Thursday, April 06, 2006


Is this time change killing everyone or just me?

1. I am 3 repeats into the Petal socks- I love them
2. I am 4 rows into Parikha's blankie and I will have progress shots tonight ( I hope)
3. I got some STR sock yarn from Kira and some new yarn from hello yarn that I need to post about.
4. I am stressing out like crazy about work and stuff, so knitting calms me- picture taking, not so much

For anyone who was worried: my Bloomin' Socks fit. Perfectly. I have to get some good "feet" shots tonight (perhaps a 2nd update tonight now that PC has perfected internet access in our house?). I think I need PC's help with the foot shots. :)

I need to get to work, do 9 gazillion things, and remember to get the oil changed, pick up presciptions, hit the grocery and get 5 loads of laundry done.

I am hoping to turn the heel tonight!

:) Mini


  1. Anonymous10:57 AM

    No wonder you're tired. Look how many things you have to do!! At least you can knit while you do laundry.
    I look forward to your pictures, no pressure though;)

  2. Yes, the time change is killing us here, too, and we have to drive up to New England this weekend - wont' that be fun?

    The yarn arrived in today's mail - thank you so much! My favorite color: blue! :o)

  3. Yeah I still have DST hangover, too - yaaaaawn ...streeeeeetch