Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Shh... I'm posting from work

Ok, so now the total is 845 hats as of last night. I opened 40 packages last night! Woohoo!

A few things:
1. an apology-- i'm trying to answer as many emails as I can, but I'm only human. Also, the lack of posting, honestly the scale of this endeavor is overwhelming... so, I'm sorry... all prize pics this weekend though!
2. Not just for Childrens' anymore. Ok, so we officially blown the number that Childrens' will accept (they are volunteer-limited, so if anyone is looking for a volunteer opportunity in Boston, call them)... so, we (the royal we here: me and PC) have decided to share the wealth:

MGH Hospital for Children
Childrens' Hospital Boston
Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Home for Little Wanderers
Hasbro Childrens' Hospital (Rhode Island)
Franciscan Hospital for Children

Oh, and if you can't get your hats here by TOMORROW (I know the snow will get some here by Friday, but tomorrow is the contest deadline!)... then send an email to Margaret (MargaretGraceMills AT gmail DOT com)-- she's in Tacoma and will collect up until April 1 for the Seattle Childrens' hospital.

So, we have prizes, prizes and more prizes: sweater kit (no, really!), anemoi mitten kits, knitspot patterns, sock yarn, shawl pins, and more: needles, accessories, candy....

Friday night: PC and I will be drawing names and packing up the prizes (yeah, exciting!)--- and they'll be mailed out over the next two weeks...

Thanks for playing!
:) Mini

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

the SPA post

I'm sure you have seen them... the SPA posts where everyone tells you what a wonderful time they had at SPA... and you get all "ohh! I was there !" or "grr... next year, next year..grr".

I went, I knit, I attempted to spin... and... well, I'll be going back next year! I met so many wonderful people (old and new)... and I am still tired from laughing so hard.

And b/c in blogland, it's ok to drop names....

I ran into Carole, with whom I eat Mexican food. I have hung out with this woman twice and both times I was eating Mexican and drinking margaritas... And, people? Carole is one of those people (like Blogless Sharon) who needs to be met in person... she makes you want to have more fun. My travelling companions were Monica and Anne (yup, THAT Anne... all you lace knitters, be jealous! I got to ride to Maine with the Queen of Lace herself.) and they taught me more about spinning and fibers and convinced me that, girl... I needed more yarn for PC's sweater.
So, in a whirlwind of people and hugging ( I don't normally hug strangers, but knitters.. well, we seem to be a huggy type of people)-- I met (and shopped) Judy of Smatterings. Go.to.her.site. Her yarn made me buy enough for a shawl. I don't knit shawls... yeah, it's laced with crack, but it feels so nice! (Hint: 100% silk skeins. *cough* fabulous colors *cough*). I will tell you flat out to go to Kim's site at the Woolen Rabbit and tell her Kate sent you. Kim, I have never enjoyed meeting someone quite so much.
And this was just FRIDAY... and only 3 feet into the vendor room. Making my way around, I recognized some people (and was shy to say hi!)--- like Jackie of Yarnish--- her BOB, way cuter in person (and looks fab on her). Jess (aka Frecklegirl) was just as nice as can be and didn't think me weird for just staring at her when she introduced herself in the Spunky Eclectic booth. Speaking of Amy, what a great person! Totally funny and adorable and there are rumors that she is opening a Spunky brick-n-mortar shop--- definitely a reason to visit my family in Maine more often.. :)
I saw Stitchy, Erin (who let me hold the Pumpkin Baby--- and what a sweet baby!), Cheryl (who tried to teach me to spin.... I didn't learn, but that doesn't mean she didn't try! my brain just doesn't work for spinning), Cassie, Chris and about a zillion others. Too many to count, too many to remember.

So, if I met you... and I didn't mention it here... it's b/c I am a horrible wretched human who has been overwhelmed with 479 fun fur hats...

Oh, did I forget to mention?? the tally so far:

479 hats

And, I did a little prize acquiring from Amy at Spunky and Kim at the WoollenRabbit this weekend... more photos tomorrow.
(my SPA pics were awful... I didn't want to post bad photos of anyone!)

:) Mini
FYI: if you need my address: email me--- blogger isn't sending me your email addresses when you comment: kskaare (at) gmail (dot) com.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Mini at SPA

Off to SPA in Portland, Maine for the weekend! Say hi if you see me!!!!!
See you there! Here's a rare "mini in the wild of Newton" photo (photo credit: PC)

Now... should this be any reason to worry about leaving PC and Pumpkin alone for the weekend? Hmm...

:) Mini

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I need some HELP

Oh, this morning was knitting MAYHEM.

