Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'm Back... and oh so sorry

You would think with my long absence I would have a ton of FO to show you. Umm...nope. I have been "laid up" with a bum left leg for about a week now. I have a walking cast on it due to a pretty hearty infection in my foot. Being the *smart* one, I needed to get a cast b/c my stubborness was causing me to walk on it when it hurt. And I was in danger of breaking my ankle. PC was right... I am admitting to it in "public" (oh that reminds me... have you seen the Blue Collar Comedy Tour? When the guy says " they said I was drunk in public... I said, no I was drunk in a bar... they threw me into public."? I love that line....)

So, all this laying on the couch? Knitting? Nope. Four words:

My.Super.Sweet.Sixteen on MTV

Yup, completely addicted to watching teeenaged girls get all worked up b/c their poodle wasn't dyed the proper color of pink. I am praying that when I have a daughter, this show is off the air. My Sweet 16 was held in my parent's driveway, my brother J was the DJ and we ate Cheetos and ordered pizza. And I had a great time!

Update on Daddy-Doodle. The doctors told him the chemo and radiation worked! He will still need surgery, but his chances are much better now and it's a lot of "stuff" that we don't have to deal with. They think they might even be able to skip the post-surgical chemo/rad that they had planned. My Superman is back!

More tonight if I get a chance. I plan to finish up two squares for Grace's Blanket. I *heart* pink. And maybe I'll pop up some progress photos or two. :)

I joined SP8 this week and the Knitters' Tea Swap...yummmmm TEA!

:) mini

Friday, April 14, 2006

What Am I doing WRONG?

No, it's not a "loaded" question (PC would say that it is)...I really want to know! So ... TELL ME. TELL ME what is WRONG with....

I am following the instructions for COZY from Knitty. I am using Size 8(US) and cotton (worsted) b/c 1) I love the color and 2) it'll show off the lace and not the colors.. (thanks Deb!)

Colleen made one and hers is great! She has the "holes" where "holes" should be. I have no holes like that. Mine kinda just looks... messy. I tried stretching it out a bit to see what's it gonna look like, y'know: blocked. But, nope. Messy. Even PC said "hmm..not like the picture honey!" Mine always come out like the picture!

Help me people!

Here's the sock that I am loathe to finish. It's perfect. So perfect and lovable and fits me just right. I have to tug it over my ankle but then it's the perfect type of snug. I hate when my socks move around in my shoes. Drives.Me.Nuts. Like lace.

And here is the baby blanket I am test knitting. I can tell you that Parikha from The Brown Sheep designed it. It will be for sale soon. And it's very nice, especially if you dread the idea of knitting a baby blanket. It's got a lot of interest, with not only the changing colors, but the act of knitting the entrelac itself. I will say, knitting this blanket is not a "portable" project. there is a lot of "flipping the blanket over" several times a row.

Let me know if you know how to fix my lace. Please help.


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Let's Talk Turkey

Ok, not turkey. LACE. yup, even scarier than cooking your first ever thanksgiving turkey-- knitting lace. I know I said I wouldn't do it. Nope. Shawls are not "me". But, I am thinking, I *heart* my Pashminas. I would like something I can toss over a little black dress and have it look gorgeous.

So, we have this:

Adrian (of Hello Yarn fame) dyed up the yarn on the left for me. It was a mystery ball of laceweight "fuzz" that she turned into pure beauty. The colors are oh-so-me. I want to make a wrap/shawl/thing that is
1. not Grandma
2. good for first time lace
3. easy to memorize
4. quick knit

Here's what I am looking at so far:
Cozy from Knitty.

Bloom from Knitty.

Ella from Knitty.

For the most part, I have been scanning through some free patterns, b/c well, there seems to be a lot of online pattern support for the knitty patterns (everybody has made one of them!). Also, I am just "dipping" into lace and am not sure about purchasing a lace book.

Oh, and my heart dropped when I saw this-- new book purchase coming up!

I would look nice in this.... I think I even have the perfect yarn.

To everyone who offered up advice for the "stuff":I am working it out and thank you. I am making some brave decisions about my life and learning more about accepting who I am and the choices I have made. I am not always sure the choices are great,but they are mine and I am learning to live with those decisions. There are a lot of things to think about and consider. Some who know me, know that there is nothing I would rather do than raise children of my own. This may not be a possibility. Things happen. I had to realize this past year, that I am not on my own schedule anymore. There are other people involved who need to intergrate their schedule with mine. Life goals and visions for the future need to be melted together. I need to learn that I am not always going to get my way. I need to accept that I am making these decisions knowingly and that I will have to live with the consequences (good and bad) of these decisions.
Most of this has been brought on by the fact that I feel like I am 8 steps behind the rest of the world and my friends. I know, you shouldn't measure yourself against other people, but let's be realistic. I am not married. All but one girlfriend is not married. I have no children. Friends are working on their 2nd and 3rd child. I don't own a home. Most are already purchasing homes or looking to move to 2nd homes. I love PC and he loves me. And for now, we are happy "as is". But, I am always thinking "future" and not enjoying "now". I need to learn how to enjoy "now". I'm trying. I really am.
So, thank you for all the kind words and advice. I haven't had time to personally thank all of you... hopefully I will soon.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Internet Explorer and a Break in?

Hmm.. how would someone break into my Hotmail Account? I know the work laptops "save" passwords, even when you don't ask them to, but how??? Any computer savvy peeps out there? All they did was read my email. Y'know how "new" email is yellow and read email is white? All my email from 4/7 until today is "white" and I've never seen these emails. Is it a hotmail issue?

Help me out peeps!

