Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mama's Girl

Pumpkin is a mama's girl lately. All day long, she's twirling around my feet, making "birdie" sounds at me... bringing me toys. The past two days have involved jumping onto the back of the computer chair and trying to peek at me OVER my head. Yes, I have had a 12 lb orange cat on my head more than once this week.

She's always been a follower: she needs to know where we are at all times. And, if we are in separate rooms, she positions herself to see both of us equally. :)

On lonely days, she's the best friend I have. On other days, she's a dangerous tripping hazard.

PC's always said that I hold her too much and kiss her too much... but lately, when I've tried to back off on that, she comes looking for it. We have a morning snuggle every day where I hold her and scratch her back and she meows at me. In a loving way.

An entire post about the cat.

I need to knit more.

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