Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Brioche and MWKG

Hey all... as some of you know (and others don't)... I'm involved in the MetroWest Knitting Guild. I love it. It's a great guild with nice members and a very relaxed atmosphere. Sometimes too relaxed, but I am working on it.

WHERE: Needham Public Library, Needham MA (community room)

WHEN: every 2nd Wednesday of each month , 6:45 pm-8:45pm

WHO: Lots of people!

WHY: knitting, workshops, fashions shows, guest speakers, tutorials....

We meet tomorrow, January 14th, and we are learning BRIOCHE stitch. A member of the guild will be teaching the class and you only need to bring yourself, $20 (a full years' dues!), and some worsted weight yarn, size 8 (or appropriate) needles (circs, dpns or straights) and a can-do attitude!

Here's a glimpse of my pre-class exercise. The member who is teaching (Becky) is great and wanted one more person who "got it" to be there to help her out. :)

This is Red Heart Sport weight acrylic (yup, I said the nasty word) on US6 circulars, 16 inches, cast on 66 stitches and then work brioche in a circle.

I am loving this so much I am considering casting on for a sweater (in wool), brioche stitch, raglan with a zipper... totally cute, right?

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