Monday, October 22, 2007

Rhinebeck Hangover

Well, there are so many photos and so many stories... I need time to do all the linkage and recap it all in my head. I am sharing a few leaf-peeping photos with you and announcing our contest winner.

All together:
2 skeins of Cormo/Mohair blend : $10 x2 = $20

2 skeins of Wool/Angora blend: $20 x2 = $40

1 skein of alpaca (600+yds!!): $19.93

1 llama doll $ 6

1 tin of Heal-my-hands $14

1 tube of Heal-my-nose $3

1 antique darning egg $10

1 felted pumpkin kit $9

1 card (with llama) $2.50

total: $124.43

And the closest guesser was :

KAREN! with a guesstimate of $125. :) ( Karen- I'll figure out some sort of prize... email me!)

And, b/c if you follow that link and look around, I am swearing on a stack of cashmere/cormo blend: I didn't rig this one! ( I won Karen's contest a few weeks ago and no... she's not getting her sock yarn back).

Now, for all those who are like "but, we saw you with more yarn!" Yes, I picked up a skein of yarn from Kim. Hand dyed sock yarn from Kim. Eat your heart out. It's gorgeous and it's mine. Well, it's for my sis-in-law. :)

Photos, link-a-dink and stories like the one about me and Sandy living 20 minutes from each other and meeting in NY. Or, learning that Rose will not back-up, use the rear view or tolerate picky eaters... and why this makes you instantly adore her.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Yes, I am still going to Rhinebeck... no teensy cold is going to slow me down! I think I am over the worst of it. Advil Cold-N-Sinus is my best friend. I *heart* pseudoephedrine (I am a scientist, I know all about PEP, no lectures, please). Also, Airborne and Elderberry tea aren't hurting either.

No Rhinebeck sweater... I'm not sad. I knew it was a reach and with my ADD-like knitting attention span lately, I knew that reach was small. I have a zillion projects in "mid-phase" that need to be wrapped up. Here's the round-up (excuse lack of photos):

1. Sylvie's wedding shawl. Umm.. need to finish soon.
2. Mittens for a friend --- car knitting for Rhinebeck.
3. Scarf for PC's grampa: almost done-- lunch knitting at work
4. Rhinebeck sweater--- on hold. Plan to knit this over Thanksgiving weekend.
5. PC's mom sweater: 1 sleeve left to go! Can I finish it by next weekend?
6. toddler sweater for A... not loving this--- possible rip and re-knit.
7. PC's sister present- will be my Rhinebeck knitting--- good for mindless knitting and knitting while consuming coffee. :)

Also, keep those "bets" coming on the amount I will spend at Rhinebeck (purchases only). I have a new knitter to shop for... she's turning 12. Can anyone recommend a mitten kit? Or a hat kit from a vendor there? It's time for her to learn to knit in-the-round. And, she's obsessed wtih llamas. (who isnt'??)

Think non-sniffly thoughts. oh, and any home remedies for the icky itchies in the throat (or to get rid of the cold all together) greatly appreciated.

Oh... I have a surprise when I get to Rhinebeck... Kim has dyed me some yarn for my SIL (this is THE person to give hand knits to: she loves them, wears them out, and squeals when she gets them!)---- i think she needs some socks.

:) Mini

Thursday, October 11, 2007

FO Alert

Now, why haven't I posted about this FO? Because I knit it yesterday. Yup: a very fast knit!

Pattern: Nashua Handknits, Bloom "Flower Yoke Sweater"
Size: 18 months
Yarn: Plymouth Encore (less than one ball of each color)
Needles: 16 inch US8 circs, dpns US8
Notes: none, I love the colors, the fabric created. The underarm grafting was a bit tough, but it's a baby sweater, so I am not sweating it too much.

Pumpkin is in dreamland.... dreaming of catnip? Mice?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mini and Leif...Sittin' in a tree

No, not really. PC would be mad. Really mad. But, October 9 (yesterday) was my thirtieth birthday. And the official Leif Erikson day? Well, like any good Norweigan girl, I was busy attending to my official Leif Erikson day responsibilities: counting my presents. :)

So, I turned 30 and the world still spun. The sun set and the moon rose. Friends came from near (Watertown) and far (North Carolina) to help me celebrate. I am fortunate enough to share my birthday with a good friend... we had champagne and snacks to celebrate her birth on Saturday, steak tips and martinis to celebrate mine on Sunday. My mom, dad, brothers and sis-in-law went above and beyond with a surprise party that tops all parties of all time. Friends and family and PC ... a beautiful night. I feel like I spent 4 hours opening very generous gifts. PC, of course, out-did himself again: cooking class from Terrance Janerrico, a cookbook, front row circus tickets (this weekend) and 8th row Revolution tickets (this weekend). I never knew someone could know me so well.