:) mini
Edited To Add:
PC is wonderful and a super helpful around the casa-- -most of what is ahead is me putting stress on myself to keep everything "perfect". He is great about doing dishes, laundry and battling our vacuum. (and i am sorry if I led anyone to think he was otherwise!)I just need some time to learn how to let go of perfection. I need to lose myself in some quilting or knitting. I just kinda need a "day off" from it all.

I know I owe you some photos and some others, pattern notes. All in due time. This week, I need a posting break. There's a lot going on right now and with the holiday, work, and just life, I need a little me time this week.

I don't know if it's stress from all of a sudden being more responsible/accountable to another person, but I'm really starting to feel a lot of "stuff" at home. That's pretty much all it is now, a jumble of "stuff" and I need to sort it out. We haven't hit a "groove" yet in our situation, there's still a lot of "do you like your socks folded like this or like that?" and well, I just really need to wrap my head around some of it.

I need to knit. I need to sew. I need some me time where I don't have to make dinner and do laundry (PC helped with the laundry last night,thankfully b/c my brain wasn't into it.) and be Suzie Homemaker. I need some Mini time and I don't know how I am going to do that. So, I will be on and off the blog for about a week. If I owe you an email or pattern notes, you will have them. I'm working on that tonight.

Thanks for understanding! And feel free to comment or offer up any sage advice from anyone who's "been there, done that"--- I am a big believer in the power of experience. :)

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Is this time change killing everyone or just me?

1. I am 3 repeats into the Petal socks- I love them
2. I am 4 rows into Parikha's blankie and I will have progress shots tonight ( I hope)
3. I got some STR sock yarn from Kira and some new yarn from hello yarn that I need to post about.
4. I am stressing out like crazy about work and stuff, so knitting calms me- picture taking, not so much

For anyone who was worried: my Bloomin' Socks fit. Perfectly. I have to get some good "feet" shots tonight (perhaps a 2nd update tonight now that PC has perfected internet access in our house?). I think I need PC's help with the foot shots. :)

I need to get to work, do 9 gazillion things, and remember to get the oil changed, pick up presciptions, hit the grocery and get 5 loads of laundry done.

I am hoping to turn the heel tonight!

:) Mini

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Bloomin' Feet

My Bloomin' Feet sock pal was Alison from SimplySockYarn. She is not only an amazing sock knitter, she owns an online LYS that caters to only SOCK YARN. You heard me, you need it (sock yarn), she's got it! Something really funny, too... I bought my sock yarn from Alison to make my Bloomin' Feet socks for Esther. So, when my socks arrived (at my mom's, I guess I didn't change my address with everyone...whoops)- I was thinking "did I order more sock yarn?" Nope, my socks and a new coffee tin and some "Bees Knees" coffee arrived! The yarn is Fleece Artist Superwash Merino in "Rainforest". I *heart* all the greens in these socks. AND... yes, there is another AND... they are made for boots. It's very important that boot socks go up a tad bit farther than regular socks... especially here in New England. Those boot tops are cold! :) Alison, I love them!

Here is a close up of the stitch pattern... perhaps she'll share it with me? It's ultra stretchy and super yummy!

Last night, I stash dove. Yup, I have Parikha's blankie on the needles and a sweater for me. But, I needed a sock, y'know? Something that provides "instant gratification". Enter the Petal sock by Jeanne Townsend. In Lorna's Laces Supersock, "wisteria", Magic Loop method with size 0 needles.
This reminds me of tulips!

This is actually the colors:

This is a very simple 12 row pattern that looks WAY more complicated than it is. I'm hoping to have them done for Easter. :)

Have a great day!
:) Mini

Monday, April 03, 2006

I was going to:

1. Flash my Stash, but I just cleaned that damn room and put all the yarn in it's place!
2. mail out packages, but I got a little busy this weekend and they'll be out by Wednesday, I promise.
3. sleep, but the clocks screwed me up
4. walk around my new neighborhood, but my left foot is working against me.

So, what DID I do?

All. weekend.long.

And, guess what? I loved it!

Friday, my parents came over for dinner: baked Haddock with creamed potatoes and baby peas. My dad (the anti-fish man) ate 2 servings. Dad wasn't holding up all that well, but he made it through dessert.

Saturday: Weight Watchers weigh-in and grocery shopping. Oh, what was the verdict? 4 lbs GONE. Yup, I am gettin' skinny. :) Saturday night,PC's friend and his wife came for dinner and cards. We learned a new card game: Nurtz (sp?)--- it's like Solitaire in a group and has the potential for some hand slapping and overall hilarity. We had a great time.

Damn clocks. Hate time changes. Hate stupid foot. Hate stupid headache from stupid foot. Ran around like a woman on fire on Sunday morning. PC's PARENTS ARE COMING FOR DINNER.
My first Sunday dinner and what do I make? Pot Roast. It went amazingly well and thank you to my mother for answering the phone 3 eleventy millions times yesterday from a panicked daughter. PC's parents are not tough critics, but I am pretty horrendous at the "basics" of cooking. I can make you an entire Japanese/Thai/Indian/Ecuadoran meal. FROM. SCRATCH. But, I have never pulled off a meatloaf or roasted a chicken. I ruin pancakes from a box. It's oh-so very strange. But, pot roast: I beat you! I won!

Knitting? Yes, I knitted pretty much all weekend b/c I needed to elevate my foot intermittantly throughout the day. Perhaps one of you can tell me what's wrong: it feels badly bruised on the top and a large painful knot on the bottom. It cramps up and I can't put pressure on it. Wierd, huh? I knitted the blankie that I am test-knitting for Parikha. I am through the 1st set of "3" (it's entralec). I am going to email her to see if I can post progress or not.

:) Mini