Friday, January 16, 2009

my words are not enough

9.5 hours from walking into the ER to walking out .... without PC.

I won't sleep tonight... or any other night until he's home.

I can't (won't) discuss it here, but he'll be fine and home soon.

And, if tonight's any indication of what I'll be like as a mom.... well, if I defend my children like I defended PC's patient out. As I said to the smart-mouth ER attending (around hour 8): "You're dealing with a mama-hawk now... you have lots of patients, I have ONE of HIM."

(Plus some ugly biotch of a nurse called me PC's mom... if I had more energy I would have punched her.... especially after she laughed through her apology... can we say professionalism?)

Nobody told me we'd have to do the scary stuff too.

Supposedly leaving for Whispering Pines knitting retreat tomorrow... we'll see if he's home and happy...


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