Friday, February 02, 2007

Just Call Me Ignorant b/c I am 29 and I don't watch cartoons....

Well, I am glad that so many agreed with me. PC and I got into a bit of a "heat" (as my mom would call it) about this last night. Not so much that he didn't agree with me, but he thinks I get a tad idealistic sometimes. He's probably right. I do like that Turner Broadcasting is footing the bill for the pranks yesterday (to the tune of $250,000 +) and that they issued a public apology in both major newspapers.

I would like to address one of the "anonymous" comments--- I took a few down. I didn't like the wording. I have found in my life on this planet that people who use particular words excessively usually don't know the meaning. So, in lieu of knitting (dad's sweater is blocking away!), today there will be a grammar lesson and some more "rants" about what I saw on the news last night.

This is straight from

[ig-ner-uhnt] –adjective
1.lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned: an ignorant man.
2.lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact: ignorant of quantum physics.
3.uninformed; unaware.
4.due to or showing lack of knowledge or training: an ignorant statement.

Yes, I do believe I was ignorant of this particular "fact" of reality that there is a large glowing lite-brite-looking alien on a cartoon show at midnight. Usually, I'm in bed. Or watching something else. And from what I understand, there were very few people out of a certain age demographic who knew what this "mooninite" thing was. I claim ignorance. I also claim ignorance of many things, such as the ability to tell the difference between a bunch of wires and stuff strapped to the base of a major transportation structure and a bomb. That's why I leave that to the Bomb Squad. They are not-so-ignorant.

Now... for loser #1 and loser #2. Did you see these whackos on TV? I am all for prosecution ( PC thinks I am placing the blame in the wrong place). And, now, loser #1 is very-apologetic b/c if he is found guilty, he'll lose his green card status. Hmm... they do tell people this, right? You have a green card, it's a privilege, not a right. The gov't can take it away. Why does this suddenly change this guy's attitude? It was funny when you thought nothing was going to be done, Mr. Dreadlocks, but once you find out that your life might be affected? Who's laughing now?

This weekend will show some knitting content... I don't want to discuss these events anymore. And, by the way, I have never left an "annonymous" comment on a blog or forum. I take responsibility for my words.

Have a great weekend and GO BEARS! ( I'm from Boston, I just CAN'T root for the's like rooting for the Yankees...)

:) Mini


  1. There was talk about this in the LYS that I go to yesterday. People should just fess up when they've done wrong and just leave it at that. Goodness knows I've stuck my foot in it too many times to count, but I've never backed down from admitting it was me.

    Can't wait to see the knitting.

  2. I admit that I've read very little about this and seen nothing on TV, but I have to respectfully disagree with you here: I think you are blaming the little guy too much. If they go after anyone (and it does seem to me that someone on the bomb squad ought to have been able to look at one of these things and see that it wasn't a bomb), they should go after the execs at TBS who thought this up, not the schlubs who placed the things. It's great that Turner is making restitution, but why has there not even been any discussion (again, AFAIK) of pressing charges against the prime movers? Also, according to what I read in the Globe today, one of the schlubs produced an email from someone who hired him to do this (apparently there were several levels of subcontracting involved) advising him not to say anything several hours after all hell had started to break loose. Why shoot the messenger? Or, if you think the messenger should have had more sense, why shoot only the messenger? TBS could have avoided all of this simply by notifying someone in the Boston PD or mayor's office beforehand.

  3. Julie6:47 PM

    Well said, Lucia. The schlubs should be punished, of course, because they didn't have enough common sense to say, "This is a bad idea and I'm not doing it." But the brilliant marketing department that came up with the idea, and the brilliant higher-ups who said "Great! Let's do it!" should have to pay as well.

  4. Yes, punishment is definitely in order. Both for the placers and for the moronic executives at Turner Broadcasting that were behind this. As a Cape Codder, I wasn't directly affected, but I so enjoyed hearing Howie Carr ranting about it yesterday.

    Sorry for all of you Bostonians who were effected.

  5. Wow. I didn't hear about this until reading about it on your blog (I don't have a TV, and I live in Dallas, TX, so I probably wouldn't be getting much by way of Boston news anyway), but may I say - Oh. My. Gosh.

    How horrifying!!! I'm so glad that it wasn't bombs, but I have to say, putting a little thing up (with NO identifying marks that say it's from any kind of a show, with something that LOOKS like a bomb underneath it (the battery casing looks like a pipe-bomb to me, an absolute lay-person as bombs go), would cause me no little worry if I saw it attached underneath a bridge. I mean, Turner could have put some kind of ad copy up with that (and maybe disguised the battery casing), so that it would clearly be an ad and not merely a deceptively ominous article. Then people might just consider it offensive, but not life-threatening (anything, cartoon-character or not, that is sticking its 'middle' finger up at me is offensive, to my mind).

    Sorry to ramble on, and again, I'm really, really glad that people weren't physically hurt as a result of Turner's foolishness. I commend the city of Boston and its Police Department and citizens for acting so vigilantly.

    Miss Knotty,
    a concerned non-citizen

    I wonder if the execs who OK'd the 'mooninites' were in league with the bank execs who shut down the Socks that Rock Sock Club website because 'no one could be that interested in knitting socks'.

  6. I totally agree that both the prime movers and the messengers should have taken a step back and THOUGHT about this before doing it. How was this possibly considered a good, sane, productive idea that would NOT terrify people in a major city? Reminded me of the failed MI:III campaign (San Fran?) and the STR fiasco. Really, people, if you're in charge, get a reality check once in a while.

    Disclaimer: my husband (age 34) watches this show. That's usually when I roll my eyes and knit something or go to bed.

    Speaking of which, one chemo cap done and four to go!

  7. It occurs to me, Kate, that all of that could have been avoided with one thing. A small identifying mark on the items in question. The day of anonymous packages are over, marketing or no marketing.

  8. I have no idea who this little lite brite guy is supposed to be. I also think it is irresponsible, stupid and pathetic of that company to put their stuff up without letting the city know what they were up to. I also think that they should be in jail, not just for causing a panic, but for putting up something that is the equivalent of an obscenity where children can see it. What kind of world is this where it is funny to market your product like that?

  9. Hi Mini Just curious have you received any hats lately, I sent 7 several weeks ago but never heard anything Thanks alot and sorry for the troubles

  10. hey, the girls have to turn in the cookie order. do you still want some :-)

  11. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Hi Kate
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