Saturday, December 29, 2007

Nupps stands for...


Today is THE DAY. My best friend is getting married and I am not ashamed to say, I finished her shawl yesterday. Yup, blocked all day and night and it is done. I love it. I love it so much I don't want to give it away, but I love Sylvie so much I will. The bride is not camera shy at all, so I'll see if I can get photos of her wearing the shawl.

Off to taste the champagne and calm the bride.... but here's some photos. Check me out on Ravelry too : minisoup.

  • Pattern: Estonian Garden Shawl by Evelyn Clark
  • Yarn: Lang Bebe Superwash Wool (yes, you read that right... and it is splitty)- 4 balls
  • Needles: US5 Bryspun Circulars
  • Modifications: Sylvie is petite and French so she knows how to wear wraps and scarves, but I didn't want to overpower her gorgeous dress. So, I deleted 4 repeats from the center.
  • Comments: I want one. I am seriously considering making this again in a different color. I don't knit lace and I wasn't sure I could do this, but it was easy, the directions were simple and overall, the result is stunning.

12-29-07 017
12-29-07 012
12-29-07 015
12-29-07 011
12-29-07 009

This shawl was only capable of being completed by not-so-gentle prodding by PC ("are you done yet?" and "wedding's this weekend y'know") and this beast being occupied with this and not the yarn:
12-29-07 003
Pumpkin apologizes for monopolizing her mommy for a few weeks.... she'll be a better blogger in 2008.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Has it really been that long? Uff da. (that one's for Viking Mama... us Norweigans have to stick together).

Work trip to DC netted an FO for my sis-in-law... the Brea bag. It's getting a lining this week and I have to call WEBS for a strap. You'll get a photo soon.

I have to confess: I gave up on Christmas knitting. I did. I bought presents and put the knitting aside. I joked around to my parents that they are getting MLK-Day sweaters instead. I am happy with it. I will give my brother his slipper socks sometime after Christmas. I just can't deal with the stress right now. I do have a HUGE knitting project that needs to be done by 12/29 (blocked and everything), so that's my priority. I am 1/2 way through it and I have Friday off... a Saturday night snowstorm, Sunday football... I think I am in good shape considering I have the pattern memorized. :)

IF I get the shawl done by the end of the weekend (and block next week!)--- I have one little thing to knit. It's a secret. Sorry :(

I will try to take a photo tonight to show you the Brea bag. An Elizabeth bag got shipped to England (PC's sister) without a photo.... but that's ok.

:) Mini

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh, where did I put that high horse?

I know, I know... I owe you some FOs. I have them, but a work trip at the end of this week is keeping me on my toes and off my ass, which is how i do 90% of my knitting. Today, though, you are being treated to one of Mini's rambles. Complete without photos. Sorry.

*Note: thanks to all the well wishes. My mom and Rascal, the wonder mutt, are doing fine. *

It all started at 6:10am today. I was drinking my coffee and watching for our favorite weather guy: Jeremy Reiner on Channel 7. The newscaster lady said "Spanking to become illegal in MA." Huh? Spanking as an illegal activity? Now, I am NOT an advocate of child abuse or even over-spanking your child, but isn't parenting supposed to be a personal choice? The first thought that popped into my head: I think I need to stop this. Seriously. I don't have children. yet. But, I do have several philosophies on life and childrearing that I hold dear to me: one, children should be spanked for egregious malicious errors in judgment and two, how I raise my kids has nothing to do with you. I do understand the "violence begets violence" argument ( I am not looking for that here, thank you very much), but I also know that mild forms of corporal punishment have been used for ages and up until recently, we had a generation of kids who obeyed rules and respected authority. One of the largest reasons I do not teach ( I am licensed) is this: kids have no respect for property, people or authority.

My favorite example of "PC parenting gone bad" happened to me a few years ago. I was in my hometown, in a grocery store parking lot, in my car. I had checked all around me and began to back up. I saw something red flash in the passenger side view mirror and I slammed on my brakes, popped the car into park and ran out. I saw a 3 year old standing behind my car. By. Himself. His parents were idly waltzing through the parking lot 5 rows away. I asked him if he was ok and the mom freaked out b/c I was talking to him! I asked her what she was thinking letting a TODDLER run loose in a parking lot. Her response? "We don't believe in setting boundaries for him." Well, lady... do you believe in birthdays? Because he almost didn't have a next one!

