Tuesday, November 20, 2007

And so it begins....

I love the holidays, but something happened yesterday that is unconscionable.

My mom (retired) came home from running errands and the dog park yesterday around lunch to find her back door open and my old bedroom trashed. The police think she frightened the burglars mid-raid when her car came up the driveway and the dog began going crazy in the car (animals always know, don't they?). Needless to say, our family feels violated and exposed. My core belief that people are good is gone. On Thursday, I will give thanks that my mom and the dog were out when the burglars entered the house. I will give thanks for loud American car engines, barking dogs and the police. Nothing is missing... they just made a mess (looking through boxes for presumably cash, jewelry and coins).

I'll post this weekend. I have FOs. I am just not in the mood.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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