Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Yet Another FO

First, there are quite a few shawl recommendations, huh? Well, the bride is still keeping watch, but appears to have chosen one. And NONE of you have chosen the pattern! How did this happen? Well, the bride followed a link, saw a bunch of patterns in one spot and she fell hard. Yup, a non-knitter fell in love with a shawl pattern...
So, the contest is still on until Friday. And if you can guess which shawl it is, you will win the prize. A few hints:
It's rectangular
It's not-winter-y

FO alert!!!

Yarn: RY Cashsoft (wool/microfiber/cashmere) Aran

Color:SH005, 2.5 balls

Needles: Bamboo US 10 1/2

Pattern: something I saw somewhere in a book or blog. Very simple lace repeat.

That's all for now... off to wind some cotton for a new bag for another kiddo. :)

More tomorrow when I have more time.


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