Tuesday, February 20, 2007

the SPA post

I'm sure you have seen them... the SPA posts where everyone tells you what a wonderful time they had at SPA... and you get all "ohh! I was there !" or "grr... next year, next year..grr".

I went, I knit, I attempted to spin... and... well, I'll be going back next year! I met so many wonderful people (old and new)... and I am still tired from laughing so hard.

And b/c in blogland, it's ok to drop names....

I ran into Carole, with whom I eat Mexican food. I have hung out with this woman twice and both times I was eating Mexican and drinking margaritas... And, people? Carole is one of those people (like Blogless Sharon) who needs to be met in person... she makes you want to have more fun. My travelling companions were Monica and Anne (yup, THAT Anne... all you lace knitters, be jealous! I got to ride to Maine with the Queen of Lace herself.) and they taught me more about spinning and fibers and convinced me that, girl... I needed more yarn for PC's sweater.
So, in a whirlwind of people and hugging ( I don't normally hug strangers, but knitters.. well, we seem to be a huggy type of people)-- I met (and shopped) Judy of Smatterings. Go.to.her.site. Her yarn made me buy enough for a shawl. I don't knit shawls... yeah, it's laced with crack, but it feels so nice! (Hint: 100% silk skeins. *cough* fabulous colors *cough*). I will tell you flat out to go to Kim's site at the Woolen Rabbit and tell her Kate sent you. Kim, I have never enjoyed meeting someone quite so much.
And this was just FRIDAY... and only 3 feet into the vendor room. Making my way around, I recognized some people (and was shy to say hi!)--- like Jackie of Yarnish--- her BOB, way cuter in person (and looks fab on her). Jess (aka Frecklegirl) was just as nice as can be and didn't think me weird for just staring at her when she introduced herself in the Spunky Eclectic booth. Speaking of Amy, what a great person! Totally funny and adorable and there are rumors that she is opening a Spunky brick-n-mortar shop--- definitely a reason to visit my family in Maine more often.. :)
I saw Stitchy, Erin (who let me hold the Pumpkin Baby--- and what a sweet baby!), Cheryl (who tried to teach me to spin.... I didn't learn, but that doesn't mean she didn't try! my brain just doesn't work for spinning), Cassie, Chris and about a zillion others. Too many to count, too many to remember.

So, if I met you... and I didn't mention it here... it's b/c I am a horrible wretched human who has been overwhelmed with 479 fun fur hats...

Oh, did I forget to mention?? the tally so far:

479 hats

And, I did a little prize acquiring from Amy at Spunky and Kim at the WoollenRabbit this weekend... more photos tomorrow.
(my SPA pics were awful... I didn't want to post bad photos of anyone!)

:) Mini
FYI: if you need my address: email me--- blogger isn't sending me your email addresses when you comment: kskaare (at) gmail (dot) com.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Me? I got to go to the Mall of America for the Knit-Out and get free acrylic yarn from Michael's booth. w00t! LOL

    A box went out in today's mail to you with 15 (16?) hats. There was one more, but that was gifted to a friend of a friend recently diagnosed with breast cancer; she loves it.

  2. I was happily surprised to see you there this weekend. We'll have to get together again and eat something else, like sushi, maybe.
    As for the spinning, we'll get you yet.

  3. I'm very glad to hear that you did end up sitting at a wheel! Keep trying, you'll catch the bug.

  4. It was so fun to meet you! And the spinning thing will suddenly click for you, that's how it usually works!

  5. 479 HATS! That is incredible.

  6. Make that 493 hats. I shipped off a box of 14 to you today. It's priority, so you should receive them Friday or Saturday.

  7. It was great to meet you! What a whirlwind of a weekend - 479 hats !!!??! Woohoo!

  8. Anonymous11:33 PM

    I sent you 8 hats today (Saturday). I sent it Priority. What a great response you've had for this! Wow! Almost 500 hats - no! MORE than 500!

    Angelia - Angelia's Knitting

  9. KATE!! It was GREAT meeting you as well. We had fun, didn't we and not a snarky comment among us......(well maybe Friday night some of us had a few...hehe)

    I look forward to seeing you again! I hope it is soon!

  10. Kate, I sent out my hats today from Montana and had them shipped super quickly...promised to be there by the 28th. I thought I would send along this little link...a nice article about your project and my involvment. enjoy! http://www.mtstandard.com/articles/2007/02/26/anaconda/hjjcjhhdjiihha.txt

  11. Me! You met me! I have only myself to blame for your neglecting to mention this momentous event, since I sent you hats on Monday.

    (40 packages = 366 more hats? All I can say is someone sent you way more hats than I did.)

  12. So nice to meet you, Kate! I felt bad because I just interrupted you while you were talking! :)

    I sent out my 15 hats yesterday (I only made 3 but my mom made 12- she is such a showoff. hehe) so you should get them today. Sorry they are late but I was a little foggy after coming back from vacation in Mexico...