Thursday, August 23, 2007


So, PC and I hit a date of significance last week that I never mentioned. I am mentioning it today b/c a friend emailed me to say “congrats!” and it dawned on me that you all never knew what was happening.

PC and I celebrated our 5th anniversary together. Yes, I’ve been told “it’s only a dating anniversary”, but when I consider that PC and I have been together longer than some of our friends who are married… I think it’s of significance. An example, a couple that got married when PC and I started dating is now divorced.

The amazing PC… how do I tell you the reasons I love him? He’s a pretty cool guy who knows almost all the words to every song on his MP3 player… all 4000. He squishes bugs, laughs at bad jokes (mine), and will eat anything (no matter how burnt) I put in front of him. I catch him staring at me when I am just sitting and he has always told me I am pretty, especially when I smile. He has suffered through some strange times with me and has never once made mention of things “not being his problem” or wanting to leave.

PC gave me a huge gift this summer: he learned to drive. Not a small achievement when you are beyond that “nothing can kill me I’m invincible” stage of life (now I know why teenagers learn to drive… it’s frightening to learn as an adult.. you know too much). We have always planned everything around me driving and being near the T. Now, we don’t have to. Thank you, PC.

5 years is a big deal. I have been overwhelmed the past week thinking about all that has happened to us in that time.

  • My Nana died.
  • His nana died.
  • My Grampy died.
  • I met his sister (so happy I met her… love you Mel!!)
  • I was hit by a car.
  • I started a blog.
  • I met all of “you”. (hi everyone!)
  • I changed jobs. 7 times. (didn’t know that one did you??)
  • My mom got sick.
  • My dad got sick.
  • We moved in together.
  • Pumpkin adopted us.
  • I gained weight.
  • I lost weight.
  • I gained it back.
  • He learned to drive.
  • I learned to play tennis.
  • He learned to cook.
  • We paid off debts (all of them!).
  • We stuck it out. We did it together. And he still laughs at my really really bad jokes.

Love you, honey. More each day.

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