Monday, February 13, 2006


I was joking!

People, I made PC's sister ill with my last blog post. She's now threatening to purchase us some really lovely twin beds for the new place.
Umm..did I mention the fiber room? Yarn room? Oh, yeah.. the new place has a 2nd wee bedroom that will be used for fabric, yarn...oh...and the computer. :)

PC is the BESTEST man on the planet! A few minutes ago, the doorbell rang at my office (we never get visitors--- this is a lab!) was for me.....

A very nice vase of ORCHIDS (photo camera on me today) from PC.
Here's the card (PC, I hope you don't mind...this card just made me soo happy):

Anyone Can Get Roses on Valentine's Day. Only the Truly Loved Get Orchids the Day Before.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Love, "PC" (signed his real name)

I am smiling all day today! They are gorgeous and sit beautifully on my desk! :)

:) Mini

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  1. Wonderful gift and an even better card.