Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mini and Leif...Sittin' in a tree

No, not really. PC would be mad. Really mad. But, October 9 (yesterday) was my thirtieth birthday. And the official Leif Erikson day? Well, like any good Norweigan girl, I was busy attending to my official Leif Erikson day responsibilities: counting my presents. :)

So, I turned 30 and the world still spun. The sun set and the moon rose. Friends came from near (Watertown) and far (North Carolina) to help me celebrate. I am fortunate enough to share my birthday with a good friend... we had champagne and snacks to celebrate her birth on Saturday, steak tips and martinis to celebrate mine on Sunday. My mom, dad, brothers and sis-in-law went above and beyond with a surprise party that tops all parties of all time. Friends and family and PC ... a beautiful night. I feel like I spent 4 hours opening very generous gifts. PC, of course, out-did himself again: cooking class from Terrance Janerrico, a cookbook, front row circus tickets (this weekend) and 8th row Revolution tickets (this weekend). I never knew someone could know me so well.

Turning 30 is a pivotal place. I can look forward to so many things (marriage, children) and look back at so many mistakes/accomplishments. I have learned that everything has it's own pace and feel. What's right for so many others may not be right for me. Finally found my own, if you wish. So, now that the candles are out, the balloons are gone, there is nothing left to do but say "good-bye 29" and "hello 30".

I didn't knit a stitch all weekend. I did start a baby sweater last night. I have startitis. My Rhinebeck sweater will not be ready for Rhinebeck. And that's ok. It's not a race. :) Besides, I am hoping it's cold enough to bust out some wool socks.

Happy Birthday to me....
happy birthday to me.
Happy Birthday dear Min-eeee
Happy birthday to me.

Contest: guess (to the nearest dollar amount) how much cashola (or check or credit card) will be spent at Rhinebeck and win a prize. :) Hints: 1) not really on a budget, 2) have a house full of yarn, 3) no specific projects in mind....

;) Mini

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