Friday, July 24, 2009


I read something online earlier this week about being a grown-up. How do you recognize this feat? When do we really feel "adult?"

I can say for me; moving in with PC. First time I really felt like I had my shit under control and that my life was moving in the right direction. Had the boy, had the apartment and soon after, had the cat. I have a friend who once told me "the day I realized that I don't have to call my mom back." I look around me and see all of our friends in the midst of various "adulthood": getting married, having babies, having 2nd babies(!!!), buying houses, buying 2nd houses, getting divorced, working a new career, staying home, and movin' along with life. Last year, I bought a car without asking my dad about it. I've never done that. We chose this apartment (and the one before it) without any input. I've been terrified in an ER in the middle of the night, waiting alone... praying. It took me 31.8 years to realize that there are different kinds of 'adults'... and that's okay.

Sometimes I feel like I am standing completely still while the world moves around me and then I look at where I am. I am here. In my life and I am happy. I look at PC, who gives me stupid grins when I get a little morose about who we are and where we're at. We're not everyone else. We are us.

So, what was the first thing that made you feel like an adult?

The job hunt continues... and the knitting, the knitting is good... I will blog about knitting sometime this weekend, promise!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

1, 2, 3, 4.....

I love this song... and I like the video even more.

This one's for PC. :) 7 years strong in August.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mama's Girl

Pumpkin is a mama's girl lately. All day long, she's twirling around my feet, making "birdie" sounds at me... bringing me toys. The past two days have involved jumping onto the back of the computer chair and trying to peek at me OVER my head. Yes, I have had a 12 lb orange cat on my head more than once this week.

She's always been a follower: she needs to know where we are at all times. And, if we are in separate rooms, she positions herself to see both of us equally. :)

On lonely days, she's the best friend I have. On other days, she's a dangerous tripping hazard.

PC's always said that I hold her too much and kiss her too much... but lately, when I've tried to back off on that, she comes looking for it. We have a morning snuggle every day where I hold her and scratch her back and she meows at me. In a loving way.

An entire post about the cat.

I need to knit more.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I try and try not to whine

but today I need to.

I need a job. A j.o.b. I need to use my brain and go to work and make a living. I can't stay home. I can't watch any more tv. Even knitting is not enough anymore.

To the uninformed, who will of course comment " i wish i had free time!", being unemployed is NOT vacation. I don't sleep all day, wake up, drink coffee and eat bon bons. I don't shop all day long. I don't do long lunches. I get up, drink coffee, search for jobs, call people (border on harrassment), email people, bug my recruiters, fill out job applications, and wait for the phone to ring. I also do the laundry, cook the meals, shop for food, keep the house manageable and try not to kill myself. This last part, getting harder. I'm tired of being out of work. I'm tired of my gut sinking each time I hear "oh, we offered the job to another candidate". I want to know why I even bother sending my resume around when no one wants to read it. Or no one does read it.

I want to know why the crazy drugged out (admittedly so, on 'medication') interview went well and Mr. Stoner forgot to call me to offer me the job. And, when I called to see the status of the job, I was told I'd have to re-interview b/c he didn't remember me. Oh, why bother??? Will he remember this time? He still sounded stoned and was still (admittedly) on drugs.

Why do the interviewers smile and say how great I am to turn around and say I am overqualified? Or underqualified? Just once, I'd like the interview to end one of two ways:
1) "Sorry, you are not what we are looking for: good luck"
2) "hooray! you're here! Don't leave, we're going to go get you a bucket of money"

Now, the 2nd might be a stretch, but why tell me that you'll be making a decision and that you'll let me know, but never call me? HR PERSONNEL: I know your job is hard, and is getting harder, but a LITTLE HONESTY goes a LONG way with job candidates.

I'm whiny. I'm emotionally exhausted. I am really tired of our friends dodging us b/c I'm not working. And I am really tired of being me.

Say a prayer, make a wish or better yet... help me get a job.

10 year biochemist with lab management and product management experience and BA degree in Boston seeks a home. Will work hard for honest working wage.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Buck, Buck, Buck

This concept had us laughing so hard at the guild meeting last night, I just had to share. One of our members is knitting one purely to see how the garment is made.


Please, click away!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009