Thursday, July 19, 2007

Houston, We have a problem

Yeah... I'm working short row heels for the socks I am working on now and I am having a problem:

I have googled and followed directions. Oh, and the sewn bind off--- looks like ass. All wobbly. I am doing the socks toe-up b/c they are for my mom (she picked out the yarn--- it's from Skeintily Clad) and I want her to have super yummy warm socks.

Anyone have a drop-dead-perfect-no-holes-short-row-heel and a stretchy bind off that might help me?

Photos tomorrow, I hope... tonight is a fun night: best friend #1 ( i have two, they are BOTH getting married, and I am the Maid-of-Honor in BOTH weddings) is trying on wedding gowns tonight. I have a digital camera, notebook and knitting with me. :) It could be a long night.

PS_ anyone heading up to SPA this winter?? I'm going to start calling around on Saturday for a hotel... anyone from the Boston area want to carpool in February?

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