Thursday, August 02, 2007

Lace-Shawl Knitters....I need you!

So, I might have mentioned that my two best friends are getting married? Not to each other, about a year apart. One of them is getting married this winter. She has purchased a gorgeous dress... white with pink crystal flowers... very elegant, very ... her. Y'know? Since she is to be a December bride, she's going to be cold. She and I were talking about fur wraps, etc... and I thought: white cashmere shawl with pale pink Swarovski beads. Now, here's what i need from YOU:

1) favorite lace pattern (triangle or rectangle)
2) favorite lace yarn
3) best advice for starting a lace shawl.

I'll be adding beads to the shawl as I knit...probably along the border, so if you have a lace shawl pattern with that: bonus points.

Oh... did I mention?? Whichever pattern the bride chooses, you will win a PRIZE. Your own skein of laceweight yarn. (multiple comments on the same pattern: Pumpkin will draw a name). Enter by the end of next week, August 10th by leaving a comment on this post.

May the best shawl win!

:) Mini
PS- off to see the harlot tonight! oh, and the CUTEST knitting project ever will be posted here tomorrow.

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