Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So, I have to tell you about a customer service experience I just had.

Lands End.

I ordered jeans (a plus size gal is always trying to find good jeans) and love the many inseam options (I am big, but not tall). They arrived tonight and I tried them on. Waist perfect. Bum is perfect. Legs.. a wee bit too long. Hmm. But last year, I ordered corduroys from them with a shorter inseam and they were too short. Like "where' s the flood?" short.

What to do.

I need new jeans. For this weekend.


I know!

Lands End has ONLINE help people. You 'chat' with them, give them your address, they look up your order.... and they help. So, thank you Jillian L of LandsEnd! She told me to wash them, try them back on.... and if they are still too long: SEND THEM BACK.

Oh. my. just got my business for LIFE.

Add to that: my 2 pair of jeans, pajamas, 2 tops and a cashmere sweater were less than I would have paid for just the 2 jeans and pajamas?

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