I have 11 skeins of the DK weight wool from Shelridge Farms, pussywillow color. I am planning on making the Lowry pullover from Jamieson's Shetland 3 with it.

So, this morning, I say "I should wind this". So, I pull out a skein. Undo the wrapper. Put it on the swift. Clip the little "ties" and then start to wind. I get about 5 feet into the skein and whammo! A tangled mess. Hmm... am I winding the wrong way? Undo the 5 feet, try winding "the other way". Whammo! tangled mess. Uh. oh.

Take it off and try a 2nd skein. think to myself "i'll deal with that rogue skein later". 2nd skein: Whammo!

Third skein, I finally get wound and it was a labor of love. It took FOREVER.

Any ideas? Any suggestions? I do not want to wind 11 skeins of yarn by hand. Shelridge has been contacted... I hope they respond.


ATTENTION: the race is on for the Susan G. Komen 3-day event! My brother's girlfriend's family is involved and they need your help!!! So, dig deep and donate! My grandmother has battled breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. Make sure your grandchildren never have to say this about YOU! DONATE!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Weekend Warrior..

Or, why Mini didn't knit a stitch past Friday night.

I know. Unbelievable. This weekend had other plans for me, though and they were good!

Early Saturday a.m., I was up baking these for my favorite guy. Chocolate chip muffins...yum. Saturday, PC and I ventured to "Man World" (Home Depot) for a very girly purpose: rubber interlocking floor tiles (to use as blocking boards--- didn't find them) and shelving for my secret project. Instead, I got these great blue canvas baskets--- you'll see why in a minute. Saturday night was my Valentine's Day present from PC. There is a fine line between what I say here on the blog and my real life. So, we went out. Saw something insanely funny. Had a great dinner. And, once again, he showed how well he really knows me.I already know how much he loves me.

Proof that he loves me... Sunday I had my favorite breakfast (prepared by PC.. this is not unusual- he cooks pretty much every Sunday). Then, this arrived:

We got this set at Cardis' in South Attleborogh. It's perfect. Clean lines, simply stated. And it has a scratch. Ugh. So, they are sending someone Friday to look at it. PC's gonna stay home and see me off to SPA, and then he'll be around to wait for the furniture guy.
So, what else did I do on Sunday? Our home-office is also my craft room and PC "expressed" concern regarding the state of the "items" on "my side". So, I needed to fix it. PC had the idea to pull everything out of the closet and make it "Mini's LYS" in there. So, a re-model was in order. Here's how it turned out (no before pics, it was that bad):
Looking in at the "office" side:
My bookcase with sock yarn bins, sewing bins, etc... and my books for knitting and quilting.
oh, and my dye pots
And, finally... Mini's LYS. That's a lotta yarn....
Tomorrow, a knitting and project update. And finally some pics of hats and prizes.
:) Mini

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Guest Blogger

Pumpkin T. Cat here. You can call me Pumpkin. Or Puddin' (that's what my momma calls me). My mom has been acting weird. She's home during the day with me. She sits in Daddy's chair. She put a blanket on her. And then she sleeps. In.the.living.room. NOT the room with the big cushion and all the blankies (I call this my room of caves...sounds cool, huh?)

Anyway, while she's trying to keep me from playing with all the crumpled paper she's using (she keeps saying "icky" and "no, not toys: tissues!"), I decided to blog for her. Last week, I watched the man bring the new box. Then it sat for like 3 days. Finally, mom and dad decided to open it up. And I haven't been petted since. Someone call the MSPCA!

Here are some photos of stuff she made. Grampa was very happy with this... he put it right on. He had to stop petting me to do it.

Pattern: my own
Size: 46 inch
Yarn: Cascade 220 quatro, 6 skeins
Needles: bamboo US 7

Notes: if anyone shows interest, I can write it up.

*close up of the rolled neck---damn proud of those picked up stitches!*

And the not-so-scary box with wheels got it's picture taken too... mom was bummed b/c she didn't pull over to take it "when it first happened". When what first happened???

I know what these are! These have TWO strings and it's a game... while mom holds on, you try to chew on the other. If you look really cute, she'll let you sit next to her on the couch while she gets the game ready. First, you start slow. Then, she gets moving fast and then she's showing Dad how she beat you. And you get to play with the strings you "caught".

Mini here to interrupt: Is she bothering you? Pumpkin has been begging to blog, so bear with me as I recover from a cold. Anywho::: a little project update: Eunny Jang has donated 5 copies of her Anemoi mitten pattern as prizes. These will be combined with some fingering weight yarns and be packaged as a mitten kit. Nice prize huh?

