Friday, November 09, 2007

FIber Haul and FO Parade

That's it. That's all the fiber I got at Rhinebeck. Yup. Meager, huh? From left to right:
yellow-y cormo/mohair blend from Stone's Throw Farm; Angora/Merino Blend from Oasis Farm Fiber Mill (I will be back again!), and a "honkin'" skein of chocolate alpaca from Times Remembered. I also got a needle felting kit, a darning egg (needed one! my kitcheners look great now!) and a llama (stuffed) for a friend.

FO Parade:

Wee hat for a wee little friend (A); the same wee one who is also in need of a new sweater. Maybe after Christmas, I can update A's wardrobe.

Another wee one, MC, needed a hat and mittens. She's cold!! So, her hat and mittens are off to see her soon!

The dino mittens needed eyes desperately. Sew-on googlies (thank you Kathy!!!) were the perfect answer. The recipient is recovering from major surgery, so mittens might be puppets for awhile, but they will still be good for riding in the car!

And for all of you who think Pumpkin is just an absolute joy... I present my daily battle with Pumpkin:

"Look Momma! I'm knitting!"

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