Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Ten On Tuesday "Ugh... Do I Hafta?"

Hi. Yeah, this is awkward, right? I haven't been around much? No... it's not you. It's me. I love blogging. I miss blogging. I miss blogging with you. But, things are changing.... BIG CHANGES.

Before that, let's talk 10 on Tuesday, the "Ugh... Do I Hafta?" edition. Ten chores I hate doing...

  1. Cat box. I told PC when we got Pumpkin that I am totally uninterested in kitty litter. I hate it. So, 80% of the time, it's PC who cleans it, but those other 20%? I'm dying inside. 
  2. Sweeping, swiffering, mopping floors. I hate it. They never feel as clean as my mom used to get them. The baseboards are always grimy. 
  3. Bringing up laundry. Note: in our current apartment, you have to exit the backdoor, walk across the deck, enter in another door, climb up 3 steps to close that door and open another door behind it, walk down a rickety 9 steps and across the basement to do laundry. EVEN IN JANUARY. I have slid, slipped, tripped, fallen, scraped along this path to laundry for 3+ years. I want my own laundry back. NOW. (it used to be in my kitchen). **I will fold, put away, sort, stack, etc the laundry, I just hate hauling it up.
  4. Dusting. It makes me sneeze
  5. Raking leaves. I used to have to do this at my parents house-- I'm 5 feet tall. No matter where I hold the rake, i get blisters b/c I am grasping raw wood all day. 
  6. Shoveling snow. Most days our landlord has us plowed, but we have to clear off the stairs and deck. Last few years and the big storms? They almost broke me. PC does a lot of shoveling, but I try to help as much as I can.
  7. Taking out the trash. I grew up in a house where it went out every night. PC did not. So, it grosses me out that the trash sits and sits for days. eww. 
  8. swapping over seasonal clothes. We have teeny tiny closets (and only 2 usable ones) in this WHOLE house, so underbed storage is key to happiness. And it's my job to do it. I hate it, I hate it. 
  9. Picking up after other people... coffee mugs, cereal bowls, trash/mail they seem to accumulate. (this has gotten significantly worse for me in years past)
  10. Charitable sorting- choosing what stays, what goes. I feel better when I'm done, but the process is exhausting for me. (and i need to do it this week).


  1. That whole ordeal to do laundry would make me buy disposable clothing. And picking up after other people is by far my least favorite. I can't believe I left that off my list.

  2. Great list, and I don't blame you one bit on the laundry ! WOW...I just dislike going down an inside stairway that has a turn and short steps at the bottom ... it's awkward, but not like yours!! I will remember this and be inspired everytime I go down from now on. ;)

  3. I'm a bad sorter, too. Last week I attacked my closet, somewhat, and decided to actually try on the three dresses that I've been holding on to. What a laugh, outdated and could hardly do up the buttons in the bust area. Out they went. Still can't let go of three blazers. Who wears blazers? One still has the tags.