Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'm Back... and oh so sorry

You would think with my long absence I would have a ton of FO to show you. Umm...nope. I have been "laid up" with a bum left leg for about a week now. I have a walking cast on it due to a pretty hearty infection in my foot. Being the *smart* one, I needed to get a cast b/c my stubborness was causing me to walk on it when it hurt. And I was in danger of breaking my ankle. PC was right... I am admitting to it in "public" (oh that reminds me... have you seen the Blue Collar Comedy Tour? When the guy says " they said I was drunk in public... I said, no I was drunk in a bar... they threw me into public."? I love that line....)

So, all this laying on the couch? Knitting? Nope. Four words:

My.Super.Sweet.Sixteen on MTV

Yup, completely addicted to watching teeenaged girls get all worked up b/c their poodle wasn't dyed the proper color of pink. I am praying that when I have a daughter, this show is off the air. My Sweet 16 was held in my parent's driveway, my brother J was the DJ and we ate Cheetos and ordered pizza. And I had a great time!

Update on Daddy-Doodle. The doctors told him the chemo and radiation worked! He will still need surgery, but his chances are much better now and it's a lot of "stuff" that we don't have to deal with. They think they might even be able to skip the post-surgical chemo/rad that they had planned. My Superman is back!

More tonight if I get a chance. I plan to finish up two squares for Grace's Blanket. I *heart* pink. And maybe I'll pop up some progress photos or two. :)

I joined SP8 this week and the Knitters' Tea Swap...yummmmm TEA!

:) mini


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your foot. But I ma VERY happy to hear about your Dad!

    I am one of the hostesses for SP8, so I'll make sure you get treated right :-)

    I also joined the tea swap. It's such a cool idea!

  2. Anonymous1:05 PM

    That's great news about your dad! Someone close to me just had a very similar experience; he had to go through several rounds of chemo before we started seeing results, but he is now thankfully in remission. You must be so relieved!

    Sorry to hear about your foot; get better soon!