Monday, February 27, 2006

Since I am biochemist...

...this doesn't suprise me at all.

You Are Dr. Bunsen Honeydew

You take the title "mad scientist" to the extreme -with very scary things coming out of your lab.
And you've invented some pretty cool things, from a banana sharpener to a robot politician.
But while you're busy turning gold into cottage cheese, you need to watch out for poor little Beaker!
"Oh, that's very naughty, Beaker! Now you eat these paper clips this minute."

What does surprise me? Hanging out for 2 hours with V. cool knitting ladies and having a fab time! Why am I always surprised when I enjoy the company of knitters? I knit. They knit. We have a LOT in common. There were so many too mention meeting (and I probably forgot like 10 of you!) Drop me a line if I met you and forgot you! ( I do absolutely HORRIBLE with names!)

Grumperina (hey girl! the sweater looked fab!)

Colleen (again.. you were across the room, I never made it to your side!)




Cara (and her 2001 million Jaywalkers)

Bookish Wendy


My socks are off to their "home".... more later....

By the way, the move is going ok... I'll blog more when i have a chance!


Thursday, February 23, 2006

These are my Crusoe socks. They are not destined to live on my feet. They are for my aunt. My aunt is my mom's sister and I love her dearly, but these are b/c of all the nice emails/phone calls since Dad's been sick and last winter when Mom was sick.... it put a lot of strain on me and Auntie made it a little easier. :)

Update on Dad:

He's eating! Yup, he's got his appetite back and he's doing ok. He's still down about 40 lbs but the doctors are feeling optimistic. He has a ton of doc appts. today. Overall, he's keeping his spirits up and he's trying to "help" us move. He has decided that next week, after work each night, he'll drive over to the new apt with the pick-up truck full of our boxes. Now, of course, we have to load these boxes the night before and unload them when they get to the new place, but Dad will feel like he's helping.

New Apartment Update:
We pick up the keys tonight! Wish us luck! :)

More later...I'm exhausted!


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

If I were an egg...

I'd be fried.


I'm tired. Tonight we are entering the scary world of the storage facility. The one that got infested by mice b/c someone on our "level" didn't think the "no food in storage" rule was a good one. So, we have to toss out a full size mattress (mice love to burrow and nest...i'm not taking ANY chances) and a recliner (for the same reason). PC needs to go through a ton of stuff to make his part of the move more "manageable." Huh... never thought of that. I'm just packing stuff.

Now, you should know that between PC and I ... I'm the over-oragnized, type A, stressed b/c we are 4 minutes off schedule person. :) I plan and re-plan vacations/trips/shopping/moving. PC lugs stuff and lets me be neurotic (reason #45606 to love him!).

So, I started packing this weekend. It started off well-enough. Books. Yikes, I have a lot of books. So, need to call the local library and see if they will take donations of books. :)

Clothes. 4 boxes packed. 5 1/2 bags donated (BIG HEFTY TRASH BAGS)... by the way, when I was younger, St.Vincent dePaul boxes were everywhere! Now, I had to drive 3 towns to donate clothes! oh.... and one small suitcase to carry the clothes I am living in for the next week and 1/2.

The yarn. We dont' want to talk about it. PC is going to KILL me when he sees all this stuff. The 'sewing room' has more boxes going to it than anywhere else. *sigh* It could be worse, I could be addicted to heroine and not yarn. :)

So, we bought a mattress this weekend. It's being delivered Mar 2. DELIVERED... up to the 2nd floor by men with strong muscles who will put the bed wherever I want it. I am looking forward to this. :)

Knitting: I have one Crusoe sock done, am on the heel of the 2nd. The other socks will probably not make it to the Olympics. :( I'm ok with it. My Bloomin' Feet socks are still stuck at cufflettes. They are going to be done in time,,, I promise!

I'll have pictures tomorrow. I think.
:) Mini

Thursday, February 16, 2006

*yawn* G'Morning...I think

Normally, I am a morning person. Yup, I am the one up by 8 on Saturday and ready to face the day by 8:30 (post-shower and coffee ritual). But, this week...sleepy all the time. It's weird. I think I am hitting my "stress-from-work-stress-from-home-stress-about-moving-stress-about-knitting" crash point.

