Wednesday, August 03, 2011


I've been cheating on knitting. I should hang my head in shame and just be out with it. I've, I've... been quilting. Yup. And a little fabric stash has begun. I think I know the root of the problem I've been having with knitting: lack of challenge and I needed a new tactile experience.

the fabrics are Moda Charm Pack in "dogwood" and Kona white solid.
An innocent baby quilt for the girl twin in a new set of twins within our extended "family" of friends that are family. The boy twin's quilt is being laid out this weekend.

I perfected my points meeting, creating and installing a prairie point border (which I love--- how sweet is that?), and FMQ (free motion quilting) on the outer border.

the fabric is Keepsake Quilting's 2 1/2 inch strips in "not Christmas".

The above is my mom's bday quilt (which was Sunday, btw... quilting and knitting are the same in that you overestimate easily what you can accomplish in a week!)-- she loves it. Last night, PC helped me lay out the backing, batting and top. I'm pin-basting it tonight and then beginning the quilting.

Will I stop knitting? No. But for right now, quilting is pretty fun and I'm enjoying the process. It's not quite as portable as knitting, so once football season hits and my friend Dora & I revive the "football widow club" for Sunday knitting, the needles will be clicking away.

Monday, August 01, 2011

to knit in public or to not knit in public?

This was in the Washington Post over the weekend and got me thinking. I don't knit at church, concerts (it's usually rock, so dancing and grooving don't mix w/ knitting) or at parties. I do knit if I'm alone in public, waiting for a friend to arrive. Or at the doctor's office. Or on public transit.

How about you? Where do you knit?

DEAR MISS MANNERS:Over the years I have noticed people knitting in public and have had no particular problem with it. However, I am a bit put off by those who knit in church or at an event such as a recital or concert.

Is it acceptable to knit at a church, synagogue or other religious service? And what about a concert or recital? I recently attended a piano and violin recital in a small venue where someone was knitting in the third row. Surely it was evident to the performers. And if such knitting is not appropriate, how should the knitters be approached, or prevented?

GENTLE READER: Please do not -- repeat, not -- make a hostile approach to knitters. Have you not noticed that they are armed with long, pointy sticks?

Of all the multitaskers who could annoy you, Miss Manners would not have guessed that knitters would top the list. There is a centuries-long history of ladies quietly doing needlework while remaining alert to what was going on around them.

But perhaps your complaint is that they are not quiet. If the clicking of needles is what bothers you, you could appeal to the authorities at church or concert hall that as they ban texting, it is only fair to ban activities that create similar noise. And if they don’t already ban texting, you might start by asking that they do before going after those comparatively unobtrusive knitters.