That parent's skills were questionable to me. (and dangerous to her child) Nonetheless, I have to respect her right to raise her child as she sees fit. As she is the parent. Not me. Yes, I wish everyone taught their kid table manners and not to stick their fingers in my food at restaurants (yes, they weren't even sitting at my table, little Johnny just reached over and fondled my food), but you as the parents have the right to raise your kids as you see fit. I see a very slippery slope here: when does it stop? When does it become a problem to raise your child as deeply religious? What about raising them without faith? What about sending them to daycare? What about not giving them music lessons? At what point, do you want the state in your house saying "umm.. No, according to Massachusetts State Law 901.35 section 2, Kimberly cannot be sent to bed without dessert for biting her sister. That's neglect." Studies have shown that not breastfeeding your child has a potential for different developmental concerns (obesity, poor immune defense in year one, etc). Will the state tell me I need to breastfeed my kids? Honestly, I'd like one of the men on Beacon Hill tell me what to do with my nipples (how's that for a google hit?).

I grew up with a mom who could make 3 rowdy overtired kids instant angels with one look. You know the look. Every mom has one. I always joke that the threat of the spanking was worse than the actual deed and I think I am right. I pray to God that I never have to lay a hand on my child, but should I be sent to jail if I do? And where does it end? Official "timeout" rules? "No more than 5 minutes per child per day??

I don't think child abuse is a laughing matter, but neither is the loss of rights as parents or humans. If you live in Massachusetts and pay taxes (if you don't, keep a low profile!)-- let this man know that you aren't prepared to let him decide how to raise your kids. Let him know that a nurse in Arlington and a "say anything" yes-man from Beacon Hill are not going to decide how you teach your child, raise your child, discipline your child. Tell him "enough is enough!" Stay out of our families!

*Rant ended. Knitting this week. I promise.*

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

And so it begins....

I love the holidays, but something happened yesterday that is unconscionable.

My mom (retired) came home from running errands and the dog park yesterday around lunch to find her back door open and my old bedroom trashed. The police think she frightened the burglars mid-raid when her car came up the driveway and the dog began going crazy in the car (animals always know, don't they?). Needless to say, our family feels violated and exposed. My core belief that people are good is gone. On Thursday, I will give thanks that my mom and the dog were out when the burglars entered the house. I will give thanks for loud American car engines, barking dogs and the police. Nothing is missing... they just made a mess (looking through boxes for presumably cash, jewelry and coins).

I'll post this weekend. I have FOs. I am just not in the mood.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

it's like a hit parade!

With FOs instead of records! (remember records? My first record was James Taylor's "you've got a friend"; I drive past the mental institution where he spent the majority of his younger days twice a day on my way to and from work.)

Pattern: my own, cable from a knitting reference; basic raglan - no waist shaping (size 40 inch)
Yarn: DB Cashmerino, 9 balls
Needles: plastic US8 circulars
Gauge: 4.5 spi
Comments: Love this! It's PC's mom's Christmas gift. :)

Pattern: Mittens from Folk Mittens
Yarn: 100% wool, no bands; worsted weight
Needles: US 2 dpns
Modifications: I hate the thumb gusset thing in the pattern, so I did a basic "afterthought" thumb where I knit in pattern for the palm, placed waste yarn at a predetermined interval and then went back and picked up the stitches. I did a simple checkerboard pattern instead of keeping the palm pattern on the thumb.
Notes: these mittens are for me! And I love love love them! 1 mitten down, 1 to go.

Friday, November 09, 2007

FIber Haul and FO Parade

That's it. That's all the fiber I got at Rhinebeck. Yup. Meager, huh? From left to right:
yellow-y cormo/mohair blend from Stone's Throw Farm; Angora/Merino Blend from Oasis Farm Fiber Mill (I will be back again!), and a "honkin'" skein of chocolate alpaca from Times Remembered. I also got a needle felting kit, a darning egg (needed one! my kitcheners look great now!) and a llama (stuffed) for a friend.

FO Parade:

Wee hat for a wee little friend (A); the same wee one who is also in need of a new sweater. Maybe after Christmas, I can update A's wardrobe.

Another wee one, MC, needed a hat and mittens. She's cold!! So, her hat and mittens are off to see her soon!

The dino mittens needed eyes desperately. Sew-on googlies (thank you Kathy!!!) were the perfect answer. The recipient is recovering from major surgery, so mittens might be puppets for awhile, but they will still be good for riding in the car!

And for all of you who think Pumpkin is just an absolute joy... I present my daily battle with Pumpkin:

"Look Momma! I'm knitting!"

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Pattern: Later Gater Mittens, Stitch N Bitch Nation (D.Stoller) turned into "dinosaur mittens" (*cough* crocheted dino scales)
Yarn: Plymouth Encore, random red acrylic
Time: one day
Modifications: there are some typos and errors in this pattern (especially for the kids sizes)... I used common sense and it worked out.
Recipient: cousin's son... he's 3.
Overall: love them!