Pumpkin! Pumpkin! You ready to blog again? Damn... where is that cat? Oh. I see her. I guess I took too long... Pumpkin will return another day to blog. (and yes, that is the self-heating kitty mat... the house stays at 60 while we are at work... she needed a"heater")

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


you knitters are amazing! (this is a muppet-head post, fyi). Each and every day, I call PC on my way home. I get this habit from my mom--- my dad and her talk from the moment he leaves work until he pulls in the driveway. It's cute.

So, where was I? Oh! talking to PC... and he always says "5 packages" or "4 packages and 3 envelopes". He, of course, is referring to the # of hat goodies being tossed my way so that I can be prepared. Wanna know what happened on Monday?

Good li'l Mini was driving to the house, called PC and heard "y'know those totes that the Post Office gives businesses?"


Yup, we got one. A BOX of boxes. And envelopes. My landlady stopped me this morning (I bring in her paper in the morning; she's elderly, I was raised right... it just goes well) and said "are you running a business up there?" I informed her no, it was a charity thing I was doing (not too many specifics). She informed me that I now have 2 mailmen. One brings the "mail mail"--- bills, cards, etc. The "other" one, well... we feel sad for him. He spends each and every day dropping off packages to my house. They line the stairs going to our apartment.

Tomorrow: a picture of what we have so far.

Updates!!! I have received fun fur hats from over 80 people so far. And so far, the highest number per person is 20. Yup, and the note was cute "I started out knitting one... then it got a little out of control." I would say so! But, all the hats are great! We are seeing some very interesting patterns and styles and colors. PC is "judge and jury" and we are making a list, checking it twice... not one person is on the naughty list!

All of my fun fur in my house? The not-knitted up yet stuff? Well, it found a home! Lexington MA high school has a knitting club (how cool!) and they sent a mom (Hi Catherine!) to come and get it. Yup, I was "pushing" fun fur in back of my building at 10am. LOL. And then, on the day the pipes decided not to work, I missed out on meeting Harlene... a professor at Curry College, who is having everyone who knits at Curry knit a hat!

I will have photos (tonight perhaps?) b/c Dude, we got our Dell... and two phone calls and one very nice tech support Dell dude later, I know how to use it. :) FYI: Verizon DSL tech support? Completely sucks. It took them 3 people (I kept getting transferred) until someone RECOGNIZED what "Windows Vista" meant. Um.. what? You are providing DSL support for a huge provider and you aren't up on the newest operating systems? Good grief.

due to some email issues, if you were going to send a prize donation, can you re-send an email telling me 1) what you were going to send, 2) your site/shop/etsy address and 3) put "prizes" in the subject? I know, I'm sorry, but for some reason, my email is not letting me into certain things, like searching and I lost my list... bear with me, please! Oh, and tomorrow, we'll have names of who has sent hats, and photos. I promise... as long as my cough medicine and drops hold on... we will be ready-to-go.

:) Mini

Friday, February 02, 2007

Just Call Me Ignorant b/c I am 29 and I don't watch cartoons....

Well, I am glad that so many agreed with me. PC and I got into a bit of a "heat" (as my mom would call it) about this last night. Not so much that he didn't agree with me, but he thinks I get a tad idealistic sometimes. He's probably right. I do like that Turner Broadcasting is footing the bill for the pranks yesterday (to the tune of $250,000 +) and that they issued a public apology in both major newspapers.

I would like to address one of the "anonymous" comments--- I took a few down. I didn't like the wording. I have found in my life on this planet that people who use particular words excessively usually don't know the meaning. So, in lieu of knitting (dad's sweater is blocking away!), today there will be a grammar lesson and some more "rants" about what I saw on the news last night.

This is straight from Dictionary.com:

[ig-ner-uhnt] –adjective
1.lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned: an ignorant man.
2.lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact: ignorant of quantum physics.
3.uninformed; unaware.
4.due to or showing lack of knowledge or training: an ignorant statement.

Yes, I do believe I was ignorant of this particular "fact" of reality that there is a large glowing lite-brite-looking alien on a cartoon show at midnight. Usually, I'm in bed. Or watching something else. And from what I understand, there were very few people out of a certain age demographic who knew what this "mooninite" thing was. I claim ignorance. I also claim ignorance of many things, such as the ability to tell the difference between a bunch of wires and stuff strapped to the base of a major transportation structure and a bomb. That's why I leave that to the Bomb Squad. They are not-so-ignorant.

