Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday

I haven't blogged in 2 weeks? Jee-sus!

Today's Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent for Catholics, and therefore I have to "give something up" or take on "a task." Since my task for the past few months has been job hunting... I am not ready to take on anything new. So, what will I give up?

Yarn shopping? Already been doing that one.
Eating out? that's been taken care of also....
I am thinking: soda.

More knitting updates tomorrow: baby baptism shawl and new sweater for moi on the needles. And, photos.. of course. But, today: nada.

I'll be at SPA this weekend (splitting a room with my friend Amy... will you?

Monday, February 09, 2009

FO Parade!

a few fo's that have been knit, sewn, and gifted already! The striped sweater and the bibs were gifted to my nephew, Jackson, in the hospital and the green sweater and quilt went with us this weekend for a visit.

A really great way to build up your knitting confidence after a knitting disaster (the beige sweater): knit baby stuff. It's cute, it shows off the knitterly talents and it will 99% be certain to fit now, or later.

Name: Jackson's Striped Sweater
Pattern: my own (available if anyone wants it)
Yarn: Dale Baby Ull (white) and Shelridge Farms Sock yarn (brown)- 1 skein each
Needles: US 3 circulars and dpns
Notes: LOVE this sweater... note to self: make more baby sweaters with sock yarn.

Name: baby bibs for Jackson
Materials: all cotton baby bibs and iron-on transfers. I saw these at JoAnn's and couldn't resist! Considering that my brother (the baby-daddy) is an investment banker/stockbrocker/finance guy... how perfect are these bibs? :) I love the "CEO: chief executive offspring" one!

Name: Ribbit! Sweater for Jackson
Yarn: Dyed myself green worsted weight superwash (Base yarn: Kraemer)
Pattern: EZ February Baby sweater... without lace
Needles: US 5 circs and dpns
Notes: really like this pattern, though a few mods: I put the sleeves on spare yarn and did the "quick baby knit" sweater trick where you do the sleeves last. Did the button holes every 6th ridge. Stockinette instead of gull lace pattern.

Name; Frog quilt for Jackson
Pattern: rail fences quilt block (7 inch square) using 3 green fabrics. Sashing is a pale yellow dotted fabric and backing is a wildly striped fabric. :) (his stroller is orange... it'll go well).
Notes: I really need to quilt more. I finally learned how to use the walking foot on my machine and I think this will make quilting more enjoyable for me now.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Body Image and Who I am

Sounds like a pretty serious post, no? Well, it's not. I have spent 1 full day randomly measuring my favorite (and great fitting) Lands' End sweaters. I am not the size I knit. I am like 10 inches smaller. Which is good, b/c I was closer to the size I knit when I cast on for that sweater a year ago.
I won't rip it out yet. It's my first sweater and no matter what, I love it. So, I'm keeping it. For now.
Yesterday, I got to go to my friend Amy's house (nearby) and meet her cat (hi Sacha!) and knit for awhile. She is currently casting on for her first ever sweater and I'm helping her with calculating gauge. She knit a swatch and we blocked it last night. Today, I am following my own advice and knitting a few swatches.

My next sweater project: I think it'll be the neck down hooded tunic from Knitting Pure and Simple.... sans hood. Any comments?

Also, I've been home now for over 2months (legally unemployed for 1) and I have to say a few things: 1) I've been sleeping longer than ever in my life, 2) I still wake up at 7:30 though, 3) I have been eating a handful of All-Bran crackers and 2 wedges of Laughing Cow cheese for breakfast everyday and ....i'm not hungry until lunch! I'm still applying to jobs, but I am not just wallpapering HR departments with my resume. No, I am switching careers and it's taking a lot of networking, relationship building, resume tailoring (for each position), cover letter drafting... and working with a great recruiter/career counselor.

Hopefully some lace photos tomorrow... I've been working on a lace project. But for now....

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My first sweater. Not the first sweater I have ever knit. No, I have knit dozens if not almost 100 sweaters. No... this is the first sweater I have ever knit for me. Yup. You can go back and read that again. 28 years of knitting and I have never knit a full grown-up sweater for myself.

Pattern: Emerald in Knitty
Yarn: Grignasco "Autumn" 70% wool, 30% acrylic (bulky weight)
Needles: US 11 bamboo circulars
Modifications: I added buttons from Wooden Treasures... they are made from pecan tree branches! I loves the buttons!

Overall... I dunno. It kinda hangs on me. The buttons make it VERY heavy...I am thinking of taking off all but one of the buttons. I didn't want to do this b/c I want this to be a full coverage sweater. Also, I am not as fat as I think I am. Seriously. I'm fat, but not as big as I thought. A little lesson in body image, y'know?

I have cast on for my next "meee!!!" sweater, also in a bulky weight, also a raglan and I am thinking.... stop. Cast on for something that makes my heart beat fast... something like.... the Dickinson Pullover (Kathy Zimmerman, IK 2007) or the new swing cardi from Knotion.s

And now... a few photos of me... in the sweater.

Any and all feedback greatly appreciated.