More tomorrow (day off!) and some yarn porn pictures... I never did photograph the haul from Rhinebeck-- work has been too busy!

I wanted to share a quick Halloween memory with y'all. When I was young, me and my two brothers would trick-or-treat with my parents. We were allowed to do the neighborhood from our house to our grandparents house (4 streets away) alone (there were enough neighbors then looking out for each others' kids). But, when we were done, we'd run home and "re-stock." Yup, my parents would give us another pillowcase each and we'd head out with mom. We'd do 1/2 of the town with my mom. At a certain point, she'd stop us, we'd find the payphone (pre-cell phone era) and call my dad- who was on candy duty. He'd come down to "swap" with my mom. My mom would take the car home, with our candy sacks and my dad would take us (with fresh sacks!) to finish the rest of the town. Now, my hometown in in Metro Boston, but it's pretty isolated and well, very safe. I think my best memories are from my parents letting us stay out so long and allowing us to traverse the entire town to trick-0r-treat. Every now and then, I say to myself "I want to be that parent." Someone once asked me what it was like growing up in my house. I said "my dad would wake us up after his second job to play flashlight tag in the yard. Some weeks it was the only time we saw him. I still love flashlight tag. My mom would make beef stew in the crockpot and race home after work to take us sledding until it was so dark we couldn't see the hill anymore. My dad would take us up to Second Pond at the golf course and ice skate with us for hours."

From Nov 1- Jan 1... I start thinking of all the reasons I love my family. What do you love about yours? Share a great memory with me...

Monday, October 22, 2007

Rhinebeck Hangover

Well, there are so many photos and so many stories... I need time to do all the linkage and recap it all in my head. I am sharing a few leaf-peeping photos with you and announcing our contest winner.

All together:
2 skeins of Cormo/Mohair blend : $10 x2 = $20

2 skeins of Wool/Angora blend: $20 x2 = $40

1 skein of alpaca (600+yds!!): $19.93

1 llama doll $ 6

1 tin of Heal-my-hands $14

1 tube of Heal-my-nose $3

1 antique darning egg $10

1 felted pumpkin kit $9

1 card (with llama) $2.50

total: $124.43

And the closest guesser was :

KAREN! with a guesstimate of $125. :) ( Karen- I'll figure out some sort of prize... email me!)

And, b/c if you follow that link and look around, I am swearing on a stack of cashmere/cormo blend: I didn't rig this one! ( I won Karen's contest a few weeks ago and no... she's not getting her sock yarn back).

Now, for all those who are like "but, we saw you with more yarn!" Yes, I picked up a skein of yarn from Kim. Hand dyed sock yarn from Kim. Eat your heart out. It's gorgeous and it's mine. Well, it's for my sis-in-law. :)

Photos, link-a-dink and stories like the one about me and Sandy living 20 minutes from each other and meeting in NY. Or, learning that Rose will not back-up, use the rear view or tolerate picky eaters... and why this makes you instantly adore her.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Yes, I am still going to Rhinebeck... no teensy cold is going to slow me down! I think I am over the worst of it. Advil Cold-N-Sinus is my best friend. I *heart* pseudoephedrine (I am a scientist, I know all about PEP, no lectures, please). Also, Airborne and Elderberry tea aren't hurting either.

No Rhinebeck sweater... I'm not sad. I knew it was a reach and with my ADD-like knitting attention span lately, I knew that reach was small. I have a zillion projects in "mid-phase" that need to be wrapped up. Here's the round-up (excuse lack of photos):

1. Sylvie's wedding shawl. Umm.. need to finish soon.
2. Mittens for a friend --- car knitting for Rhinebeck.
3. Scarf for PC's grampa: almost done-- lunch knitting at work
4. Rhinebeck sweater--- on hold. Plan to knit this over Thanksgiving weekend.
5. PC's mom sweater: 1 sleeve left to go! Can I finish it by next weekend?
6. toddler sweater for A... not loving this--- possible rip and re-knit.
7. PC's sister present- will be my Rhinebeck knitting--- good for mindless knitting and knitting while consuming coffee. :)

Also, keep those "bets" coming on the amount I will spend at Rhinebeck (purchases only). I have a new knitter to shop for... she's turning 12. Can anyone recommend a mitten kit? Or a hat kit from a vendor there? It's time for her to learn to knit in-the-round. And, she's obsessed wtih llamas. (who isnt'??)

Think non-sniffly thoughts. oh, and any home remedies for the icky itchies in the throat (or to get rid of the cold all together) greatly appreciated.

Oh... I have a surprise when I get to Rhinebeck... Kim has dyed me some yarn for my SIL (this is THE person to give hand knits to: she loves them, wears them out, and squeals when she gets them!)---- i think she needs some socks.

