Friday, April 14, 2006

What Am I doing WRONG?

No, it's not a "loaded" question (PC would say that it is)...I really want to know! So ... TELL ME. TELL ME what is WRONG with....

I am following the instructions for COZY from Knitty. I am using Size 8(US) and cotton (worsted) b/c 1) I love the color and 2) it'll show off the lace and not the colors.. (thanks Deb!)

Colleen made one and hers is great! She has the "holes" where "holes" should be. I have no holes like that. Mine kinda just looks... messy. I tried stretching it out a bit to see what's it gonna look like, y'know: blocked. But, nope. Messy. Even PC said "hmm..not like the picture honey!" Mine always come out like the picture!

Help me people!

Here's the sock that I am loathe to finish. It's perfect. So perfect and lovable and fits me just right. I have to tug it over my ankle but then it's the perfect type of snug. I hate when my socks move around in my shoes. Drives.Me.Nuts. Like lace.

And here is the baby blanket I am test knitting. I can tell you that Parikha from The Brown Sheep designed it. It will be for sale soon. And it's very nice, especially if you dread the idea of knitting a baby blanket. It's got a lot of interest, with not only the changing colors, but the act of knitting the entrelac itself. I will say, knitting this blanket is not a "portable" project. there is a lot of "flipping the blanket over" several times a row.

Let me know if you know how to fix my lace. Please help.



  1. Have you tried purling backwards instead of flipping the blanket? I learned this technique from a local knitting friend and it is invaluable for knitting entrelac.

    On the lace, sorry, I can't help at all :o( - hope soemone else can.

  2. I'm not sure that the holes won't open up with blocking. Are you knitting it with cotton? Most lace looks messy until it's blocked, but in my opinion the inelastic fibers are messier. You might try pinning it out while it's on the needle to see if that helps. If you're still not happy with the yarn overs, try wrapping them opposite to the way you're wrapping them now, or try going up a needle size.

  3. lots of lace patterns have errors - check the website for the patterns company - and ask the one who did that project already if there were any problems. When I'm doing something even remotely lacey I have to put lots of stitch markers to keep my place. Like in every place in the pattern that cooresponds to the *'s that you repeat from - I lose count SO easy and that's the ONLY way I can keep track of where I am. =)