Monday, October 22, 2007

Rhinebeck Hangover

Well, there are so many photos and so many stories... I need time to do all the linkage and recap it all in my head. I am sharing a few leaf-peeping photos with you and announcing our contest winner.

All together:
2 skeins of Cormo/Mohair blend : $10 x2 = $20

2 skeins of Wool/Angora blend: $20 x2 = $40

1 skein of alpaca (600+yds!!): $19.93

1 llama doll $ 6

1 tin of Heal-my-hands $14

1 tube of Heal-my-nose $3

1 antique darning egg $10

1 felted pumpkin kit $9

1 card (with llama) $2.50

total: $124.43

And the closest guesser was :

KAREN! with a guesstimate of $125. :) ( Karen- I'll figure out some sort of prize... email me!)

And, b/c if you follow that link and look around, I am swearing on a stack of cashmere/cormo blend: I didn't rig this one! ( I won Karen's contest a few weeks ago and no... she's not getting her sock yarn back).

Now, for all those who are like "but, we saw you with more yarn!" Yes, I picked up a skein of yarn from Kim. Hand dyed sock yarn from Kim. Eat your heart out. It's gorgeous and it's mine. Well, it's for my sis-in-law. :)

Photos, link-a-dink and stories like the one about me and Sandy living 20 minutes from each other and meeting in NY. Or, learning that Rose will not back-up, use the rear view or tolerate picky eaters... and why this makes you instantly adore her.

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