:) Mini

Thursday, October 11, 2007

FO Alert

Now, why haven't I posted about this FO? Because I knit it yesterday. Yup: a very fast knit!

Pattern: Nashua Handknits, Bloom "Flower Yoke Sweater"
Size: 18 months
Yarn: Plymouth Encore (less than one ball of each color)
Needles: 16 inch US8 circs, dpns US8
Notes: none, I love the colors, the fabric created. The underarm grafting was a bit tough, but it's a baby sweater, so I am not sweating it too much.

Pumpkin is in dreamland.... dreaming of catnip? Mice?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mini and Leif...Sittin' in a tree

No, not really. PC would be mad. Really mad. But, October 9 (yesterday) was my thirtieth birthday. And the official Leif Erikson day? Well, like any good Norweigan girl, I was busy attending to my official Leif Erikson day responsibilities: counting my presents. :)

So, I turned 30 and the world still spun. The sun set and the moon rose. Friends came from near (Watertown) and far (North Carolina) to help me celebrate. I am fortunate enough to share my birthday with a good friend... we had champagne and snacks to celebrate her birth on Saturday, steak tips and martinis to celebrate mine on Sunday. My mom, dad, brothers and sis-in-law went above and beyond with a surprise party that tops all parties of all time. Friends and family and PC ... a beautiful night. I feel like I spent 4 hours opening very generous gifts. PC, of course, out-did himself again: cooking class from Terrance Janerrico, a cookbook, front row circus tickets (this weekend) and 8th row Revolution tickets (this weekend). I never knew someone could know me so well.

Turning 30 is a pivotal place. I can look forward to so many things (marriage, children) and look back at so many mistakes/accomplishments. I have learned that everything has it's own pace and feel. What's right for so many others may not be right for me. Finally found my own, if you wish. So, now that the candles are out, the balloons are gone, there is nothing left to do but say "good-bye 29" and "hello 30".

I didn't knit a stitch all weekend. I did start a baby sweater last night. I have startitis. My Rhinebeck sweater will not be ready for Rhinebeck. And that's ok. It's not a race. :) Besides, I am hoping it's cold enough to bust out some wool socks.

Happy Birthday to me....
happy birthday to me.
Happy Birthday dear Min-eeee
Happy birthday to me.

Contest: guess (to the nearest dollar amount) how much cashola (or check or credit card) will be spent at Rhinebeck and win a prize. :) Hints: 1) not really on a budget, 2) have a house full of yarn, 3) no specific projects in mind....

;) Mini

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Make New Friends....

But keep the old.
One is silver,
the other, gold.

The Girl Scout song has been running through my head since I woke up this morning. And I think I know why... a few "real" friends have found my blog! Now, it's never been a secret that I blog. My mom knows, but doesn't read it. My friends know and some read it. (Sylvie stalks her shawl... still in time out.) But, now, PC's friends know. I dont' know how, but that's different. Not weird, not bad, just unexpected. Here's a few who have found me:)

Mariuca. Mari and I became friends b/c her husband and my PC are friends. They now joke that she and I seem to have known each other longer. Mari's that friend that feels like an instant sister. We've laughed, cried, yelled and we still hug and say "see you tomorrow". She's a fierce card player and a wonderful cook. One of my favorite daydreams is that this is the "aunt" my kids will know. I don't have sisters, so I look to my girlfriends for that level of support. She's got an Etsy shop now and IF YOU ARE IN THE BOSTON/RHODE ISLAND AREA: she does home parties for jewelry. Seriously, she books fast b/c her stuff is priced right, cute and downright fun. And, on top of the jewelry, you get Mari: 5 feet of Romanian giggles.

Stacey. I didn't even know she was a knitter until recently. And, I think I might have turned her into a sock knitter. :) 2 skeins of Lornas' laces can do that. It's powerful stuff. Stacey's our resident world traveller... she's been everywhere. Her other half is just as sweet and nice as she is (they are a good pair). She's a good knitter and an even better person. Show her blog some love.

Remember the cute backpack with the finger puppets? I knit that for Stef's daughter, A. She's quite the mom, staying at home to make sure A gets off on the right foot in this world. I wanted to say hello to her via the blog (b/c I know she loves blogs!!) mostly b/c she's become a good friend and I have to say, PC adores her little girl. Even when she's cranky... and who wouldn't be cranky? Being absolutely gorgeous is a full time job and it can wear on a girl! The finger puppets have found a good home with A. She loves them and tries to put on her backpack. Oh, and she has a fondness for the good stuff... this little one year old was eyeing my Kate Spade handbag at her birthday party... ha ha ha. Start 'em early, right?