Stress about knitting? Can this be possible? Yup, consider me injured folks. I cannot put myself through the Olympics of knitting. PC's sweater has been patiently waiting in the wings and I just want to finish up those sleeves and put in a neck line. I want to finish the two pairs of socks I have 1/2 of a sock for, each.

I need to pack. Alot. I need to push through piles of crap and organize and find my cookbooks and get stuff together.

I need to shop for apartment-y things like plungers and drying racks.

I also need to enjoy my last two weeks of living with the 'rents. I do. My family is such an important part of my life and I need to be ok with moving out on good terms. Being bitchy and snarly and feeling overwhelmed is NOT good terms. I snapped at the dog this morning.THE.DOG. *sigh* I need a nap.

I would like, instead of walking out "injured", merely move my socks.

"I, Minestrone Soup, vow to finish the purple hand-dyed 2x2 rib socks for my mom, and the Crazy Crusoe socks for me by 2/26. I will sprint to the Closing Ceremonies!"

There you have it.
:) Mini

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Photo heavy---warning for dial-up users

So much to tell everyone!

1st... the Olympics: I may have to pull a Michelle Kwan. :( With trying to get PC's sweater and pack and clean and just ...STUFF... I may be in over my head. We'll see...I have 11 days. Here are some of the partcipants that were at Doyle's:

2nd... I started a sock yesterday b/c I needed something small,portable and "easy" to do with my hands. The sweaters have reached "un-carryable" status and I am not willing to lug my knitting bags around lately.

It's the Crusuoe sock from, I like the pattern. It's a little snug little sock and I found an error in the pattern. I really like the heel flap but the turning directions are a little strange. I went with my normal heel turn and it's looking ok. This yarn is a little stiff and I am hoping it will loosen up with some washing. It's called "CRAZY", I got it at the LYS and I think I might get more! It's fast (sportweight) and working up wonderfully on the US1. Again,I am magic looping.

I had an "aha!" moment the other day when I realized that my Bloomin' Feet aren't "due" until 3/31... Gives me more time to work on the footlets. :)

3rd... Valentine's Day was great! PC and I went out to eat in our "new neighborhood"! We hit a pub that we had been to before (they have two locations) and then we walked around to see what else was there. :) I gave PC his present: Tom Robbins book and some candy. He is an avid reader (reason #3 I love him...#2 is that he camps and knows why it feels good to not have a tv camping, and #1 is the way he hugs me) and I always know: can't go wrong with books.

I collect Starbucks bearista bears. PC started giving them to me right after we started dating and we were sitting in a Starbucks, awaiting some scary doctor test results. (everything came out ok...) It was a bear dressed up for Halloween with glow-in-the-dark nails and "eeek!" on his chest. Very cute. These guys are my Valentine Bears that PC gave me last night. They make me happy. I tell everyone "some girls get flowers and chocolate, I get bears"... I guess I might have to stop telling people that! B/c THESE arrived on Monday:

And a close up:

Tomorrow I have visitors here at work for a training (the first one I am running ON MY OWN) and it's nerve-wracking. And tonight is packing.

:) Mini

Monday, February 13, 2006


I was joking!

People, I made PC's sister ill with my last blog post. She's now threatening to purchase us some really lovely twin beds for the new place.
Umm..did I mention the fiber room? Yarn room? Oh, yeah.. the new place has a 2nd wee bedroom that will be used for fabric, yarn...oh...and the computer. :)

PC is the BESTEST man on the planet! A few minutes ago, the doorbell rang at my office (we never get visitors--- this is a lab!) was for me.....

A very nice vase of ORCHIDS (photo camera on me today) from PC.
Here's the card (PC, I hope you don't mind...this card just made me soo happy):

Anyone Can Get Roses on Valentine's Day. Only the Truly Loved Get Orchids the Day Before.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Love, "PC" (signed his real name)

I am smiling all day today! They are gorgeous and sit beautifully on my desk! :)

:) Mini

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sex with PC is the best!

Hah! That one was for Stitchy... I believe I made good on my dare!

