Monday, July 13, 2009

I try and try not to whine

but today I need to.

I need a job. A j.o.b. I need to use my brain and go to work and make a living. I can't stay home. I can't watch any more tv. Even knitting is not enough anymore.

To the uninformed, who will of course comment " i wish i had free time!", being unemployed is NOT vacation. I don't sleep all day, wake up, drink coffee and eat bon bons. I don't shop all day long. I don't do long lunches. I get up, drink coffee, search for jobs, call people (border on harrassment), email people, bug my recruiters, fill out job applications, and wait for the phone to ring. I also do the laundry, cook the meals, shop for food, keep the house manageable and try not to kill myself. This last part, getting harder. I'm tired of being out of work. I'm tired of my gut sinking each time I hear "oh, we offered the job to another candidate". I want to know why I even bother sending my resume around when no one wants to read it. Or no one does read it.

I want to know why the crazy drugged out (admittedly so, on 'medication') interview went well and Mr. Stoner forgot to call me to offer me the job. And, when I called to see the status of the job, I was told I'd have to re-interview b/c he didn't remember me. Oh, why bother??? Will he remember this time? He still sounded stoned and was still (admittedly) on drugs.

Why do the interviewers smile and say how great I am to turn around and say I am overqualified? Or underqualified? Just once, I'd like the interview to end one of two ways:
1) "Sorry, you are not what we are looking for: good luck"
2) "hooray! you're here! Don't leave, we're going to go get you a bucket of money"

Now, the 2nd might be a stretch, but why tell me that you'll be making a decision and that you'll let me know, but never call me? HR PERSONNEL: I know your job is hard, and is getting harder, but a LITTLE HONESTY goes a LONG way with job candidates.

I'm whiny. I'm emotionally exhausted. I am really tired of our friends dodging us b/c I'm not working. And I am really tired of being me.

Say a prayer, make a wish or better yet... help me get a job.

10 year biochemist with lab management and product management experience and BA degree in Boston seeks a home. Will work hard for honest working wage.

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