So, if you are popping by this blog to say hello... hello. :) Glad to see you and don't forget to comment! Knitting updates will be soon... I think. This week involves birthdays (not my own, that's next week), shopping (Sylvie: the natick collection is open!), and cleaning (a friend is coming into town to celebrate my birthday and I can't find my coffee table).

;) mini

Monday, October 01, 2007

baby's got blue eyes....

As Julie posted last week, a few of us ventured to the wilds of New Hampshire for a "dye day" with our knitting group. First, a huge "woohoo" to our hostesses: Debbi and Kathy... a great time was had by all and also, some very yummy food. I didn't get any "action photos" from the day itself... my camera was safely residing on my kitchen counter. Bad blogger!!! But, here's the results.
100% Superwash Worsted (~270 yds)


Nylon/Superwash blend, fingering weight (~400yds+)
'helen's sunset' and 'baby's got blue eyes"

100% Superwash, worsted "giraffe"

2x 100% Superwash worsted "heart's desire"

100% Superwash "lucky charms"

And, why am I showing you all this yarn and no fancy knitting photos? B/c the only fancy knitting I did all weekend was 2 hours of scarf knitting at the mechanic this weekend. Otherwise, I was occupied with the Revolution game (goal scored in the 80th minute... very exciting!!) and the Topsfield Fair... the oldest fair in America. Today, I'm off to work and I am pooped.... one of these weekends I need to rest. Oh, and tomorrow is 7 days until my birthday... look for a contest soon.

Friday, September 28, 2007


Well, the back is just about done. My gauge was completely off, so there was some ripping and reknitting, but all that is behind me now. I will give more complete modifications when I am done.

I am loving this yarn... so soft, but sturdy. The green is making me happy and the cables are well placed and very pretty.

A corrugator on the needles as my "boring go-to" project. I'm using STR mediumweight in "farmhouse"... I am not sure about STR on this scarf though... it feels a little like cording.

And b/c I can't even blog without the cat getting in my face, here's the money shot of my favorite pudding-lovin' girl. :)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Well, if she's not going to do it...

I will. Pumpkin T. Cat here. Mom's at work (shh... don't tell her I'm on the 'puter... she gets mad) and she was grumbling about not blogging all week. I tried to wake her up early this morning to get up and blog, but she told me to go play with mice. I did. It was fun. That gray one is especially fun... and chewy... mmmm... chewy..

Where was I? Oh, mom's not blogging. I don't get it. She tells HWFM (he who feeds me) that she blogs about her knitting. I see the knitting. I touch the knitting. I get yelled at for touching the knitting. I like knitting. Sometimes, Mom gives me my own knitting to knit when she's knitting. And then it got hot. All day, I sat on my large blue bed (they call it a "cow-ch" but it has no spots. or milk. I'd know about the milk) and waited for the big box to make cold. I told mom when she got home that it didn't do anything, so no cookies for the box!! She made it cold. I liked that.

I seem to be getting distracted. This happens a lot.

HWFM and I spent all day together on a day when I get fed late. See, there are days when I get fed on-time. and days when I get fed late. On the late days, mom and HWFM stay here and throw mice and snuggle and rub my butt. Mom's good at butt rubbin'. I loves that. So, HWFM and I waited and waited and waited. We watched football and played in the clothes b/c it makes mom happy when we play in the clothes when she's gone. Mom was gone for two food times and smelled like squirrel when she got home. She had stinky knitting that was all colors. She told HWFM that she died. I was surprised! I thought only cats had nine lives... humans must have at least 2. When she died, people were there. No cats. She told me she died in the woods and there were no cats. But there must have been squirrels. She smelled like squirrels.

Between the dying and the knitting... Mom cried. She said her phone died too. She brought home a new one. It's blue and she keeps aiming it at me. And telling me "smile!" It looks at me funny. HWFM laughed because mom named it Blueberry. He said it's name was Blackberry. I have to say, I agree with Mom, it's blue. not black.

hold on.

Nope... no leftover pudding for me. They made pudding last night. And didn't share. HWFM said it's not cat food... it's human food. Humph! I bit his toes. He'll learn.

I should go... there are squirrels in the back yard and I need to keep an eye on them.

She won't listen to tell her: blog more. Oh, and pudding... lots of pudding.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007


As some of you know, I am multi-crafty. :) I like to sew, quilt and crochet as well as knit. I have even been known to wield a glue gun on occasion. 'Round here, I've been knitting on a sweater for PC's mom... but I want to keep it quiet until it's done as it's been ripped twice by now. Also, there is a sock in progress (Bloody Mary pattern with HelloYarn's Tapestry fat yarn)- but I need to try it on and see if I need to rip. I cast on last night for a Red Scarf project. If it's not done by the deadline, it will be a donation to local charity. I've decided on the Corrugator pattern. (sorry no links, this is a drive-by).