So, I went to the opening ceremonies for Team Boston and met some uber-wonderful knitters--- all just 100% better than their blogs. Who did I meet?
  • Adrian of Hello Yarn! Oh, I drool over her yarns...and she's fabu in "real life"
  • Stitchy of Stitchy McYarnpants...our SOs have more in common than anyone would think!
  • Monica from Two Left Needles....oh my.. you think she's all quiet and then BAM! She hits you with a joke or comment that makes you fall over!~
  • Jackie- of the JKC project... It's always fun when you instantly know if someone is a "Boston suburb local"
  • Maryse... way too funny! She was keeping me in stitches...
  • Amber of GeekPixie--- a whole lot of fun! I kinda felt bad... she never did get a Tuna Melt...but she did get the two next-best-things: ice cream and beer (now, that's a girl I can hang with!)
  • Wendy -- who doesn't look so Bookish, but was really great at working the room! I think she managed to say hello, sit down, knit and have a complete conversation with everyone in the room
  • I saw Colleen there, but didn't get to say hello... and there were so many others ( I know I am forgetting like at least 10!)

I have some photos to post, but not tonight...I'm sleepy. :)


over at Chappy's Mom, she was having a contest: the purpose was to give her a vote for a button for her new sweater and give her a really good reason to use that button--- my vote was a little risque but (wait for it people...i've never won anything!)


I got some cool Opal sock yarn (LOLLIPOP) that I have never used before...I'm thinking: JAYWALKERs! I will post a pic is acting weird.


he started chemo and radiation on Thursday- today is the 1st day he's been "sick"... generally looks like flu-like symptoms, which they said could happen. He's in good spirits and the chemo (24 hours a day for 4 days) stops on Monday--- then radiation until week 5-- then back on this 24 hours/4 days chemo again. It's a little weird, but hey- the less chemo the better, right? It's "prophylactic chemo" b/c it hasn't spread beyond the tumor itself.


we signed another lease today... funny, once one landlord shafts you (after a 2 hour lecture on the legality of a lease, THEY break it!)--- the actual lease doesn't feel binding at all. If all goes according to plan (well, once we move in, I'll feel like it's "really " happening)-- we'll be Newton-ites (is this a word?) in March 1. Secret Pal- keep sending the packages to my parent's house... we don't want any more mix ups. :)



Thursday, February 09, 2006

Nah Nah Nah Nah!

Check out the package that was waiting for me at home tonight! This is the combination of two packages (the 1st one was lost, then returned...and now here!)
Shall we check out the haul?

This is all of it packed onto my regular sized stove... yes, there is THAT much!

1. the tea--- oh so yummy--- there is a cup of it in my hands now! And Burt's Bees (my fave!) hand cream...perfect for my knitting bag! A calender for knitting patterns, two tape measures, body wash in "cotton" scent and body splash in the same!

A GREAT bumper sticker/magnet for my car! And the newest copy of KnitSimple from Vogue! (Already found two patterns that I NEED to make!)

YARN! 1 skein of Cascade "heathers" in lovely purple... Berroco "Gem" in some cool purple/ blue/pink colorway and some "fluffy" FIZZ in the same colors! Also, some size US15 needles (wooden... with their own little baggie to hold them!) to make a scarf!

She sent along "chocolate peaches" (already tasted, err..I mean tested!) and some Valentine's candy! Also, some knitting accoutrements that I love! A "snag grabber" and some new stitch markers! Oh, and there is a great candle in a cute little votive holder!

Did I miss anything? I hope not! There was so much in the package that it took me about 20 minutes to open it all! YAY!

Secret Pal- you hit all the nails on the head! I can't wait to make a scarf and a hat! Oh... and everything was JUST PERFECT! Everyone said "fabulous" to my secret pal! (who has also been a really great "supporter" during my dad's illness..

Actually, you all have been so great! He started chemo today and I expect him home any minute... Rascal is curled up licking one of dad's socks... he misses him alot!

:) Mini

Defining Frustration

This has been on my brain the past few days, so bear with me. We have a new Admin Asst here at the office, very nice woman. I knit during lunch. My co-worker(Frenchie) likes to "pet" my yarn while I knit... I don't mind--- everyone is very much used to this arrangement.

So, the other day, I was knitting on my Bloomin' Feet socks (yes, they are so boring- they don't warrant a photo) at lunch. Our new office addition(the admin), starts to comment that she is surprised I knit. As I am only 28, I hear this alot. BUT, this began a conversation about that I SHOULD NOT knit.

Ummm.. WHY?

Well, she theorized (oh, by the way- she's never wrong, she told me today) that I am a scientist, therefore the following is true:
1. I am not creative
2. I am unable to think "outside the box"
3. and that i would only be able to knit from patterns b/c I am protocol-oriented.
4. as a scientista (PC's word), I am unable to handle any sort of failure/problem/frustration.

