Thursday, February 08, 2007

Guest Blogger

Pumpkin T. Cat here. You can call me Pumpkin. Or Puddin' (that's what my momma calls me). My mom has been acting weird. She's home during the day with me. She sits in Daddy's chair. She put a blanket on her. And then she sleeps. NOT the room with the big cushion and all the blankies (I call this my room of caves...sounds cool, huh?)

Anyway, while she's trying to keep me from playing with all the crumpled paper she's using (she keeps saying "icky" and "no, not toys: tissues!"), I decided to blog for her. Last week, I watched the man bring the new box. Then it sat for like 3 days. Finally, mom and dad decided to open it up. And I haven't been petted since. Someone call the MSPCA!

Here are some photos of stuff she made. Grampa was very happy with this... he put it right on. He had to stop petting me to do it.

Pattern: my own
Size: 46 inch
Yarn: Cascade 220 quatro, 6 skeins
Needles: bamboo US 7

Notes: if anyone shows interest, I can write it up.

*close up of the rolled neck---damn proud of those picked up stitches!*

And the not-so-scary box with wheels got it's picture taken too... mom was bummed b/c she didn't pull over to take it "when it first happened". When what first happened???

I know what these are! These have TWO strings and it's a game... while mom holds on, you try to chew on the other. If you look really cute, she'll let you sit next to her on the couch while she gets the game ready. First, you start slow. Then, she gets moving fast and then she's showing Dad how she beat you. And you get to play with the strings you "caught".

Mini here to interrupt: Is she bothering you? Pumpkin has been begging to blog, so bear with me as I recover from a cold. Anywho::: a little project update: Eunny Jang has donated 5 copies of her Anemoi mitten pattern as prizes. These will be combined with some fingering weight yarns and be packaged as a mitten kit. Nice prize huh?

Pumpkin! Pumpkin! You ready to blog again? Damn... where is that cat? Oh. I see her. I guess I took too long... Pumpkin will return another day to blog. (and yes, that is the self-heating kitty mat... the house stays at 60 while we are at work... she needed a"heater")


  1. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Feel Better.....I've had the cold/flu thing for a week......I LOVE the I would be HOT to get the pattern...


  2. The sweater is awesome! I am hereby showing interest in the pattern. :) Feel better soon!

  3. I too am interested in pattern for sweater!
    Muppets should go in the mail this weekend.
    Feel better- rest! the cold that has everyone is a killer- rest a lot dear!

  4. Anonymous12:36 PM

    My muppets will be along soon. I need to give them a good bath. Unfortunately I pulled a back muscle. I'm gratfull theres no flu on the horizon or I'd be a gonner. Rest, Drink, rest some more.
    Tami in CT

  5. Anonymous2:49 PM

    would love the pattern! sent one hat will send more. Nancy

  6. I want that sweater pattern too! It looks perfect for the sweater my mother wants me to knit her. (Please include yardage requirements.) Thank goodness, size 7's instead of 2's!

    Two hats down, one on the needles, two more to cast on....

  7. A blogger friend directed me here to see your cat blog. My hamster begged to blog today, but gave up interest when she couldn't find the C for carrots. You cat is a darling. I love the orange ones.

    Great sweater -- very nice details in the stitchwork, collar. Bet he loves it.

  8. Gorgeous sweater!
    I had a vehidle that turned over. Actually it was close to turning over and I drove around my block 3 times until it did so I could take a photo. haha so silly of me.

  9. Your quattro sweater is lovely. I was eyeing up some of that today...I have to spend up some credit. The orange quattro is calling me! Lucia finally got me about the fun fur hats. When I first saw it going around I thought "Yes!", then, "oh, I have so much that is already late and other charity stuff and in that vein". Then I saw Lucia's recent post. So I need to send you one of these. Would you send me the pattern (if it's quick), or just give me an idea of cast on number and needle size and I'll be fine (you can put a comment on my blog). Or if you posted the details, would you let me know which date? I'll probably only get you one before your deadline, but I figure every one is one more! Oh, and I'm right there with you about the cartoon/turner thing. Geesh, what were they thinking?

  10. Your dad's sweater looks great!