect, but you can definitely see the dinosaur in this photo. I finished this up after knit night at Island Yarn on Monday. It's a combo of C220 superwash (blue) and Cotton Ease (red). I have to fold the brim back up onto itself and stitch it down. Hopefully this will 1) fit a 5-6 year old head and 2) be cool enough for the school yard :)
So, my little cousin, Carson, will get his ROAR on with his new dino hat. Mittens to follow soon... these are New Year's presents.

More tomorrow on the tree, the mittens with the cuff from hell and waiting for Santa!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Pronunciation: \ˈre-zə-ˌlüt, -lət\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin resolutus, past participle of resolvere
Date: 1533

1 : marked by firm determination : resolved <a resolute character>
2 : bold, steady <a resolute gaze>

synonyms see faithful

In 2010, I am going to be resolute. Recently, I started doing something in my life that is shocking (to me) and freeing (to me): I have been standing up for myself. To everyone. I spent 31 years as a doormat. Being the good daughter, the sister who let her brothers walk all over her, tolerating being called names by family, and not being respected as an adult, a person or a woman. Well, in October, I turned 32 and it had to change.

PC and I had a long talk this fall about my happiness. And I realized, I am happy and I am a good person. But, I let other people take that away from me (several in particular). I'm tired of bending until I am ready to break in order to guarantee that someone will be less miserable, never mind happy. They don't bend to assist in my happiness.

I was afraid that in these 3 months I would have become a more jaded, less helpful, less cheerful person. I was afraid of losing that chatterbox-smiling-thinking-
of-others Mini that so many call friend.  I know a few things about myself: I am intelligent, creative, passionate and make good decisions.

I didn't change. I let myself be happy and I let it all go. I did. My sibling who is constantly belittling and berating me? Gone. It's his problem... not mine. His actions will simply not be permitted in my presence; either I leave or I ask him to. My sibling that assumes that since I am a woman, I have no real job and therefore can accommodate his whims on a moment's notice? Sayonara, my friend. When I didn't comply, he was forced to do it himself and didn't achieve the result he wanted. It happens and we all have to learn to deal with it.

Don't get the wrong idea, I haven't thrown my family away or even removed them from my life. I love them and I want the best for them, but I am not responsible for their happiness. This was learned behavior from my siblings... I taught them it was okay to treat me like crap, that I was not worthy of more. Well, they are old dogs about to learn new tricks.

So, in addition to the following resolutions, I am resolving to be resolute in my decisions. I am a confident woman who has been undermined for too many years. It's time to let Mini shine.

2010 Resolutions:
1. knit more stash yarn. it's a problem.
2. learn to budget better... casa de Mini y PC will be a reality in 3-4 years.
3. stick to dr's orders and take medicine, eat right... and save my own life
4. be resolute about the above paragraphs, which should reduce stress eating
5. walk more. move more. exercise more.
6. go to spin class... love spin class!
7. love PC a little bit more each day... and tell him.
8. enjoy life now, but plan for later... don't wait for the fun start!
9. be a better friend
10. say NO when I need to or even when I want to.

Monday, December 21, 2009

hats & mittens

Many thanks for the well wishes while I was sick. It's been on and off for a week now, and I am feeling a lot better. With all my Christmas knitting (which was few and far between) done, I can move onto very important things, like hats and mitten sets for some of the cousins' kids.

First up, dino hat with mittens. I found the dino graph on Ravelry, and yes, it's a steggy. The designer also had a brontosaurus. :) Cast on 100 stitches, 1 1/2 inch k2, p3; then switch to p2, k2 (for turning) for 1 1/2 inches. Then knit 4 rounds, start chart.
The dino's little sister is 100% all girl and all things girly. So, a cute heart beret. Pattern will be up on my site before Valentines' Day.
And, while I am knitting and PC's out shoveling, Pumpkin was wondering... Is the snow gone yet?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I didn't mean to just abandon you all like that! Life took over and while I'm still not up to speed on my knitting, I am knitting. My 2nd quilting class starts Jan 14th... and I cannot stop dreaming about the quilt!

Yesterday left me at home, gargling salt water and praying for death. Today there is an added cough, the lymph nodes are swollen and tender, and my head feels a bit foggy. It's not a cold.. I am definitely a nose-dripping cold kind of girl. I'm wondering if its allergies? I did spend a few hours with some adorable pups and it's been awhile since I was exposed to dog hair.

Holiday knitting is pretty non-existent. I purchased most gifts this year (easier and I don't spend Christmas night wondering if people *really* liked their gifts). I did knit a hat for an aunt, a scarf for a cousin, and my brother's gf requested a scarf, but is getting a cowl... and am working on two hats for two smaller members of the family. They can be shipped up after Christmas though. I'll show photos tomorrow, okay?

On my 'wishlist to knit' this week: Rav links
Maine Morning Mitts
Auda Beret
Tulip Yoke Baby Cardi
and finally finish my Girl Friday!