Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sweet home... massachusetts?

Home. It's a nice word, but it means so many things to different people. My 'home' is actually three places: my parent's house on the North Shore, a small pond near Sunapee NH, and anywhere I am in PC's arms. Our apartment is 'home' for now... someday, there will be another 'home'.

We finally got home from DC late afternoon on Monday. What a wonderful trip... I have tons of photos (need to upload camera) and will be sharing them. Some knitting via Amtrak, but a lot of looking out the window and staring. FYI: Maryland has a lot of tunnels. Connecticut coastline is gorgeous. Amtrak goes through the ugliest part of Jersey.

Our arrival in DC was begun with the Amtrak police boarding our car to arrest someone while we were getting off the train. Then (in the same day), we saw a baby (18 mos?) left alone in a car with the windows down and not in a car seat. And did I mention the bomb in the post office yet? yeah, we ate dinner a little late b/c they needed to detonate a bomb under the restaurant (in the post office).

Now, time to eat a little crow. I have always thought Bostonians were kind people with very open liberal minds. Um. No. Nothing like the people of DC. We were asked over and over on the Metro if we needed help finding a stop or getting somewhere. And they were ready to provide real help! Our guest house was minimal but clean and comfortable... the people were very friendly. Overall, a great experience.

Tomorrow, there will be photos and such... and a knitting update on Josephine. :)

Later, gater....


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