Tuesday, February 21, 2006

If I were an egg...

I'd be fried.


I'm tired. Tonight we are entering the scary world of the storage facility. The one that got infested by mice b/c someone on our "level" didn't think the "no food in storage" rule was a good one. So, we have to toss out a full size mattress (mice love to burrow and nest...i'm not taking ANY chances) and a recliner (for the same reason). PC needs to go through a ton of stuff to make his part of the move more "manageable." Huh... never thought of that. I'm just packing stuff.

Now, you should know that between PC and I ... I'm the over-oragnized, type A, stressed b/c we are 4 minutes off schedule person. :) I plan and re-plan vacations/trips/shopping/moving. PC lugs stuff and lets me be neurotic (reason #45606 to love him!).

So, I started packing this weekend. It started off well-enough. Books. Yikes, I have a lot of books. So, need to call the local library and see if they will take donations of books. :)

Clothes. 4 boxes packed. 5 1/2 bags donated (BIG HEFTY TRASH BAGS)... by the way, when I was younger, St.Vincent dePaul boxes were everywhere! Now, I had to drive 3 towns to donate clothes! oh.... and one small suitcase to carry the clothes I am living in for the next week and 1/2.

The yarn. We dont' want to talk about it. PC is going to KILL me when he sees all this stuff. The 'sewing room' has more boxes going to it than anywhere else. *sigh* It could be worse, I could be addicted to heroine and not yarn. :)

So, we bought a mattress this weekend. It's being delivered Mar 2. DELIVERED... up to the 2nd floor by men with strong muscles who will put the bed wherever I want it. I am looking forward to this. :)

Knitting: I have one Crusoe sock done, am on the heel of the 2nd. The other socks will probably not make it to the Olympics. :( I'm ok with it. My Bloomin' Feet socks are still stuck at cufflettes. They are going to be done in time,,, I promise!

I'll have pictures tomorrow. I think.
:) Mini

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  1. I always find shopping under pressure is really no fun at all! Strange that!

    Maybe this is your Olympic Challenge? The sorting, the packing and the shopping??

    Thank you for your very sweet comment today. It really touched me! There is a lot of "letting go" required to allow me to listen to the sleeping bag and child bumping down the stairs!!