Turning 30 is a pivotal place. I can look forward to so many things (marriage, children) and look back at so many mistakes/accomplishments. I have learned that everything has it's own pace and feel. What's right for so many others may not be right for me. Finally found my own, if you wish. So, now that the candles are out, the balloons are gone, there is nothing left to do but say "good-bye 29" and "hello 30".

I didn't knit a stitch all weekend. I did start a baby sweater last night. I have startitis. My Rhinebeck sweater will not be ready for Rhinebeck. And that's ok. It's not a race. :) Besides, I am hoping it's cold enough to bust out some wool socks.

Happy Birthday to me....
happy birthday to me.
Happy Birthday dear Min-eeee
Happy birthday to me.

Contest: guess (to the nearest dollar amount) how much cashola (or check or credit card) will be spent at Rhinebeck and win a prize. :) Hints: 1) not really on a budget, 2) have a house full of yarn, 3) no specific projects in mind....

;) Mini

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Make New Friends....

But keep the old.
One is silver,
the other, gold.

The Girl Scout song has been running through my head since I woke up this morning. And I think I know why... a few "real" friends have found my blog! Now, it's never been a secret that I blog. My mom knows, but doesn't read it. My friends know and some read it. (Sylvie stalks her shawl... still in time out.) But, now, PC's friends know. I dont' know how, but that's different. Not weird, not bad, just unexpected. Here's a few who have found me:)

Mariuca. Mari and I became friends b/c her husband and my PC are friends. They now joke that she and I seem to have known each other longer. Mari's that friend that feels like an instant sister. We've laughed, cried, yelled and we still hug and say "see you tomorrow". She's a fierce card player and a wonderful cook. One of my favorite daydreams is that this is the "aunt" my kids will know. I don't have sisters, so I look to my girlfriends for that level of support. She's got an Etsy shop now and IF YOU ARE IN THE BOSTON/RHODE ISLAND AREA: she does home parties for jewelry. Seriously, she books fast b/c her stuff is priced right, cute and downright fun. And, on top of the jewelry, you get Mari: 5 feet of Romanian giggles.

Stacey. I didn't even know she was a knitter until recently. And, I think I might have turned her into a sock knitter. :) 2 skeins of Lornas' laces can do that. It's powerful stuff. Stacey's our resident world traveller... she's been everywhere. Her other half is just as sweet and nice as she is (they are a good pair). She's a good knitter and an even better person. Show her blog some love.

Remember the cute backpack with the finger puppets? I knit that for Stef's daughter, A. She's quite the mom, staying at home to make sure A gets off on the right foot in this world. I wanted to say hello to her via the blog (b/c I know she loves blogs!!) mostly b/c she's become a good friend and I have to say, PC adores her little girl. Even when she's cranky... and who wouldn't be cranky? Being absolutely gorgeous is a full time job and it can wear on a girl! The finger puppets have found a good home with A. She loves them and tries to put on her backpack. Oh, and she has a fondness for the good stuff... this little one year old was eyeing my Kate Spade handbag at her birthday party... ha ha ha. Start 'em early, right?

So, if you are popping by this blog to say hello... hello. :) Glad to see you and don't forget to comment! Knitting updates will be soon... I think. This week involves birthdays (not my own, that's next week), shopping (Sylvie: the natick collection is open!), and cleaning (a friend is coming into town to celebrate my birthday and I can't find my coffee table).

;) mini

Monday, October 01, 2007

baby's got blue eyes....

As Julie posted last week, a few of us ventured to the wilds of New Hampshire for a "dye day" with our knitting group. First, a huge "woohoo" to our hostesses: Debbi and Kathy... a great time was had by all and also, some very yummy food. I didn't get any "action photos" from the day itself... my camera was safely residing on my kitchen counter. Bad blogger!!! But, here's the results.
100% Superwash Worsted (~270 yds)


Nylon/Superwash blend, fingering weight (~400yds+)
'helen's sunset' and 'baby's got blue eyes"

100% Superwash, worsted "giraffe"

2x 100% Superwash worsted "heart's desire"

100% Superwash "lucky charms"

And, why am I showing you all this yarn and no fancy knitting photos? B/c the only fancy knitting I did all weekend was 2 hours of scarf knitting at the mechanic this weekend. Otherwise, I was occupied with the Revolution game (goal scored in the 80th minute... very exciting!!) and the Topsfield Fair... the oldest fair in America. Today, I'm off to work and I am pooped.... one of these weekends I need to rest. Oh, and tomorrow is 7 days until my birthday... look for a contest soon.