Now... for loser #1 and loser #2. Did you see these whackos on TV? I am all for prosecution ( PC thinks I am placing the blame in the wrong place). And, now, loser #1 is very-apologetic b/c if he is found guilty, he'll lose his green card status. Hmm... they do tell people this, right? You have a green card, it's a privilege, not a right. The gov't can take it away. Why does this suddenly change this guy's attitude? It was funny when you thought nothing was going to be done, Mr. Dreadlocks, but once you find out that your life might be affected? Who's laughing now?

This weekend will show some knitting content... I don't want to discuss these events anymore. And, by the way, I have never left an "annonymous" comment on a blog or forum. I take responsibility for my words.

Have a great weekend and GO BEARS! ( I'm from Boston, I just CAN'T root for the colts...it's like rooting for the Yankees...)

:) Mini

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Some of you (ok, MOST of you) don't know this about me but I love the Wizard of Oz. I love the movie, the characters and the entire thing. hell, I even love the Wicked Witches. But, all of last night and most of today, I have been repeating one phrase:

"If I only had a brain".

I think that sums up the Marketing Department at Turner Broadcasting. I know, as a 20-something living in an urban area, I am supposed to be pro-artist and pro-expression. And really, I am. I think that art is crucial and important and should be a part of all school curriculum. I think that self-expression is something that we all live trying to balance... how much of ourselves do we express? But, when YOUR art-expression-creativity causes ANY potential for endangering another life that's not your own (see more about that later), YOU should be in jail. Creating a panic in the public is illegal, irrational and downright juvenile. Now, I realize that some of my fellow pre-30 (better than late 20s) Bostonians are stupid. And I mean, please-don't-enter-the-gene-pool stupid. But worse, they are downright passive. And the worst of it? These people are making it seem like the Police were in the wrong? (I have some strong feelings about the generations that we are raising and this just feeds them. )

"big deal"
"who'd it really hurt?"
"gave the cops something to do"
These are statements popping up all over the internet today regarding the near-mass panic created by a loser from Arlington (too bad, I liked that city) and another loser from Somerville. I tell you, the "big deal" was that while they did allow the Boston PD Bomb Squad to try out some maneuvers, they also endangered their lives. These two assholes (sorry, I try to limit the cussing on this site, but this is necessary) forced the police to UNNECESSARILY detonate BOMBS in the city. Do you realize how dangerous that is? People (elderly people, people with small children--- some of you uber-liberal types are expecting your own soon... think about this when you shuffle them off to the DayCare next winter) were left out in the cold waiting for buses and trains, evacuated from buildings, etc.

Now, personally, I am big advocate of the punishment fitting the crime. I think Loser #1 and Loser #2 should have to go door-to-door with the head of Turner Broadcasting (and they must walk and take public trans to do this) and personally apologize to the people of Boston. Now, be reminded, my day was not affected by this "hoax" at all. Until today. The people of Boston have a right to speak and so do I.

I found this "hoax" insulting, childish, and needless.I am-have been-will always be a champion of the blue-collar portion of this city. They built the condos, run the trains, clean the parks and keep you safe. They may not do it very the best, but they do it. And most of the time, they do something you and I wouldn't want to be doing. And for a lot less money than we wouldn't do it for. Some of you may think that this tirade is a little "woohoo" for Mini and you might be right. I was directed to several blogs/forums/discussions today where I constantly heard "overreaction" and "out of proportion" and "just kids".

I am 29 years old. I have not been "just a kid" since I was 17. I think someone (see loser #1, loser #2, and Turner Broadcasting executives) needs to step up, own up and admit culpability. I think "Mumbles" Menino was right, this was stupid. I am not always his biggest fan, but I have to say the following: If you are a hiker in NH and you get lost on the mountains doing something STUPID (i.e. hiking Mt. Washington in flipflops and shorts, without water and having this be your first hike), you are fined. You are fined the cost of your rescue. Why? B/c you are stupid and others shouldn't have to pay for it. My parents' taught us to own our mistakes, but as my father always said "you can't fix stupid".

I also think that the Boston Police should be commended on their quick response and professionalism under the circumstances. So, tonight, go home and say "thank you" in your own little way for the people who do their jobs, no matter what the risks. And to the people of Boston, think about this the next time you say "who'd it hurt?" or "what was the big deal?" about a box with lights and wires: what'll your reaction be if there were one on a train? An airplane? Under your car? I would rather have the Boston Police and State Police "overreact" in matters of public safety than under-react, wouldn't you?

My two cents,
PS- not in the mood to be flamed, so if your horse is high today, stay on it and don't bother leaving any comments.