Thursday, November 01, 2007


Pattern: Later Gater Mittens, Stitch N Bitch Nation (D.Stoller) turned into "dinosaur mittens" (*cough* crocheted dino scales)
Yarn: Plymouth Encore, random red acrylic
Time: one day
Modifications: there are some typos and errors in this pattern (especially for the kids sizes)... I used common sense and it worked out.
Recipient: cousin's son... he's 3.
Overall: love them!

More tomorrow (day off!) and some yarn porn pictures... I never did photograph the haul from Rhinebeck-- work has been too busy!

I wanted to share a quick Halloween memory with y'all. When I was young, me and my two brothers would trick-or-treat with my parents. We were allowed to do the neighborhood from our house to our grandparents house (4 streets away) alone (there were enough neighbors then looking out for each others' kids). But, when we were done, we'd run home and "re-stock." Yup, my parents would give us another pillowcase each and we'd head out with mom. We'd do 1/2 of the town with my mom. At a certain point, she'd stop us, we'd find the payphone (pre-cell phone era) and call my dad- who was on candy duty. He'd come down to "swap" with my mom. My mom would take the car home, with our candy sacks and my dad would take us (with fresh sacks!) to finish the rest of the town. Now, my hometown in in Metro Boston, but it's pretty isolated and well, very safe. I think my best memories are from my parents letting us stay out so long and allowing us to traverse the entire town to trick-0r-treat. Every now and then, I say to myself "I want to be that parent." Someone once asked me what it was like growing up in my house. I said "my dad would wake us up after his second job to play flashlight tag in the yard. Some weeks it was the only time we saw him. I still love flashlight tag. My mom would make beef stew in the crockpot and race home after work to take us sledding until it was so dark we couldn't see the hill anymore. My dad would take us up to Second Pond at the golf course and ice skate with us for hours."

From Nov 1- Jan 1... I start thinking of all the reasons I love my family. What do you love about yours? Share a great memory with me...

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