Friday, January 30, 2009

A whole new meaning to "ripping"

I was calmly knitting last night when PC came home from his curling match. Yup, that sport with the broom and giant steam iron looking thing.... on ice. I merely looked up and then proceeded to laugh so hard I thought I was split in half.......this is what I saw:

He played all night like this. Good thing Thursday is the mens' league!!
Curling: dangerous for pants.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Green Knitting

But that's not green is it? Nope, but it is "green" as in environmentally friendly. It's a Swiffer scrubber from the Mason-Dixon Book (#2). I love it. I am hoping I have enough kitchen cotton yarn to make another one. I had read reviews of using them and was impressed that some people thought the purl bumps scrubbed better than the diposable ones. I'll let you know later... I need to wash the kitchen floor.

In another attempt to be 'green' , these are buttons from my stash... and while they are plastic, they will be well used over and over again.

And here's the Swiffer... ready for action. Now, I did test this out. This cover fits over my regular swiffer and my swiffer wet-jet. So, it can be sprayed with dusting spray and be used around my woodwork and be fitted to the wet-jet and be used to mop the floor.

And, this is how Pumpkin helps with the housework. She holds down the laundry. (PC had left his sweatshirt on the bed before he left for work... this is what I woke up to.)

Sunday, January 25, 2009


On Saturday night, after many many many hours of labor (too many...poor thing), my SIL gave life to my nephew, Jackson Robert. He's 8lbs, 12.2 ounces and 22 inches of pure breathtaking beauty. He's the first son of the first son in our family. The first grandchild... and he has already been bestowed with handknits. :)

PC and I met him today and we're going to pop down to bring his very tired parents dinner this weekend.

This weekend I held my first "nephew", R... a best girlfriend's son and my brother's first child. In less than 24 is 4 months, one is 20 hours.

Many don't believe in these things, but I am thanking God for all the good in my life tonight. I have PC, healthy and receiving the best healthcare on the planet... a new life in our family... my parents (both alive to see their grandbaby...something 3 years ago wasn't a guarantee)... and my friends... who have become my family.

Knitting updates tomorrow....

Friday, January 23, 2009

PC's better... and I am still a knitter.

Finally Friday. Oh, so many things to say you all and so many thanks to give.

PC's fine. Well, he will be. He was admitted to the hospital with severely elevated high blood pressure. Think of everyone you know with high blood pressure and guess their number.

I'll wait.


Add 50 to each number and you probably are still lower than PC. Ugh. So, now we play the medication game... trying out drug combos and working with his super awesome doctor (seriously, love.this.guy.) to make miracles happen.

So everyone knows. I don't hate nurses or ER docs. I hate not knowing. I hate being scared. I hate not being able to help the one I love when he is sick and we don't know why.

But, as a knitter.... we all know what i did in the ER right? I knit. And knit. And knit.

I also went to my retreat. PC insisted and we have family nearby and as he said "either go or stare at me all weekend... your choice". I chose wisely. (and I left the cat in charge as PC's nurse). My guild's retreat...well, what happens at Whispering Pines, stays at Whispering Pines. I will say that I love this group of women more and more each time I see them. I was surrounded by well wishes, positive energy and wool all weekend.

Onto the knitting:
I knit these socks for me. I don't like them. They are knit on US3s, this makes this very warm. I need warm socks, not very warm socks. My mom... she needs VERY warm socks. Dog walking socks. Making dinner while standing on the concrete floor socks.

Meet Mom's Socks:

Hello Yarn's fat sock yarn. Colorway... umm. I forget. I call it Dennis the Menace b/c it's the colors that kid would wear in the comics. Simple sock formula:

CO 54
K2p2 for 3 inches
Knit for 4 inches; make heel, make gusset, decrease to 48 stitches for foot. Knit foot until 7 inches. Decrease toe evenly on the sides (ssk and k2tog). Kitchener.
Make 2nd sock.

And finally.......

(ignore the mess on my dresser... it's' been hectic around here)
Nurse Pumpkin is happy that her PC is healthy... being a nurse is exhausting!

Friday, January 16, 2009

my words are not enough

9.5 hours from walking into the ER to walking out .... without PC.

I won't sleep tonight... or any other night until he's home.

I can't (won't) discuss it here, but he'll be fine and home soon.

And, if tonight's any indication of what I'll be like as a mom.... well, if I defend my children like I defended PC's patient out. As I said to the smart-mouth ER attending (around hour 8): "You're dealing with a mama-hawk now... you have lots of patients, I have ONE of HIM."

(Plus some ugly biotch of a nurse called me PC's mom... if I had more energy I would have punched her.... especially after she laughed through her apology... can we say professionalism?)

Nobody told me we'd have to do the scary stuff too.

Supposedly leaving for Whispering Pines knitting retreat tomorrow... we'll see if he's home and happy...


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So, I have to tell you about a customer service experience I just had.

Lands End.

I ordered jeans (a plus size gal is always trying to find good jeans) and love the many inseam options (I am big, but not tall). They arrived tonight and I tried them on. Waist perfect. Bum is perfect. Legs.. a wee bit too long. Hmm. But last year, I ordered corduroys from them with a shorter inseam and they were too short. Like "where' s the flood?" short.

What to do.

I need new jeans. For this weekend.


I know!

Lands End has ONLINE help people. You 'chat' with them, give them your address, they look up your order.... and they help. So, thank you Jillian L of LandsEnd! She told me to wash them, try them back on.... and if they are still too long: SEND THEM BACK.

Oh. my. just got my business for LIFE.

