Thursday, April 13, 2006

Let's Talk Turkey

Ok, not turkey. LACE. yup, even scarier than cooking your first ever thanksgiving turkey-- knitting lace. I know I said I wouldn't do it. Nope. Shawls are not "me". But, I am thinking, I *heart* my Pashminas. I would like something I can toss over a little black dress and have it look gorgeous.

So, we have this:

Adrian (of Hello Yarn fame) dyed up the yarn on the left for me. It was a mystery ball of laceweight "fuzz" that she turned into pure beauty. The colors are oh-so-me. I want to make a wrap/shawl/thing that is
1. not Grandma
2. good for first time lace
3. easy to memorize
4. quick knit

Here's what I am looking at so far:
Cozy from Knitty.

Bloom from Knitty.

Ella from Knitty.

For the most part, I have been scanning through some free patterns, b/c well, there seems to be a lot of online pattern support for the knitty patterns (everybody has made one of them!). Also, I am just "dipping" into lace and am not sure about purchasing a lace book.

Oh, and my heart dropped when I saw this-- new book purchase coming up!

I would look nice in this.... I think I even have the perfect yarn.

To everyone who offered up advice for the "stuff":I am working it out and thank you. I am making some brave decisions about my life and learning more about accepting who I am and the choices I have made. I am not always sure the choices are great,but they are mine and I am learning to live with those decisions. There are a lot of things to think about and consider. Some who know me, know that there is nothing I would rather do than raise children of my own. This may not be a possibility. Things happen. I had to realize this past year, that I am not on my own schedule anymore. There are other people involved who need to intergrate their schedule with mine. Life goals and visions for the future need to be melted together. I need to learn that I am not always going to get my way. I need to accept that I am making these decisions knowingly and that I will have to live with the consequences (good and bad) of these decisions.
Most of this has been brought on by the fact that I feel like I am 8 steps behind the rest of the world and my friends. I know, you shouldn't measure yourself against other people, but let's be realistic. I am not married. All but one girlfriend is not married. I have no children. Friends are working on their 2nd and 3rd child. I don't own a home. Most are already purchasing homes or looking to move to 2nd homes. I love PC and he loves me. And for now, we are happy "as is". But, I am always thinking "future" and not enjoying "now". I need to learn how to enjoy "now". I'm trying. I really am.
So, thank you for all the kind words and advice. I haven't had time to personally thank all of you... hopefully I will soon.



  1. Yes, I fell, too. Am knitting Mountain Peaks Shawl....hangs head...

  2. Funny that I was more afraid of knitting socks than lace. Go figure. But really, lace can be conquered and can be fun so enjoy!

    Good luck learning to live in the moment. It took me a while and I'm not always in the now but I'm darn close ;o)

  3. I love knitting lace. I just finished a shawl in fingering weight that my lab partner snapped up as soon as I lamented that it needed to be larger to fit my bulk. You'll be fine, whichever pattern you choose (although cozy has been on my to knit list ever since it was posted)