Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Photo heavy---warning for dial-up users

So much to tell everyone!

1st... the Olympics: I may have to pull a Michelle Kwan. :( With trying to get PC's sweater and pack and clean and just ...STUFF... I may be in over my head. We'll see...I have 11 days. Here are some of the partcipants that were at Doyle's:

2nd... I started a sock yesterday b/c I needed something small,portable and "easy" to do with my hands. The sweaters have reached "un-carryable" status and I am not willing to lug my knitting bags around lately.

It's the Crusuoe sock from, I like the pattern. It's a little snug little sock and I found an error in the pattern. I really like the heel flap but the turning directions are a little strange. I went with my normal heel turn and it's looking ok. This yarn is a little stiff and I am hoping it will loosen up with some washing. It's called "CRAZY", I got it at the LYS and I think I might get more! It's fast (sportweight) and working up wonderfully on the US1. Again,I am magic looping.

I had an "aha!" moment the other day when I realized that my Bloomin' Feet aren't "due" until 3/31... Gives me more time to work on the footlets. :)

3rd... Valentine's Day was great! PC and I went out to eat in our "new neighborhood"! We hit a pub that we had been to before (they have two locations) and then we walked around to see what else was there. :) I gave PC his present: Tom Robbins book and some candy. He is an avid reader (reason #3 I love him...#2 is that he camps and knows why it feels good to not have a tv camping, and #1 is the way he hugs me) and I always know: can't go wrong with books.

I collect Starbucks bearista bears. PC started giving them to me right after we started dating and we were sitting in a Starbucks, awaiting some scary doctor test results. (everything came out ok...) It was a bear dressed up for Halloween with glow-in-the-dark nails and "eeek!" on his chest. Very cute. These guys are my Valentine Bears that PC gave me last night. They make me happy. I tell everyone "some girls get flowers and chocolate, I get bears"... I guess I might have to stop telling people that! B/c THESE arrived on Monday:

And a close up:

Tomorrow I have visitors here at work for a training (the first one I am running ON MY OWN) and it's nerve-wracking. And tonight is packing.

:) Mini

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