What have I been doing? Besides not knitting the bridal shawl?? Yes, there is progress, but not photo worthy.

I've been making bags:

and dolls (a topsy turvy doll... I am still working out the pattern ... these are gifts for wee girls in my family)

Pumpkin, on the other hand, has been busy with home improvement projects...

Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Of Love

So, I have been M.I.A. for a few days: for good reason.

PC had a birthday. Not a birthday-of-significance-hide-in-the-corner-and-contemplate-life birthday ( that one was last year, and this year it's my turn). Nope, just a run of the mill birthday. Except he is sick. Yup, sick on your birthday. That totally sucks. He did have his first flying lesson on Saturday... I say first, b/c I have never seen someone so happy... so, we'll figure out how to pay for it. That's why we work, right? Oh, and Pumpkin ordered him a shirt from Lands' End. (she has great taste!) We ate dinner at a really good restaurant, that I will review later on in the week... oh, and remind me to mention my friend Mari's Etsy shop. :)

So, my "ode to PC" on his birthday (yesterday):


I would never had known the following if you hadn't been born and fell in love with me:

1. some people hate jello, lettuce, peppers, onions, tomatoes, spinach, collard greens, seaweed, and cooked carrots.

2. someone could be repulsed to the point of vomiting at the sight of a French's mustard bottle.

3. that one of your best friends has the same ailment.

4. that is was possible to laugh so hard, for so long and to completely forget what was so damn funny.

5. going to the zoo as an adult can be so much better than going as a child.

6. that Starbucks made so many Bearista bears (and I love them all!)

7. it was possible to find a way to make someone say "moron" in a sentence... and then giggle about it.

8. one word: Uranus.

9. sleeping in and leaving the dishes until tomorrow will not cause the sudden collapse of the capitalist system as we know it and kill innocent puppies in the process.

10. that some people are truly Communist.

11. Reverand Horton Heat.

12. Brad.

13. that one person could own this many CDs and still need to download...

14. a man can "do his hair" with a baseball hat (girls, take note: they do this while drinking coffee... no hair dryer!)

15. scrabble can be a competitive sport.

16. Norweigan movies with subtitles are funny

17. Harry Crews is very expensive and has a nice speaking voice. :)
18. a man can shop in Newbury Comics longer than a woman can shop for shoes.

19. cats really aren't bad pets.

20. it's possible to find your soulmate, even if they lived 1 mile away for 25 years.

I love you,baby. Oh, and more on your anus later. ;)

Knitting tomorrow...

Everyone wish PC a happy birthday and an un-stuffy nose!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Anyone care for some....

Pea Soup???

Yup... I bought me the green! I am waiting (im)patiently for it to arrive. On top of that, I have a gorgeous sock on the needles (helloyarn, fat sock: tapestry... to.die.for.) that are mine-all-mine, the lace shawl (it's in a time-out, for no other reason than it got warm and my tension changed due to sticky fingers), a sweater for PC's mom (secret design project) and a project I can't talk about here b/c she reads this blog (ahem: that's you Mel!).

On top of everything else, there might be a mighty shake-up here at Casa de Mini y PC. Some of you who know me in-real-life know that the past two years I have been questioning my life and my career and where to go with it. Nothing definite, but perhaps an opportunity to see the other side of the fence. More on that later (oh, I said "moron"-- ha ha ha). But, there are some internal conflicts with who I am and how I define myself ("scientist" is a term used to describe me... what will I be without it??). PC mentioned last night that when he met me, I loved my job (I was making NO money and working LONG hours) and now, I make MORE money and work LESS hours and he says I am not happy... I think the phrase was "not excited" anymore. As always, I will keep you posted.

No knitting photos today. Instead, I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

-Theodore Roosevelt

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'm going to RHINEBECK

Knitting progress continues:

the wedding shawl looks great. the bride saw a preview this weekend and was just about in tears (good job, Anne.. great design!).

a super-secret design project is in the works. :)

And, I am GOING TO RHINEBECK. I am SO excited, I can't even tell you. So, if you were heading to your first Rhinebeck, tell me what you would do!You may win a prize... (hint, hint).

Also, let's have some serious discussion on the "rhinebeck sweater":


In either : Pea Soup Mix
Or... Spiceberry Mix (please remember my Dark hair, my blue eyes and pink-y skin)
What do you guys think???

Thursday, August 23, 2007


So, PC and I hit a date of significance last week that I never mentioned. I am mentioning it today b/c a friend emailed me to say “congrats!” and it dawned on me that you all never knew what was happening.

