Thursday, February 23, 2006

These are my Crusoe socks. They are not destined to live on my feet. They are for my aunt. My aunt is my mom's sister and I love her dearly, but these are b/c of all the nice emails/phone calls since Dad's been sick and last winter when Mom was sick.... it put a lot of strain on me and Auntie made it a little easier. :)

Update on Dad:

He's eating! Yup, he's got his appetite back and he's doing ok. He's still down about 40 lbs but the doctors are feeling optimistic. He has a ton of doc appts. today. Overall, he's keeping his spirits up and he's trying to "help" us move. He has decided that next week, after work each night, he'll drive over to the new apt with the pick-up truck full of our boxes. Now, of course, we have to load these boxes the night before and unload them when they get to the new place, but Dad will feel like he's helping.

New Apartment Update:
We pick up the keys tonight! Wish us luck! :)

More later...I'm exhausted!



  1. Oh, moving is so EXHAUSTING! Or perhaps.....EGGSausting! (the last entry? egg? Fried??) hee
    Did I read right and see that you will be attending Cara's olympic soirree on Sunday? ME TOO!
    How will I know you?

  2. beautiful socks for your Auntie ! and so glad to hear that your Dad is feeling well enough to 'help' you move! fantastic news!!

  3. I love that Helping is important to Dads the world around. Getting out is probably good for him, too. Cute Crusoes, I know your aunt will love them.