Monday, April 03, 2006

I was going to:

1. Flash my Stash, but I just cleaned that damn room and put all the yarn in it's place!
2. mail out packages, but I got a little busy this weekend and they'll be out by Wednesday, I promise.
3. sleep, but the clocks screwed me up
4. walk around my new neighborhood, but my left foot is working against me.

So, what DID I do?

All. weekend.long.

And, guess what? I loved it!

Friday, my parents came over for dinner: baked Haddock with creamed potatoes and baby peas. My dad (the anti-fish man) ate 2 servings. Dad wasn't holding up all that well, but he made it through dessert.

Saturday: Weight Watchers weigh-in and grocery shopping. Oh, what was the verdict? 4 lbs GONE. Yup, I am gettin' skinny. :) Saturday night,PC's friend and his wife came for dinner and cards. We learned a new card game: Nurtz (sp?)--- it's like Solitaire in a group and has the potential for some hand slapping and overall hilarity. We had a great time.

Damn clocks. Hate time changes. Hate stupid foot. Hate stupid headache from stupid foot. Ran around like a woman on fire on Sunday morning. PC's PARENTS ARE COMING FOR DINNER.
My first Sunday dinner and what do I make? Pot Roast. It went amazingly well and thank you to my mother for answering the phone 3 eleventy millions times yesterday from a panicked daughter. PC's parents are not tough critics, but I am pretty horrendous at the "basics" of cooking. I can make you an entire Japanese/Thai/Indian/Ecuadoran meal. FROM. SCRATCH. But, I have never pulled off a meatloaf or roasted a chicken. I ruin pancakes from a box. It's oh-so very strange. But, pot roast: I beat you! I won!

Knitting? Yes, I knitted pretty much all weekend b/c I needed to elevate my foot intermittantly throughout the day. Perhaps one of you can tell me what's wrong: it feels badly bruised on the top and a large painful knot on the bottom. It cramps up and I can't put pressure on it. Wierd, huh? I knitted the blankie that I am test-knitting for Parikha. I am through the 1st set of "3" (it's entralec). I am going to email her to see if I can post progress or not.

:) Mini


  1. i hope your foot gets better soon! thanks for the tips on boston areas... esp the heads up about the bed bugs.

    maybe i'll get to meet u in person sometime soon!

  2. that is so funny. i can cook anything "weird" i can clarify butter, and fancy stuff, make tandouri, thai,etc.... but i totally suck at the "old people" food my husband was raised on!