Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mind over Matter

So, it's my gallbladder. Nothing to take out, worry about, etc... just yet. I have to eat a more controlled diet and keep an eye out for more symptoms. Did you know it can totally mirror a heart attack???

Thanks for all the well wishes... they helped. I spent Monday sleeping, Tuesday at my personal physician and today... i'm off to Good Harbor with PC for a little R&R ( this was a scheduled day off). I even saw Juliette Lewis and her band open for Chris Cornell last night in Boston. PC is a HUGE Chris Cornell fan (man-crush, I say) and we've had the tix forever. I sat through most of it, but he rocked... he always does. Give some props to PC for taking such good care of me these past few days... he truly is a great man.

Be back with some knitting soon... maid-of-honor dresses, tennis lessons, long-lost friends in town.... oh, and a family reunion and a wedding this weekend... VERY. BUSY. MINI.


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