Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sex with PC is the best!

Hah! That one was for Stitchy... I believe I made good on my dare!

So, I went to the opening ceremonies for Team Boston and met some uber-wonderful knitters--- all just 100% better than their blogs. Who did I meet?
  • Adrian of Hello Yarn! Oh, I drool over her yarns...and she's fabu in "real life"
  • Stitchy of Stitchy McYarnpants...our SOs have more in common than anyone would think!
  • Monica from Two Left Needles....oh my.. you think she's all quiet and then BAM! She hits you with a joke or comment that makes you fall over!~
  • Jackie- of the JKC project... It's always fun when you instantly know if someone is a "Boston suburb local"
  • Maryse... way too funny! She was keeping me in stitches...
  • Amber of GeekPixie--- a whole lot of fun! I kinda felt bad... she never did get a Tuna Melt...but she did get the two next-best-things: ice cream and beer (now, that's a girl I can hang with!)
  • Wendy -- who doesn't look so Bookish, but was really great at working the room! I think she managed to say hello, sit down, knit and have a complete conversation with everyone in the room
  • I saw Colleen there, but didn't get to say hello... and there were so many others ( I know I am forgetting like at least 10!)

I have some photos to post, but not tonight...I'm sleepy. :)


over at Chappy's Mom, she was having a contest: the purpose was to give her a vote for a button for her new sweater and give her a really good reason to use that button--- my vote was a little risque but (wait for it people...i've never won anything!)


I got some cool Opal sock yarn (LOLLIPOP) that I have never used before...I'm thinking: JAYWALKERs! I will post a pic is acting weird.


he started chemo and radiation on Thursday- today is the 1st day he's been "sick"... generally looks like flu-like symptoms, which they said could happen. He's in good spirits and the chemo (24 hours a day for 4 days) stops on Monday--- then radiation until week 5-- then back on this 24 hours/4 days chemo again. It's a little weird, but hey- the less chemo the better, right? It's "prophylactic chemo" b/c it hasn't spread beyond the tumor itself.


we signed another lease today... funny, once one landlord shafts you (after a 2 hour lecture on the legality of a lease, THEY break it!)--- the actual lease doesn't feel binding at all. If all goes according to plan (well, once we move in, I'll feel like it's "really " happening)-- we'll be Newton-ites (is this a word?) in March 1. Secret Pal- keep sending the packages to my parent's house... we don't want any more mix ups. :)




  1. I saw you over there and I thought "Oh! It's Minestrone Soup..." But, I didn't make it over. Funny story about Attleborough, though.

    About leases: when I rented, I broke two leases. For one I even got my security deposit back! In Mass. it's easy. In other states, not so much. It makes me fearful to become a landlord.

  2. I am glad that you had fun with Team Boston!

    So good to hear that your Dad is holding up well so far. Hope you are holing up too :-)

  3. Glad you liked the yarn. And, I hope your Dad is doing okay!!

  4. Melinda7:04 PM

    Sex with PC!?! OMG - that's my little brother! I feel postively ill now...

    Mom told me about your lease today - well done, I'll start shopping for a suitable house warming twin beds.

  5. Sounds like a terrific time. I hope your dad is doing okay. My mom experienced some wicked flu sypmtoms during and after her radiation treatment.

  6. Anonymous9:27 PM

    snowed in?
    Hope you get lots of knitting done...especially with the opening statement of your post... Baby booms go with snow storms!

  7. i know i'm behind ... it was great meeting you!