Add to that: my 2 pair of jeans, pajamas, 2 tops and a cashmere sweater were less than I would have paid for just the 2 jeans and pajamas?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Brioche and MWKG

Hey all... as some of you know (and others don't)... I'm involved in the MetroWest Knitting Guild. I love it. It's a great guild with nice members and a very relaxed atmosphere. Sometimes too relaxed, but I am working on it.

WHERE: Needham Public Library, Needham MA (community room)

WHEN: every 2nd Wednesday of each month , 6:45 pm-8:45pm

WHO: Lots of people!

WHY: knitting, workshops, fashions shows, guest speakers, tutorials....

We meet tomorrow, January 14th, and we are learning BRIOCHE stitch. A member of the guild will be teaching the class and you only need to bring yourself, $20 (a full years' dues!), and some worsted weight yarn, size 8 (or appropriate) needles (circs, dpns or straights) and a can-do attitude!

Here's a glimpse of my pre-class exercise. The member who is teaching (Becky) is great and wanted one more person who "got it" to be there to help her out. :)

This is Red Heart Sport weight acrylic (yup, I said the nasty word) on US6 circulars, 16 inches, cast on 66 stitches and then work brioche in a circle.

I am loving this so much I am considering casting on for a sweater (in wool), brioche stitch, raglan with a zipper... totally cute, right?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eeek! A mouse!

A cat to chase the mice......

Happily ever after....

Pattern: Hello Yarn's Anime Bonnet (basic for the hat) with cat ear modications, different embroidery and a crochet edge.
Yarn: Paton's Decor (25 % wool, 75% acrylic) in white, pink and gray.
Needles: US 6 dpns and circulars

Pattern: my own (look for it as a freebie in the next week or so)
Yarn: Paton's Decor (25 % wool, 75% acrylic) in white, pink and gray.
Needles: US 6 dpns


Made this for my cousin S's daughter, O. She's a great little kid, finally finding her own way in the world (18 months is a great age) and she's one of those babies, when you look in her eyes, you know she's going to be a good person. A thoughtful, caring person. It's hard to describe. S and her hubby are doing a great job with her... she signs!! And she's a good hugger and giggles from her toes.

Last night at a family party, she was gifted with the mittens ("mice go squeak! squeak!" and "kitties say MEOW!!!") and she liked them. ( mom loved them). It was nice to be able to knit for this little one. It won't be the last time. I think we need another flower top sweater, like her cousins' from last year....what do you think S? Blues on your gorgeous little blonde?

And b/c you haven't seen Pumpkin in awhile... this is what she is like 90% of the time... playing like a new kitten. Santa Paws brought her a fish that hooks to the window and dangles.... she likes the taste of PC's feet better.

Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year's Resolution: to knit more??

Happy New Year! I spent New Years' Eve snuggled with PC, waiting for the ball to drop. We are the least exciting NYE couple: early pajamas, homemade meatloaf and shoveling. Those surprise 8 inches of snow? Not fun at all.

New Years' Day... off to Aswiminknits' 2nd annual 1st Day knitting party. Yummy food, friends (new and old) getting together to knit and laugh. I got to finally meet Splityarn , Woolyheaded, Blogless Manise (see Kathy? Manise is getting blog-play over here at Blogger!) and Maryse. Julie, Jess, PumpkinMama, Terri, Cheryl ... were all there. I realized how much I enjoy spending time with these women. As an adult, it can be really hard to make friends and I have always been super jealous of women who can do this with ease. Everyone here made me feel very comfortable and I think (hope?) I fit right in.

One big thing was to show Erin (pumpkinmama) the cowl I made with the yarn she spun for me. Remember that? It's been morphed into 3 other non-blogged projects and then ripppped. But, the firefly cowl... to die for. Perfect for a worsted handspun. I only have about 5 yds left! It's super warm and soft to the touch and I love it!!!

Yarn: PumpkinMama (Etsy) handspun yarn
Pattern: Dragonfly Fire Cowl
Needles: US 9, circular needles
Notes: Love this pattern. I made the "slouchier" version b/c i have a thick neck and wanted some room to breathe. It only took me about 6 hours to knit this from start to finish.

Next up on the FO parade, a scarf. Destined for the "next Christmas" basket I think, but the pattern is divine. I used Schaefer Miss Priss in the Elena Piscopia colorway. One of the really great things about this pattern is that is you have to email Li to get it. She sends you a nice email, a great pattern and you have a new friend! So, Li... I used the modification for the edge (the slip first stitch, ktbl on last stitch) and it worked great.

Yarn: Schaefer Miss Priss, Elena Piscopia colorway
Pattern: Herringbone Rib Scarf by Li Boesen (Life's a Stitch)
Needles: US 9, circulars (nylon)
Notes: I damn near ran out of yarn. The Miss Priss is 280 yds, but it's scant. I didn't block this (yet) b/c Miss Priss is merino so super stretchy and I like the squishy-ness of this rib. It only took 1 long movie (Mystic River on AMC) + 2 hours to finish this scarf. I see a few more in my future.

I did a sock wash the other day and realized... I need new socks! I had one sock just about finished in the SockHop yarn I had... so I finished it up and cast on for sock #2. They are not identical twins at all. Nor fraternal. First cousins? Maybe. My standard toe-up sock (Wendy's toe-up sock from her Wendyknits book) pattern and no gauge change. I am wearing them today and I am LOVING this yarn. It might be worth seeking out the waiting list for more... but I have some sock yarn and I promised PC: no job, no yarn shopping. :(

Yarn: Crown Mountain Farms, Sock Hop Handspun yarn, Respect colorway
Pattern: Wendy's toe-up sock formula (64 stitches around on foot and leg)
Needles: US 1 Susan bates aluminum dpns (all 5)
Notes: love these socks... I even have some yarn left over... I'm going to weigh the leftovers to see if i have enough for a 2nd pair! I might!