I spent 4 hours this morning asking an inanimate object (FPLC) to "behave" and praying for droplets to emerge from it. This was my 11th time doing this ritutal EXACTLY.

FRUSTRATION is why I get paid so well.

I have adapted the protocol for the 11th time and have practically fallen on my head thinking outside the box on this one--- I MAKE protocols for a living--- I work in the customization aspect of science... most of this has never been done before!

Not creative...well, I was creative enough to think of better ways to spend 8 years instead of Assault and Battery for smacking her. :)

Today, she brought me a mini-cross stitch pattern (with YARN instead of thread... it's for children!) with a daisy on it. She said it was "more my speed". My coworker backed away and said "if only you could see her blog!"

I have to understand that this woman is:
  1. a different generation
  2. new to the job-- she doesn't know what we do around here
  3. a different culture (shocked that PC and I aren't married)
  4. probably more of a problem than a solution for the next few months.

Thanks for the vent!

:) MINi

PS_ look for Olympic updates over the weekend! See all you Team Boston-ians at Doyles!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I'm back!

Oh, what a long week it was last week! Everyday it was:
  • Rush to work to do work before the meeting
  • Eat poorly catered lunch- make small talk with colleagues
  • Endure hours of meetings
  • Stay late to finish work that needs to be done (b/c you are based in the "home" office)
  • Have to attend L-O-N-G work dinners (my colleagues are French--- dinner takes several HOURS)
  • Repeat.

So, very little knitting! I do have some updates... I am past the cuffs on PC's sleeves... I am doing both at once in order to improve my chances of having them the same length. :)
Here is my update of the Bloomin' Feet... yup, cuff-lettes (not even real cuffs!)...they are moving along. My goal is to get two pairs of "socklets" done for my pal. B/c Hey! 2 pair are better than one! I hope she likes socklets... she lives in an area that will be ok for socklets year-round!
Olympics? Yup, I joined the Olympics... I have my swatch, my yarn, my maths DONE. I know there are several people (thanks Maryse!) that know French and are ready to help me...andI am going to abuse those offers! Also, I realized something:

This is a set-in sleeeve sweater with an unusual ribbing in front. That's it. It's also in a teeny size. So, I added some "non-ribbing" (a.k.a. stockinette) to the sides to get a bigger size. Also, needed to re-adjust for gauge: I got 3.5 spi/5rpi-- the sweater (with the microscope...I am SUCH A GEEK) has 2 spi and 3rpi. So, I am knitting on a 10.5 US Bryspun circular with


My first Rowan project... I love the cork. And the color! Oh, this "bug's for me!" ( I know, bad joke... i have an excuse- I can't tell a joke--- it's true, leave a comment here for PC and he'll tell you!) I am looking forward to starting the knitting!
I am off to Doyle's on Friday night to knit with the "team boston". But I have a secret: I have Friday off. Yup, 2p.m. I will be knitting b/c Torino is 6 hours ahead. :) So, I will start knitting at 2- knit for a few hours, meet up with everyone at Doyle's and then it's nothing-but-knit until 2/26.

I am hoping that this is true:


(b/c we are apartment hunting and I have to run a corporate training next week)

Well, I am off to get some work done!

Happy Knitting!



1. the quilt I made for the baby shower

2. the quilt with the baby sweaters


Monday, February 06, 2006

Contest Entry for NoNoKitty

Well, since I want to enter this contest... I am reposting my hat that I made for my dad:

Pattern: My own... cast on 80 st on a circ(US8), join, knit in ribbing of choice for 2-3 inches. Switch to stockinette... start fair isle pattern. ( I used a fair isle mitten pattern from the "Knit Mittens" book) Once hat is about 8 inches from the end of the ribbing, start decreases:
R1:*k8, k2tog* repeat from * to *
R2 (and all even # rounds): knit
R3: *K7, k2tog* repeat from * to *
R5: *K6, k2tog* repeat from * to *
R7:*K5, k2tog* repeat from * to *
R9:*K4, k2tog* repeat from * to *
R11:*K3, k2tog* repeat from * to *
R12: Break thread with 6 inch tail... run thread through all live stitches and secure. Weave in and Voila!

:) Mini