Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Yes, I am still going to Rhinebeck... no teensy cold is going to slow me down! I think I am over the worst of it. Advil Cold-N-Sinus is my best friend. I *heart* pseudoephedrine (I am a scientist, I know all about PEP, no lectures, please). Also, Airborne and Elderberry tea aren't hurting either.

No Rhinebeck sweater... I'm not sad. I knew it was a reach and with my ADD-like knitting attention span lately, I knew that reach was small. I have a zillion projects in "mid-phase" that need to be wrapped up. Here's the round-up (excuse lack of photos):

1. Sylvie's wedding shawl. Umm.. need to finish soon.
2. Mittens for a friend --- car knitting for Rhinebeck.
3. Scarf for PC's grampa: almost done-- lunch knitting at work
4. Rhinebeck sweater--- on hold. Plan to knit this over Thanksgiving weekend.
5. PC's mom sweater: 1 sleeve left to go! Can I finish it by next weekend?
6. toddler sweater for A... not loving this--- possible rip and re-knit.
7. PC's sister present- will be my Rhinebeck knitting--- good for mindless knitting and knitting while consuming coffee. :)

Also, keep those "bets" coming on the amount I will spend at Rhinebeck (purchases only). I have a new knitter to shop for... she's turning 12. Can anyone recommend a mitten kit? Or a hat kit from a vendor there? It's time for her to learn to knit in-the-round. And, she's obsessed wtih llamas. (who isnt'??)

Think non-sniffly thoughts. oh, and any home remedies for the icky itchies in the throat (or to get rid of the cold all together) greatly appreciated.

Oh... I have a surprise when I get to Rhinebeck... Kim has dyed me some yarn for my SIL (this is THE person to give hand knits to: she loves them, wears them out, and squeals when she gets them!)---- i think she needs some socks.

:) Mini

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