Monday, February 12, 2007

Weekend Warrior..

Or, why Mini didn't knit a stitch past Friday night.

I know. Unbelievable. This weekend had other plans for me, though and they were good!

Early Saturday a.m., I was up baking these for my favorite guy. Chocolate chip muffins...yum. Saturday, PC and I ventured to "Man World" (Home Depot) for a very girly purpose: rubber interlocking floor tiles (to use as blocking boards--- didn't find them) and shelving for my secret project. Instead, I got these great blue canvas baskets--- you'll see why in a minute. Saturday night was my Valentine's Day present from PC. There is a fine line between what I say here on the blog and my real life. So, we went out. Saw something insanely funny. Had a great dinner. And, once again, he showed how well he really knows me.I already know how much he loves me.

Proof that he loves me... Sunday I had my favorite breakfast (prepared by PC.. this is not unusual- he cooks pretty much every Sunday). Then, this arrived:

We got this set at Cardis' in South Attleborogh. It's perfect. Clean lines, simply stated. And it has a scratch. Ugh. So, they are sending someone Friday to look at it. PC's gonna stay home and see me off to SPA, and then he'll be around to wait for the furniture guy.
So, what else did I do on Sunday? Our home-office is also my craft room and PC "expressed" concern regarding the state of the "items" on "my side". So, I needed to fix it. PC had the idea to pull everything out of the closet and make it "Mini's LYS" in there. So, a re-model was in order. Here's how it turned out (no before pics, it was that bad):
Looking in at the "office" side:
My bookcase with sock yarn bins, sewing bins, etc... and my books for knitting and quilting.
oh, and my dye pots
And, finally... Mini's LYS. That's a lotta yarn....
Tomorrow, a knitting and project update. And finally some pics of hats and prizes.
:) Mini


  1. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Your new dining room set is beautiful!
    I love how you've set up your stash. It's so nice how you can see it all at once.

  2. holy cow do you have a lot of yarn! i thought i was getting carried away with how much i have in my stash. i no longer feel so guilty! :)


  3. Ouch- that comment above made me cringe... no hating the stash! ;)

    Love the grown-up furniture! I can't wait until I have a real dining table. :)

  4. The dining room set looks great. What happened to Jordan's?

  5. Oh!! You are going to SPA? Hot dawg! I am so going to be there. I will be the goober walking around by herself trying not to touch every single thing! =)

  6. Beautiful! (Both your dining room set and LYS)