Kate Improvement Project/ Weight Loss Journey

This is my space to put my "stuff" that I'm dealing with as a member of the "weight loss journey." Even saying that makes me want to puke. Or eat. Either way, I am not a fan of all of this "journey" bull shit, so I'm going to change this page to the "Kate Improvement Project." I'm project oriented. Projects have guidelines, status updates, end dates, goals, sub-goals, timelines and above all: results. Journeys wander, get lost, pull over, ask for directions, follow unknown roads and sometimes end with a fall off a mountain or car accident.

So, journey over. Project, began. 

I see an endocrinologist for my weight (*ahem: a note, we won't be talking about starting #s here, it's high. I outweigh my bf, 'nuff said) and related issues. He's great and the reason i got a referral to him is because my primary doc wants to send me to the local hospital to get weight loss surgery (i think he gets a referral bonus). My endocrinologist is Dr. Schreiber. I love him... and he's *not skinny.* He and I have had some frank discussions about surgery ( I won't) and elliptical machines (we both hate them, but use them). Dr. Schreiber gives me drugs, Metformin, for my insulin resistance due to my PCOS and high-fives me when I lose a pound or keep my A1C around 5. (PCOS is a nasty disease that plagues millions of women, but no one walks for it, because it makes you fat, infertile, bald and gives you a beard. Not as "pretty" as breast cancer.) It can also cause you to be at higher risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and ovarian cancer. Currently, my "numbers" (A1C and blood pressure) are beautiful. I'm happily managing my condition. 

I see a nutritionist, Paula Krzywicki. Paula's hysterical, funny, honest and one smart cookie. It's 1/2 nutrition counseling and 1/2 therapy. I see her every two weeks, I weigh in and we talk about how evil cinnamon buns are. (are you laughing yet, Paula?)  And, she says "fuck" and like Snickers bars.  I'm not joking, not in the least. Because of Paula, I eat 1400 calories a day (140g carb, 140g protein, 31 g fat, 12 g saturated fat) and I'm full. She recommends books, reads research articles and I think... no, wait. I know that she's 100% rooting for me. She advocates "healthy at any size" and while we both aren't happy that I'm not losing fast, I am making more informed food choices, recognize eating for boredom and what a real hunger signal feels like. I no longer think about food all day. 

And, finally, we have the most expensive aspect of my plan: Steve. Steve owns Black Belt Fitness and he's my trainer. Every Thursday, I work out with him for 1 hour and literally get my ass kicked. I do martial arts kicks, lunges, arm workouts, "star" poses (yoga), push-ups and crunches. I need to be more aggressive on getting myself back to the gym, but every week, I make it to Steve. I can now sit on the floor and grab my toes. It's been ages since I could do that. I can do 30+ round house kicks in a row, and then quickly switch legs to do 30 more. I love push-ups and squats. I hate lunges and anything else lunge-related. 

Let's look at today as Day Zero.  You with me?

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