PC and I celebrated our 5th anniversary together. Yes, I’ve been told “it’s only a dating anniversary”, but when I consider that PC and I have been together longer than some of our friends who are married… I think it’s of significance. An example, a couple that got married when PC and I started dating is now divorced.

The amazing PC… how do I tell you the reasons I love him? He’s a pretty cool guy who knows almost all the words to every song on his MP3 player… all 4000. He squishes bugs, laughs at bad jokes (mine), and will eat anything (no matter how burnt) I put in front of him. I catch him staring at me when I am just sitting and he has always told me I am pretty, especially when I smile. He has suffered through some strange times with me and has never once made mention of things “not being his problem” or wanting to leave.

PC gave me a huge gift this summer: he learned to drive. Not a small achievement when you are beyond that “nothing can kill me I’m invincible” stage of life (now I know why teenagers learn to drive… it’s frightening to learn as an adult.. you know too much). We have always planned everything around me driving and being near the T. Now, we don’t have to. Thank you, PC.

5 years is a big deal. I have been overwhelmed the past week thinking about all that has happened to us in that time.

  • My Nana died.
  • His nana died.
  • My Grampy died.
  • I met his sister (so happy I met her… love you Mel!!)
  • I was hit by a car.
  • I started a blog.
  • I met all of “you”. (hi everyone!)
  • I changed jobs. 7 times. (didn’t know that one did you??)
  • My mom got sick.
  • My dad got sick.
  • We moved in together.
  • Pumpkin adopted us.
  • I gained weight.
  • I lost weight.
  • I gained it back.
  • He learned to drive.
  • I learned to play tennis.
  • He learned to cook.
  • We paid off debts (all of them!).
  • We stuck it out. We did it together. And he still laughs at my really really bad jokes.

Love you, honey. More each day.

Monday, August 20, 2007

I need your help

Goodness... this was quite the unexpected blog break, huh? Not intended, I assure you! It's been a busy few weeks and this weekend in Boston was just too pretty and the perfect weekend to sit down and blog. :) Today is going to be in the 60s. Now, where was I on that new sweater?? :)
For real, I have been a shawl knitting fool. It took me 17 attempts to cast on for the Bee Stole, but I did it. It wasn't a pattern problem, it was a Mini issue. Now that's over with, I am cruising through the first pattern set and will hopefully be into the bee swarm section by knit-night this week.

Tennis is over for the summer... but it's starting up for the fall! I am still going to play. I am down over 15lbs since I started WW and tennis is definitely helping me ... my jeans today are loose. :)

Now, where i need your help:

Do you know what pattern these socks are?? I knit the 1st one a long time ago and I am trying to make #2 (need to clean up some WIPs)...

CO: 60 st in the round. It looks like a 4 row repeat:

R1: k3,p3

R2: k3,p3

R3: k3,p3

R4: sl1, yo, k2, p3

It makes a little "mock cable". If you know, please email/comment.


Saturday, August 11, 2007


I am in SHOCK. No-one picked the winning shawl! Instead of sending that person some yarn, here at Chez Mini y PC, we used our own random number generator.

Have you used one of these? I tallied up all the comments/emails regarding shawls and then yelled to PC... "pick a number between 1 and X". He yelled back "15!" and that was Beth. (PSsttt... Beth, email me with your addy and I will drop it off next weekend.)

I have most recently had the pleasure of meeting Beth and being able to tell her something about where she lives: it's my hometown!! Yup, the place where my family has lived for 9 generations... it's someplace I will always call home. Now, if you haven't clicked on the link for Beth, you really ought to. She's a wonderful knitter and very funny. She's just finished a Hyrna shawl that makes me drool....

So, what yarn did we pick for the mystery shawl? Not laceweight. Nope. I found a nice soft baby merino fingering weight in WHITE...

And the shawl is>>>>>>

STUNG! By Anne at Knitspot. :) Love Anne, Love her patterns... she's a great travel companion (hopefully we can get her to come out for SPA again this winter) and just a lovely human.

Off to swatch....

:) Mini

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Yet Another FO

First, there are quite a few shawl recommendations, huh? Well, the bride is still keeping watch, but appears to have chosen one. And NONE of you have chosen the pattern! How did this happen? Well, the bride followed a link, saw a bunch of patterns in one spot and she fell hard. Yup, a non-knitter fell in love with a shawl pattern...
So, the contest is still on until Friday. And if you can guess which shawl it is, you will win the prize. A few hints:
It's rectangular
It's not-winter-y

FO alert!!!

Yarn: RY Cashsoft (wool/microfiber/cashmere) Aran

Color:SH005, 2.5 balls

Needles: Bamboo US 10 1/2

Pattern: something I saw somewhere in a book or blog. Very simple lace repeat.

