Thursday, September 27, 2012

For the little princesses...

Three sweet littles girls. One big trip to see the princesses. 

First plane trip. 

One loving cousin. One happy momma. Three excited little princesses off to see a real live castle. 

That definitely deserves new crayons, crayon rolls and coloring books, no?

Basic crayon roll,  made with felt, washable crayons, and ribbon to tie. Whole project is ten minutes, and less than $2. Seeing their excitement? Priceless! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ten on Tuesday, the cheesy edition!

Ten on Tuesday- pizza!

Holy crap, I'm blogging? It's been quite the month so far- job interviews, job offers, refusing a few (what? I can pick which job?), offer negotiations,  PC turned 36, a friend is very sick, a parent was very sick, we went on a mini vacation ( courtesy of sick friend, who s ALWAYS thinking of others instead of herself), broken car to now a one car family ( not mine, the Subie is alive and kicking!), and did I mention the job interviews? Sometimes a few per day, running from place to place, and oh....the 17 lbs I lost this month? 

Now, back to pizza...

I love all things about pizza, so here we go:
1. Plain old cheese. Give me one good slice of thin cheese pizza and I'm happy. Preferably from a Greek-style pizzeria. 
2. Pepperoni. pC and I can agree on this one.
3. Peppers and onions. Unlike Carole, I want the big, thinly sliced they crisp up a bit!
4. Buffalo chicken, but it must be from Uppercrust. Yeah, their politics aren't in line with mine (pay your employees!) but they make a good pizza.
5. The flatbread pizza at Beacon Street Tavern in Brookline- figs, goat cheese, onions....divine!
6. My homemade pizza is the use Smitten Kitchen's suggestions to make mine extra selfish.
7. My mom's pizza. She worked at the original Santoro's subs and pizza all throughout Hugh school and can toss dough like no one I know. 

And the last are for things that should NEVER be on my pizza:
8. Olives. Ick. Eww. *shudder*
9. Mushrooms. I don't eat fungus. 'Nuff said.
10. Anchovies. Fish and cheese weird me out. 

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

re-entry with 10 on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday this week is "10 things you love about September." Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

I'm re-entering the blog-world today... It's been a rough summer and I have a lot to share with you all, but first:

My 10 things to Love about September:

1. PC's birthday is September 2. And I'm a birthday person, so we get to celebrate!
2. School supplies. I have no children in school, I'm not in school, but I refresh our house "office supplies" every September. And, yes... it's color coordinated.
3. Apples. Applies finally come into season in September. And I love apples. Apples & cheddar. Apples & peanut butter. Apple pie. Applesauce.
4. Cool nights. These cool nights are perfect for sitting on the back deck, sipping tea and chatting with PC.
5. Cooler days and lower humidity. Humidity in New England makes me hate summer, just sayin', and I welcome fall and cooler weather like a long lost lover every September.
6. Football. I'm a "football widow" but it means that I get to have my knitting Sundays with my friend Dora. :)
7. return of good TV... lol, as true blue TV-addicts, PC and I look forward to seeing what our shows will be up to in the fall.
8. Good light. I love the fading daylight and the way it plays on the sky. Each night it's like a new work of art to admire.
9. Fall camping! If you haven't fall camped, you need to. In a tent. In New Hampshire. The bite of the air in the morning, needing to sit by the fire, snuggling in the sleeping bag to "keep warm", the colors of leaves on the lake...
10. ... and it's not weird to start putting up your pumpkin and leaves decor in September. My house definitely has a "theme" and "colorway" (pumpkin, fall, leaves, cinnamon, berry, steel blue... very Sept-Oct-Nov) that isn't always "appropriate" in say, April. :)

Big changes around Casa de Mini y PC: dietary changes- PC's down 6lbs, I'm down 12lbs. it's been all-encompassing, actually, and it's finally feeling like not so much work after 14 full days of being carb-free. I have PCOS, which causes weight gain, inability to lose weight (due to insulin resistance), infertility, and ovarian cysts and tumors. A carb-restricted (think South Beach... then think Phase 1/2 all the time) diet, 30 minutes of exercise every day and some medicine should have a positive effect on all the symptoms.  My sugar cravings are damn near non-existent, our plates look very different at dinner these days, and we're a little more energetic.

And, here's my new theme song: