Saturday, August 11, 2007


I am in SHOCK. No-one picked the winning shawl! Instead of sending that person some yarn, here at Chez Mini y PC, we used our own random number generator.

Have you used one of these? I tallied up all the comments/emails regarding shawls and then yelled to PC... "pick a number between 1 and X". He yelled back "15!" and that was Beth. (PSsttt... Beth, email me with your addy and I will drop it off next weekend.)

I have most recently had the pleasure of meeting Beth and being able to tell her something about where she lives: it's my hometown!! Yup, the place where my family has lived for 9 generations... it's someplace I will always call home. Now, if you haven't clicked on the link for Beth, you really ought to. She's a wonderful knitter and very funny. She's just finished a Hyrna shawl that makes me drool....

So, what yarn did we pick for the mystery shawl? Not laceweight. Nope. I found a nice soft baby merino fingering weight in WHITE...

And the shawl is>>>>>>

STUNG! By Anne at Knitspot. :) Love Anne, Love her patterns... she's a great travel companion (hopefully we can get her to come out for SPA again this winter) and just a lovely human.

Off to swatch....

:) Mini

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