That's all for now... off to wind some cotton for a new bag for another kiddo. :)

More tomorrow when I have more time.


Friday, August 03, 2007

Cats, Puppets and Cute.

Just when I start to think: damn, baby sweaters can't get any cuter, something new comes along. Some of you may know, I am not usually a fan of knitted "things" (like knitted flowers, knitted teacups, etc...) , they are just not my bag, if you know what I mean. But, this project from Anny at AnnyPurls blew me away. Immediate thought: perfect little presents for wee people who are not babies but currently difficult to size: the toddler.

I present: Buddy Bag in Purple, for Abby

Starring: Bunny, "Abby" and the Bee

Shown at the Jelly Bean theater!

Yarn: Tahki Cotton Classic (1 skein of each purple, a little yellow and leftovers)
Needles: US 6
New Skills: Picot hem
Time: 7 hours total.
Cuteness factor: 12!!!

And b/c I was at the Harlot signing in Burlington last night and was telling Lucia about my nutso cat, here are more photos. (more about the signing tomorrow).

Being cute and begging to learn to knit

Attacking PC b/c he said she couldn't have her own yarn stash....

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Lace-Shawl Knitters....I need you!

So, I might have mentioned that my two best friends are getting married? Not to each other, about a year apart. One of them is getting married this winter. She has purchased a gorgeous dress... white with pink crystal flowers... very elegant, very ... her. Y'know? Since she is to be a December bride, she's going to be cold. She and I were talking about fur wraps, etc... and I thought: white cashmere shawl with pale pink Swarovski beads. Now, here's what i need from YOU:

1) favorite lace pattern (triangle or rectangle)
2) favorite lace yarn
3) best advice for starting a lace shawl.

I'll be adding beads to the shawl as I knit...probably along the border, so if you have a lace shawl pattern with that: bonus points.

Oh... did I mention?? Whichever pattern the bride chooses, you will win a PRIZE. Your own skein of laceweight yarn. (multiple comments on the same pattern: Pumpkin will draw a name). Enter by the end of next week, August 10th by leaving a comment on this post.

May the best shawl win!

:) Mini
PS- off to see the harlot tonight! oh, and the CUTEST knitting project ever will be posted here tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Burlington MA

Hey all....
Anyone want to meet up before the YarnHarlot signing at Borders in Burlington this week? Drop me a line at kskaare (at) gmail (dot) com. It starts around 7, but since I work down the street, I was thinking of heading over early and grabbing some coffee/dinner pre-harlot. :)

:) Mini

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mind over Matter

So, it's my gallbladder. Nothing to take out, worry about, etc... just yet. I have to eat a more controlled diet and keep an eye out for more symptoms. Did you know it can totally mirror a heart attack???

Thanks for all the well wishes... they helped. I spent Monday sleeping, Tuesday at my personal physician and today... i'm off to Good Harbor with PC for a little R&R ( this was a scheduled day off). I even saw Juliette Lewis and her band open for Chris Cornell last night in Boston. PC is a HUGE Chris Cornell fan (man-crush, I say) and we've had the tix forever. I sat through most of it, but he rocked... he always does. Give some props to PC for taking such good care of me these past few days... he truly is a great man.

Be back with some knitting soon... maid-of-honor dresses, tennis lessons, long-lost friends in town.... oh, and a family reunion and a wedding this weekend... VERY. BUSY. MINI.


Monday, July 23, 2007

Happy Thoughts Wanted Here!

I'm here. I'm on the couch... with Harry Potter and PC's gray sweater. I am chillin' out for the day b/c of an "episode" last involved me in the ER for 4 hours and chest pain and hyperventilating.

A panic attack?
A heart attack?
Lung problems?

Diagnosis: chest wall pain.
I'm taking Motrin and sleeping. The hyperventilating caused a migraine and that was the death of me last night. So, I am here, at home... it's dreary out... and I just want to knit and sleep.

More tomorrow when I have more energy. I get sharp pains when I even pick up the cat...


Friday, July 20, 2007


Last night I did something I have never done before:
I watched someone turn into a bride.
Stunning, breathtaking, amazing....

On the knitting front: you all know a LOT about short row heels! I am taking all your advice as a I start a heel tonight. Here are the last pair I made--- Skeintily Clad yarn. Honestly, this yarn looked better in the skein. I usually don't mind pooling,but these are pretty well-pooled. But, the other skein (current socks in progress) were ugly in the skein and are turning out lovely. Go figure.

Speaking of my figure, I had what Weight Watchers calls a few non-scale victories:

1. current pants fall down

2. current underwear follows pants

3., skirt that didn't fit in January, is part of a very nice outfit today!