Monday, July 16, 2007

Call me Venus (or Serena!)

Holy Moley! Has it really been this long since I posted? And even this post is a drive by... Summer bloggin' disease, me thinks. :) To assuage any concerns:
1. I have been knitting, but in Boston... it's been muggy and well, muggy hands and any sort of fiber past time-- not always a great idea.
2. I have a new love. Yup. Sorry. I am completely and 100% hooked and PC approves. Of course, two nights a week, I blow through the door, toss something in the oven and run out to meet my "other love", but he's learning to deal with our newly open relationship. :) Open, like the French Open, the US Open... here's my newest love:

yes, I have put down the needles ever so slightly to get my huge ass onto a tennis court two nights a week. Now, a few things about me playing tennis: 1) I am not a "small" or "athletically" built individual. I have talked about my weight issues in the past. You know. So, this is the FIRST time I have enjoyed playing a sport. #2, Dude... I kill the ball. The whole game makes sense. The movement, the footwork. I sweat buckets, but if it's 99 deg F and 100% humidity, I am out there, swinging away and working as hard as I can to beat the pants off our instructors. PC is LOVING my tennis addiction ( even though he doesn't play)--- b/c I am challenging myself and starting to have something new in my life: competition. I used to be all "everyone is great, just a friendly game...." NO.More. Miss-Nice-Guy.

Why tennis? It made sense... I played in high school (we were required) and I liked the idea of it. And, I wanted to get more active. I hate the gym... something about being a so gerbil-like on those machines... I always join and quit. My nutritionist told me that if you aren't a gym-rat by the time you are 30, you are much less likely to ever really be one. She encouraged me to find a sport... and find one I did! And, playing 2-3 times per week has boosted my losses at WW also. 9 lbs in 3 weeks. A lot more to go, but instead of looking at it that way, I have small, 20lb goals. :) So, my local Park Dept runs a program and I signed up. Now, sit down. I have been keeping something from you. I have been playing since late April. Yeah. All those late nights? Sorry--- I was swinging away instead of casting on.

There is also another love in my life:

Viva la Revolution!

PC is 200% excited about this... he LOVES soccer and I am finally enjoying being a spectator at a sporting event! I don't even knit during the games! No, I scream and holler and yell at referees. I own 1 Revs t-shirt and 1 Revs sweatshirt. I yell "Ole, Ole..." and "goal!" and say things like "nice tackle" and "good save" and know terms like "corner kick" and "forming a wall". I know! Can you believe it?

So, that' s what I have been doing instead of knitting this summer. Oh, there has been knitting... PC and I have two air conditioned rooms, after all. Socks, socks and more socks. Photos this week... and of course, we'll be back to our regularly scheduled blogging soon enough also. :)

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